Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is Death the Real Answer???

The Crime Scene…

As he lay there in blood, his eyes began to dwindle & he went down the memory lane… Death is peaceful, in spite of the physical pain… he overheard a man “one down” & another man approaching, screaming “here… here” but he din’t wanna live again… what more did life have to offer… except some more pain!


Jerry had been married to Rene for 12 years… they married young… they were stupid… but till date, they were so in love! They had promised each other till death do us apart & death got better off with them, it seemed… He opened his eyes & saw her in a pool of blood next to him, as the medics removed the knife out of his body & covered his wounds to take him away… he reached out to her hand & held it so tight one last time before the medics actually pulled him away!

The Investigation…

There were no signs of robbery… no signs of breaking in or force used… seems like the attacker knew the victims well enough… it was not before 4 days in the hospital that he showed signs of recovery… the police questioned him, but he could not remember a thing… how was his wife murdered so brutally… why was he stabbed in the chest… who were they with… he did not remember anything from before 8 hours of his wife’s murder… he did not even remember that he was stabbed & that he opened his eyes & held his wife’s hand before being brought to the hospital… the reports showed signs of date rape in both his & his wife’s body!

The questions…

he could not remember anything … where was i??? what was I doing??? he asked the police… the medics… everyone… it seemed he was going crazy… he said he had vivid dreams that he killed his wife... he kept saying all the time… I killed my wife… I killed my wife… so much so, that he was sent to rehab… but no use… I killed my wife… I killed my wife… it had been 2 months & there were no leads on the case… by then Jerry had tried to kill himself 7 times… & it seemed he genuinely believed he killed his wife… until he was successful to kill himself in the 8th time “to be united with his wife in heaven or hell!!!”

The tipping point…

A night before the kill… Jerry & Rene were out with their old time college buddies… they boozed like they were in college & that’s where they got the roofies in their bodies from too… Allen who had loved Rene from college days was trying to get fresh with her & Jerry could not take the same… He knew Rene loved him but he still could not control his anger & had an unreasonable fight with her on the way back… Rene even apologized to calm him down but that infuriated him even more… he thought that she is apologizing because she was wrong & in a rage of fury he stabbed her over & over & killed his beautiful wife… & when he realized what he had done.. he did not want to live anymore… so he stabbed himself as well… for redemption… no wonder Death was peaceful… no wonder death was more peaceful than living anymore!

The Little Less Known About the Apple Man . .

I think one of the best things that Steve Jobs gave us is.... I know, most of you will say an iPhone or an iPod or an iPad... but i would say... the best thing he gave us was Pixar animation studios... i mean... he put faith in computer animation films when even Walt Disney (the gurus of animation) discarded them... 

But now, Pixar is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney.. yet most people are unaware of the same… in fact, most people do even know that Steve Jobs is its co-founder... most people know pixar as an independent studio making some of the best animation movies… all the films produced by Pixar are amongst the 50 highest grossing animated movies of all time… so if attachment with Walt Disney & Steve Jobs is not the reason... then what makes Pixar so successful?

Pixar works because of three main reasons:

a)      Lots of Creativity -- allows each one of its employees to showcase their talents!
b)      Acceptance of newer technologies -- at pixar, they believe that technology only helps you enhance your creative best... they are not          afraid of it, they embrace it!
c)      The open culture -- anyone & everyone is allowed to voice their opinions!

The above mentioned 3 reasons allow Pixar to motivate employees from within to push them selves to the limit while enjoying the same. It allows its employees to work harder each time while adding their own personal element to their movies; & like the saying goes… “a happy employee makes a happy customer!” I believe Pixar is loved because it makes what it loves! Its loved for its USP… it appeals to the spark in you! it appeals to the spark in me at least... i mean i have never ever seen any of rom-coms (girl's favorite type of movies) or action (die hard can come pretty close in competition though) as the no. of times i have seen Ratatouille!!!

Go GoOgle!!!

Google has redefined the term “surfing”… nobody today says that they are surfing the Internet, they say, if you need any information “google it”. There are other search engines in the market… yahoo… bing..… but for a common man… google is "the only one" who (personified) has all the answers… what makes Google so successful?

Google is loved by customers & advertisers alike… the customers love it for the ease of its use (plus its free)… the advertisers love it as it helps influence the customers even though they (the customers) don’t realize its “selling at the advertiser’s end!” hence… google works because of its simplicity & its user friendliness!

Another reason why google works is because they never stop, they love innovations… they just keep expanding & enriching their knowledge base for the advertisers & customers alike… they keep adding more & more new stuff to their portfolio… they are just everywhere… from gmail to gtok to googlemaps to even google chrome to google trasalate… they have an answer to everything.. literally!

