Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhhhh... Don't Irritate!

Okhay.. so you know me… and if you do, then you know I have this peculiar habit of irritating people… especially in ways they are just not up for and even more at times that they just can’t bear… I’ve tried really hard to get rid of this habit… but when conditions appear… its like this itch that you just got to scratch! :P

I don’t really remember who, but I do remember for a fact, that once when I was really bugging some friend of mine, he told me “your name should be Geeta Irritating Ravi”… I thought it was a darn smart reply so I said “wow… you say really smart things when irritated” and we both burst out laughing!!!

That is the best thing about irritating someone… if the person you are irritating really needs a break… irritating them can really refresh you guys! :P

But it is really not all my fault… actually it runs in my genes… This other time… I was reading a novel (even though im not the novel kind… so I really hapta put my self to it)… so I was trying really hard to not deviate my mind… and then came my sister… she looked at me… and went into a shocker… yea… thaz how rarely I read… she said in awe “di… tu novel padh ri hai!(di, u’re reading a novel!)” I said “yea” and got back to it… but she stared on and repeated the same at least 5 times… I got bugged and started screaming shut up… realizing that im getting irritated.. she irritated me even more… I said… now.. im really gonna slap you Vinita… but she said it one more time… so I said “STOP irritating me… im already very IRRITATING!!!”

Oops… realizing that I said irritating instead of irritated.. we burst into laughter… so you see… irritating someone is not really all that bad… as long as its making you laugh! :P

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Rain!

She looked at her watch… its quarter past 7… she said “its high time, I think you’d better drop me… I don’t wanna take a risk as I think it just might rain!”

He looked at her… made his sad face and said “I hate it when you have to go!” She smiled and said “you know baby.. I’ve really gotta go!”

They got onto the motorcycle and just as they had covered barely a 100 meters… it turned stormy… the dirt clinging on to their skin… they drove slow so he could see properly… and when they had covered about 500 meters… it came down… the drizzle… he speeded up as they could not afford to wait n loose time!

The droplets turned from small to big to “1 in 5 seconds” to “5 in 1 second” to “lost the count in a second”… their first rain… and o the timing… to enjoy or not to enjoy was the question… it got colder and they were both shivering… she hugged him tight… kissed him on the shoulder… and said “you know… I really love you… n I really wanted to enjoy our first rain before we get married!”

He said “me too… me too… but do you know why???” “why?” “cuz I wanted to feel just about how I am feeling right now!” “and how do you feel?” “I feel so married to you!” “I guess, that’s because we are married baby!” “stupid… I wanted to feel this way before dumbo!” “why?” “cuz I guess I knew it right from the start… you belong here in my heart!”

Friday, June 18, 2010

If Love Was Enough…

If love was enough to make a living… no love marriage would end up in a divorce… if love was enough to be together… long distances would have always worked out… if love was enough to stand by forever… there would have been no cheating lovers…. If love was enough… people would not pin hopes on time… if love was enough… lovers would ensure they stick to each even without a dime!!!

But apparently love ain’t enough… lovers end up getting a divorce… long distance generally fades the relationships… lovers cheat… they pin hopes on time and say one day you “maybe” mine… they even end up leaving each other before getting together because of scarcity of dimes!

They say that I can leave you if I think that’s for your own good, but I will love you till the end… but what’s the point.. if you weren’t good enough… why did you start out in the first place… and what makes you think that your leaving them is for their own good… maybe they would sulk their life over you… maybe they would loose faith all together… your lovin’ ain’t good enough if you can’t stick by!!!

They said that this aint workin out anymore… did you forget that it wasn’t supposed to be easy ever… it was supposed to be worked out… that’s why it is called love…

They grow up and say that it was a mistake… isn’t it insulting love if you think your love was a mistake? And if it was a mistake then why do you silently weep at nights when you remember the good old times with your mistake? why do you secretly wish that you could rewind and correct the mistakes??

Why do you do all of that even though you feel love ain’t enough for a living??? I guess its because you’ve never really loved in the 1st place!