Friday, July 31, 2009

The Lip Balm!!!

Women use a lotta beauty products... foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, kajal, mascara, lip liner, lip stick, lip gloss, lip balm... the ones that i have named, are the ones that i know... trust me, the list doesn't end here....

out of these, i have a favourite... its the only one that i use.. and i use it all the time... its called the lip balm... lip balm's come in many flavours... mango, pineapple, apple, cherry, blueberry, berry, and (my favourite) strawberry... :) its not just my favourite, it is the only one i stick to... i swear by it... day in and day out... its the only one i use... my favourite is avon's strawberry lip balm... but when it is not available in the market, i can compromize on the company, but not the flavour!!!

so, what is it about the balm that i like?? well.... i mostly like its flavour... its sort of addictive... i have to wear it evry half hour... why? i just don't know!!!

why am i writing about the balm in a blog??? Its cuz i want men to know that its not a tool that women use to lure men... its just a balm... its like chocolate, everytime you wear it, it gives a feel good factor... so men... the next time you see a women wear a lip balm... please don't get excited!!! she is not trying to give you any signal!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Homework Syndrome!

Homework... the only thing I din't like about going home... ghar ja k homework karna padega... :( when younger, the homework was small... it would take anything between 1/2 hour to 1 hour! rest time was play time!!!

Growing up was a pain!!! as we grow up, the size of the homeworks grew as well!!! so did the size of our bags! I hated it... i hated it all real baad! growing up and homework... both were torture... then came college, full masti, no homework, some classes and a lotta frenz!!! :) 4 years were fun! (B.Tech is 4 years, i din't fail) Homework was bare minimum... studies were not a part of the daily routine! Life was to be enjoyed! During exams... we practiced the concept of "burn the mid-night oil!"

Then, happened infosys!!! Infosys tortured for 4 full months... but i enjoyed the grill.... studying late night was a daily routine... but it was all worth it... after all, infosys is a dream company for all... then the nightmare happened... i got posted to chennai... life was terrible!!! quit... came home.... decided to study more to add meaning to life!!!

Said hello to Amity business school... life took a full U-turn! school to college to back to school... Homework has again become a part of the daily routine!!! We got a day off today, but got some homework too.... I feel like the sine curve, I started from a point, reached a maxima, and am back to the same point...

I guess i did not do my homework(groundwork that you do before jumping into a project) well enough!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My First Crush...

What is a crush?? Rather who is a crush??? or maybe how do you know if you're crushing on somebody??

I believe it is someone you secretly like and adore and wanna be with... blah blah!!!

hmmm... we all crush on somebody or the other sometime or the other... I'm a special case, I crush too often! I started crushin' on people even before I knew that I'm actually crushing on them... It all started in my 1st grade (thaz when i remember it from, it could have started even earlier)... i had simultaneous crushes on two guys... yah man.. i was young, i did not know what the hell a crush means n still was crushin' on two...

It all started with a fight... all three of us wanted to be class toppers, I would always end up 3rd, and the guys would be 1st or 2nd! that would break my heart, but i loved them both too much.. i don't know which one of them i liked better till date! :P I would always come in the class before they would, and save seats on either side for them both, and would never let anyone else sit with me or with them due to the J-factor!!!! i even fought with my then bestfren over one of the crushes!!! he he!!!

Anyways, we would eat and play together, and then came 6th standard... i don't know what happens to kids in the 6th standard... boys hate girls and vice-versa... boys like football and girls like kho-kho!! :X and the concept of "ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nai ho saktay" arises, and both decide to go their separate ways!!! So there... my crushes for 6 long years talk to each other, but not me, why? Because of the above mentioned crap concept! 6 years... down the drain!!! :X

Life goes on... and i moved on... i started young.... n i like to believe, i still am young!!! But, an important point to be taken is: Crushes are like clothes, you better change often!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bully in Me!

Ever noticed how some people bully the weaker ones??? They hit with hand and with words... why? why do they do so? I always get upset when i see someone bullying somebody else... sometimes, i even stand up for the one being bullied, but everytime i do that, it reminds me of the bully that i once was!

I was a tomboi (tomboy) at school, i had not choice! i could not understand then the concept of grooming... all i knew is that there are three types of women... ladies (the groomed ones), nerdy ladies (the ungroomed ones who still acted like ladies) and tombois... as i did not fit into the 1st two categories... i was a tomboi! i still am one... i still dont comb my hair on a daily basis, i still dont try to look pretty... (though i can, makeup does wonders to everyone, and trust me, if you wanna look pretty and have spectacles, you better wear lenses)... ok... so i diverged from the topic... the point is that then, i was (and still am) a tomboi who was frustrated with life (this part is not true anymore) cuz i was not a princess (trust me, all teenagers wanna be princesses)... So to vent out my frustration, i picked on a nerd.

I made a jingle for her... (hindi: tumko dekha toh yeh khayaal aaya... tumko dekha toh yeh khayaal aaya... chashmay aur badboo ko kisnay banaya)... i would trip her so she'd fall flat on her face (i did this more than twice at least)... laugh loud at her when she'd walk by... in short, I made her life miserable... it helped me vent out my frustration!!! It did not really make me feel good, but if you're aware of the concept of relativeness, you can make out that it made me feel relatively better to know that someone is worse than me! Man, I was such a jackass then! I was the type 1 pathetic (saddist)... the type who are pathetic themselves... and enjoy to make other people lives evn more pathetic!!!