Also… as google follows the people first policy in their organization, their employees return the favor back by working hard… there is pressure on everyone, but everyone there is committed to deliver! i would say that i literally love google... not just the search engine... but also the company... & there could have been no better word for google... it intrinsically states go-ogle... & that's what one can do... ogle at google!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Heights of Love - Prelude

Adam, a well built ANGRY man, at 6’1”, 80 kilos, bumped into the BUBBLY petite Grata, 5’2”, 52 kilos… he was someone that everyone was scared of… if he would hit someone, consider them dead… she thought she saw a giant & fainted… as he carried her in his arms towards his car to take her to the hospital, he thought in his head, she is almost weightless… so tiny & miniature… for some reason he smelled her dark wavy hair… the sun shone on her face & he noticed how her kajal went from side to side & how her lips were puckered up just like the dolls… he could wrap her tiny little waist in the openings of his hands… he had always detested short people… but he just couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was…

When she regained consciousness, he asked her ‘her name’ & she fainted again… the doctor’s said, she probably got frightened by you… fluttered & frustrated he hit home & ran his 0 no. shaver on his head (in irritation) along with his beard… the next morning he returned again to see her… from a distance… she was chattering away with the doctors & other patients.. she had the cutest smile & prettiest eyes… he smiled to self.. had he fallen in love??? can a man his size ever fall in love with a girl that size? But more importantly, if she was so scared of him, how could he ever pursue her? Is this how it was supposed to be… his 1st love… with someone so incompatible that he cannot even take it forward 1 step?
He stalked her a while… until he knew everything she did… when she did & where she did… he hated the traffic… but to time his car next to hers’, he even started taking the traffic route & time… she was a rash driver… & to be able to see her while maintaining the speed, he almost had accidents everyday… she saw his car inevitably everyday… could not see the whole of him… but knew he had a cute smile… & that tiny brown mole at the top of his lips, made him so attractive… sometimes when they were stuck in traffic next to each other, they realized that they both check each other out… they sometimes exchanged glances & at other times, a smile…

She was a little crazy… people used to be frustrated when stuck in traffic… she seemed to enjoy her music & almost dance during the stoppages… & on one fine stoppage when she was literally dancing to DJ got us fallin’ in love “again”… he tapped at her window to ask why did she faint when he bumped into her the 1st time… as she rolled down the window, he instantly kissed her lips & said I love you! She stayed in a moment of freeze to gather what just happened… before she could react, he pulled open her door & said, “I know you don’t know me enough, but I somehow know we are meant to be…”

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bombastic LOVE

their love was like a fairytale... so immense & intense... he was like the perfect prince... loved her like crazy...  “stop staring at me when im sleeping” Elle said… but she loved the way he loved her... & Pete loved to watch her sleep… loved to run his fingers through her beautiful curly tresses flowing like waves… to admire her dark long eyelashes… the way her mouth looked when she was fast asleep… the way she curled up like a baby… she was an angel in her sleep!!! He was gonna miss her… today was the last time he could see her sleep… until they reunite again… could be 6 months… could be 6 weeks… the life of a sailor took him to far FAR lands… to even think of 6 months on the ship… made his heart weak!!! but they both knew, he made her smile when he was around & his thoughts would made her smile when he'd be gone!

“stop it” she said “you gotta wake up early tomorrow”… he kissed her lips & hugged her to sleep… the next morning he woke up & she was not in bed… she woke up early to pack his bags so he was all set… she even got his breakfast in bed… she looked at him gently & said with a beautiful smile “rise & shine hon!” & so he did… “my beautiful angel… so strong & full of love…” he thought when she said with tenderness in her voice “you know im gonna miss u… I LOVE YOU! If I could stop you from going I would have”... 

He pulled her to bed… kissed her neck & said “baby, you can visit me at each of my stops… im gonna mail you everyday… & im gonna call you at every opportunity!” his 1st stop was at Thailand… she could not come to meet, but they spoke for hours each day over the phone!!! & then when he joined back the ship… they exchanged letters everyday… she was to fly down for his 3rd stop at LA (it was 4 months since they met) & so she did… they had some good LA fun… & he kicked off again… he wrote his 1st mail… but no reply… he wrote the 2nd… still no reply… he bombarded her mail box… & no reply… he called her at his next stop… but number not in service… he kept trying… could not even reach her folks…

It had been over a month but no response… what had happened… was she ok… was she alive… he checked her return flight details… she never returned home… he used all his power to find out what happened to her… maybe she was fooled into carrying someone else’s luggage that had drugs in it… he checked jails on jails… but no luck… when he returned back from his sail, he met her neighbors… they told him that her folks were summoned to LA in a hustle… no one knew anything… he was sure; it’s a drug case… so he took a flight to LA to set his angel free…

No jail had any record of her… but he found out where her folks were staying somehow… as he rang the doorbell; Elle opened the door to his surprise… he hugged her so tight & asked her what happened… she pushed him away & told him about this guy she met after seeing him off that day & how he sweeped her off her feet… he was smart.. charming… educated… intelligent… witted… bought her expensive gifts… treated her well… & was a pilot… “there are times when he too has to travel… for days… but it never is 6 months at a stretch here or there… what we have is bombastic & fantastic!!!”

Pete: “but I love you!!!”
Elle: “I’ve loved you too… but now I love Hayden!”
Pete: “I wish you knew the difference between this bombastic love & our TRUE LOVE”
Elle: “sometimes love alone is not enough to survive a lifetime!”
Pete: “sometimes love is all that you got!” & he walked away!