Friday, June 22, 2012

The Small Talkers!!!

It is difficult being a girl... it doesn't matter how tall you are or short... whether you're wearing a traditional churidaar or a short top with a mini... if you are a girl... you can be eve teased... it can be casual or serious... you may choose to ignore it or take an action... my friend, Maitri, initially used to get angry when she saw me being eve-teased & asked me why i don't react & i would always say, i've learned to ignore... gradually, i guess she understood why & she learned to ignore on my behalf as well (i assume... lol)...

FYI, if you are being eve-teased & it is a recurring performance by the same bunch of guys, or they try to touch you --> BEWARE... take action ladies!!! contrarily, casual eve-teasing is when a guy passing by throws at you a comment... it may or may not be lewd... it maybe a nothing such as a *whistle* or a disgusting 1 amplifying your body basics in ways that make you wanna slap that fuck face, but you know "he too... shall pass"... & then there are these ones who would embarrass you, but you wouldn't wanna slap them... cuz you know, they are JUST TALKING to YOU!!!

i call them the small talkers, if they were chichoraas, they would rather have had eve teased you... it takes a lotta gut to walk up to a girl & break ice than just tease her from a distance...& these small talkers are embarrassing i tell you... & i got one today at the dreaded metro ride... Ok... so i dont blog consistently anymore... & i haven't blogged a lot about "life's funny moments" either recently... so you may not know, that i dread metro rides... why you may ask... because of metro maniacs ""... anyway... so on my way back from work... i took the dreaded metro ride!!!

Meetu (who works with me, but is from the Gurgaon office) & i (who had gone to meet our team to gurgaon) took the Vaishali Metro from Dwarka cuz apparently sometimes, the noida direct one does not come on time... hence its better to change at yamuna bank.. so, we're standing at yamuna bank & waiting... & all of a sudden a guy comes to us... points a finger at me & says "excuse me... you were there on the train from dwarka... right" & i'm like *confused* "ya"... & he goes on to tell that he had been waiting for the noida metro for 15 mins & that it just wouldn't come, only vaishali ones would come, so he wasn't sure if there would be a direct metro till noida so he took the 1 that we took.. & as we are looking at him in disbelief as to why is he even telling us this story... he goes like "you know, i actually took a direct metro from dwarka till noida yesterday night" *in my head, "so if he knows there is a direct metro, y the eff did he say that he ain't sure of a direct metro"* meanwhile, he goes on to tell that "i actually work here in dwarka" *in my head "resume dogay next?" & Meetu intervenes to say, ya, they start from Uttam Nagar mostly (thanks to Mukesh ji for this piece of info that he gave me & suggested we take the vaishali metro) & he just looks at us *looking flushed on being cut*... turns around & walks away!!! - yes ladies, that's what you do when you're not interested in someone... cut them & they shall turn around & do the walk of shame!!! they embarrassed you, you surely can return the favor... right?