The best part of life is we move on... and we change for the better (hopefully), so did i... am i'm happy to say that i donot bully anyone anymore to vent out my frustration! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

BSB Mania!

At a major award function, Pamela Anderson once said "Please welcome the beautiful Backstreet boys"... I think that was funny... they are boys... are they even supposed to be beautiful???

But anyways, I was so in love with them, I din't care what anyone in the world though about them... For all those of you who know me since my seventh grade know that this blog would be incomplete untill i write about my beloved backstreet boys... I was what anyone would call "CRAZY" about them... i fought with some of my best freinds just because they din't like BSB and would say negative things about them... I couldn't bear it... Pichli gali de launday... all backstreet boys are gay... i remember it all... it used to hurt... i used to actually come home and cry...

i used to watch television for hours and switch between 3-4 music channel just to see a bsb song... i bought all the damn books, the magazine, the newspapers, the posters, anything that had bsb on them... i even have the backstreet boys secret diary (limited edition)... it ate atleast 3 months pocket money! infact i still have all of it... i dont have enough heart to throw it all away!

Then, i would not even blink my eyes once during the entire video... and if there would be some program dedicated to bsb, I would study extra hours so my mom would lemme watch the whole damn thing!! i would avoid meeting up with frenz if a bsb show would clash with that time... i was heart broken when i got to know that nick carter was once going around with paris hilton, and many more women later... people would count sheep when they have trouble sleeping, i would make up dreams about backstreet boys (i was a kid then, please do not run your wild imagination here)... makes me feel just how stupid we can be as kids!!!

Then i grew up... the band broke down... Brian Littrell (the lead singer of bsb) came out with a new album.. i dint buy it... i thought i got over the bsb mania... i was happy... i finally grew up!!!

Then Nick Carter came up with an album... i tried not to buy it... but i just couldnt resist... i had to buy it... then one fine day... i did... and again felt like a teenager madly in love!!! i heard that album everyday for atleast 2 months... i know each song word by word... so... thaz the point... i dont love bsb... i love nick cater... or maybe... thaz what i thought then!! then the band got back together... came up with 2 more albums... i bought 1.... unbreakable was out of reach for a really long time... then i just gave up on trying to get my hands on it... thanks to limewire.. i still got the songs...

I think i have grown up a lil' since my seventh grade, but my undying louuu for backstreet boys is just not dying... i still don't blink an eye when i see their videos... my heart still flutters if i see a photograph of them (ofcourse it should have nick in it)!!! i even collect a new photo if it appears in the papers or magazines!!! what am i trying to say... don't go by the number of years i have added to my calendar, I still am young at heart!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zuzu vs SRK!

Everyday I want to fly.. stay by my side... Every day i want to dream... stay BY MY SIDE... oo oo oo...

thaz what i like most about the vodafone ads... they are just sooooooooo adorable!!!

They started off with the happy to help pug, jumped over to zuzu... but now they are back to the pug... I think zuzu is decently cute, why revert back to the pug?? As if it is going to help bring in more sales??

Another one running in the line is airtel "Express yourself"... Airtel hits the EQ of the junta... That is a nice startegy, considering the fact that we live in the world of emotional fools (yes, i am one of them, i actually cry when i see decently emotional ads)... + they also have roped in the king of bollywood... SRK!! way to go Airtel!!!

So who do you like more? Does it influence the connection you will opt for? Or do you have another Idea sir jee?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Waak the Taak!

English is a funny language... and after studying in an english medium school, college and b-school, I realise the truth of it!

What is funny about it? The whole damn world is out there to prove that whatever i learnt during elementary school was nothing but utter crap.

In school, i had learnt a word called "Walk". All through my life i learnt to pronounce it as "Wok". Then I went to chennai, put on around 10 kilos and faced a lot of problem... went to a doctor, a renowned docter... he sits in Max hospital and also Escorts! He suggested, the only answer to all my problem is: "Eat less, waak more!"... i know the eat less part, what the hell is waak more???

Anyways, then i joined a b-school, i have been there about 2 weeks nows. Here too I was introduced to a new term: "Taak"... and i realised that my love for talking (pronounced as toking) is actually the love for taaking!

After the new found pronounciations of two of my favourite words, I have decided to Waak the Taak!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A new beginning!!!

ohkay... so all those of you who know me... also know that i have made the silliest mistakes in life... 1 of the biggest ones being this: Most people today (in the recession age) are kicked outta there offices... i being the over confident fool... kicked my job instead... why?? cuz chennai was real humid & i love my mom's cooking!!! the 2nd reason is probably the only reason! anyways, after landing back here in delhi and not finding a reasonable job, my folks decided that i need to study again...

An essential component to a new beginning is feet (ofcourse Lord Ganesha's feet)... here at Amity, i found 2 pairs of feet... i just don't know who they are of???

But, I still am an ultimate optimist... i am hoping i get blessed twice, thanks to the 2 pairs of feet!! :) Luck has already favoured me... I am in the last section... I was the last roll number... thankfully, more people got added after me!!! and one of my teacher's openly commented "This is the dullest of the 5 sections I am teaching!" Lord knows... just what comes next!