Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dance With Me !!

These oldies... they haven't grayed their hair in the sun... a couple, "ok most," things that they say are true - It's a matter of fact.. life is hard... it's even true'er'... that life gets harder... & what's even more true is... life is hardest when you have to get by it alone! I am absolutely in accordance with these general rules of this world... cuz apparently.. like I say, i mean, they say, them rules are soooooooooooooooo fuckin' true!

Everyone tells you... you need to grow up.. settle down... find someone who is right for you... live a beautiful life with them... cuz when you grow old... ok, older, you will need someone to lean on... someone who will be your supporting shoulder... everyone else around you will be married & busy with their lives, their kids, their parents... & what will you have - Nothing! No one! See, im not a walk with me types, im a dance with me types... i don't want someone to just live with... i want someone to love & to laugh with... i want the damned SPARK!!!

But, it is something to ponder on... what happens when I'm 40??? & all my folks complain to me is, how everyone around me is married & i still am not sure where am heading, so i ignore them... my sister is married & is busy with her kids... my frenz tell me how they are trying to invest in another house/complain about how their husbands/wives don't have time for them/drink too much/smoke like crazy/cheat on them/mum-in-laws are a torture/children are a night mare/blah blah.. things that i am not even remotely interested in!

I'd rather wanna share my joys, when i finally get the courage to get a tattoo... or go scuba diving... take a road trip with a group that dusn mind a single... won a lottery at last... learned a new song... romanced a guy in Italy... who do i share the same with? So... people say, you should have someone to call your own... is that the reason why you should get married? ok... so let's assume, as per your directive, i don't find my guy... but because, life is hard to get by alone, i do get married... to someone who i do not share a spark with, but he still is good, then what happens?

what if it dusn work out? what if he dies? who am i left with then? in case, we still are together... will i even get to do any of these? would i even "buy" a lottery ticket? will i ever consider a tattoo? songs... will i really have time for my beloved Jango??? will i even think about touching my guitar? i may as well never even get an opportunity at a vacation romance, leave alone real romance! so, why, why i ask... should i get married just because life is going to get HARD??? life NEVER was supposed to be easy... why should i give up on chances of tumbling upon happiness just because i'm scared of being alone? cuz, honestly, at this point in time, i am not even scared! so, i'd rather wait.. i'd rather wait for the dance!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Heights of Love… The Chase!!!

So Grata & Mel, got washed & changed & headed back to the Spurs… As obvious, it was closed… so the girls headed to the Diner for a Brunch… where Mel was curious to get a story & Grata was starving… & as Grata anxiously awaited the food, Mel pleaded for the story… Grata said “Life was so easy once upon a time.. The colorful reds & blues & yellows & greens… assemble ‘m all & make a lego house… that feeling of achievement when my pretty skyscraper stood… my own lego scraper…” Mel – “G! The ADAM story” Grata said “hey, im getting to it… my point is… life is so simple… you see them dots… you connect them together… how did we make life so complicated?”

Mel, “OKAY, GIVE ME the SIMPLE ‘ADAM’ story… don’t complicate it with matters of life”… So Grata told Mel about how she saw him the 1st time… & was scared… but how he grew on her… & that he kissed her & for a moment, the world stopped & how she shooed him away… Mel – “Awwww, how romantic of him & how UTTERLY stupid of you” The ladies were excited about the night, when they would head back to Spurs & either find Adam there or at least get some head start on where to find him!

Adam & his band were rehearsing for their performance that night, jamming at Def Leppard’s “Women” when Alex tugged Adam’s shirt at the end of the song & said “You went away, HOW daaaaaaare you?” just the way Grata did & said the same last night!!! “What’s the deal man??? Who is sheeee??? Where does she come frooooom??? Office colleagueeee??? High School romanceeeee... back with vengeance!!! How come none, LIKE NONE of us know her?” Adam – “Just rehearse you guys… there’s no deal here…!” There sure is a deal… nobody had seen Adam so protective of any girl, ever! The band had to know so they asked Matt as Adam walked off… but, all Matt knew was Adam insisted that as the girls were crazy high, we take them home & we don’t even try & score with them & ensure they get to their place safe when they sober up! “He saw her sleep the whole time & asked me to keep my hands to myself” he whispered… Adam gave up no details to Matt.

Go Forth.. Live a Bit!

Every once in a while... you should do something you really wish to... DO what your heart says... & do it without any guilt in your head!

We humans are capable of deriving greatest pleasures from the smallest of things.. make a check list... of all the things you wanna do & check out everything on it... cuz if u wish to to do something.. you deserve to do it!

Here are a few things you must do ladies - - -

- take a vacation
      - a real vacation
      - no laptops
      - no worries
      - go someplace you have always wanted to go!

- dont do the things you would normally do
      - do what you wish to do
      - be wild ... be free
      - make new frenz
      - surprise yourself!

- visit a place you have only seen at the movies
      - do a dil chahta hai pose at the fort!
      - walk around like a movie star in shades & makeup
      - get a hundred thousand pictures clicked !

- walk barefoot at a beach
      - lie down under the stars
      - kiss a boy secretly
      - have a vacation romance!

- go dipping into the ocean
      - get absolutely immersed in the day
      - & go skinny dipping at night
      - even better if its restricted!

- stay up all night
      - see the sunset
      - drive around town all night
      - watch the sunrise - love a little!

- sing like a rockstar
       - hit a karaoke bar
       - sing on a bike
       - sing in the rain, let it take away your pain!

- dance like no one is watching
      - dance with random strangers
      - be the last one to leave the clubs
      - do a pole dance if your heart wishes - hi-five your fans!

- flirt your heart out
      - flirt with all the men you like
      - flirt even with the cabin crew
      - you are beautiful.. embrace it!

Life is to be lived... go forth... live it & love it!