Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Only Constant Love... Forever & Ever!!!

I have always loved ads… I have said it before & I can say it again… I just lohoooove ads… as a kid I would eat only when I would watch ads... till date everytime I see a new ad, I wanna see the whole of it… you change the channel when im watchin TV, fine… but you change the channel when im watchin an ad & you will have it from me.

I swear man… I loved the levi’s curve id ad so much that I downloaded the video from youtube… I downloaded the jingle as an mp3 file & it is my alarm tone... I wake up to it... smiling, every morning!!!

The BMW ad, joy is future proof… super sexy… I can see it over & over & over… & seeing all the B E A U T I full beauties in the changing flashes… just takes my breath away… everytime I see it… J

The McD’s “kya hum boyfriend girlfriend hai?” ad… super dooper cute… I mean unlike the other "starts at Rs 25/-" ads that promote polygamy amongst males (im not saying this… the ads show it)… this one is adorably cute.. just love love love it… girlfriends bhaut demanding hoti hai… but mujhay toh sirf McAloo Tikki burger chahiye… awwwwwwwwwwww… doesnt it bring a smile to your face?
& then this 1 literally had me in tears when I saw it the 1st time...
tata capital, where in sunny wakes up in the night especially to exchage gifts with goldi… with the background music... lakdi ki kaati.. kaati pe ghoda... ghoday ki dum pe... jo maara hotoda... *pause
dauda dauda duada dauda ghoda dum utha k dauda... soooooo cute… after all… “acha lagta hai jab koi aapkay baaray mei pehlay sochta hai”

I even had tears when I saw the surfexcel sack race ad… till date, I have no clue why… apparently I was extremely touched by the sweetness of the ad… just like I was touched by it once before when surfexcel did the “sorry bol” ad where the brother picks up a fight with a mud puddle just cuz his sister dirtied herself falling… adorably touchy!

& the "WOMEN" ad by Tanishq starring the great Mr. Bachan… had the perfect blend of information, celebrity use & emotion… it makes me smile every bloody time I see it… Amitabh Bachan just rocks… I toh even loved the Tanishq wedding collection ad where a smart mom gets her daughter to terms to wanting to marry just by making her wear tanishq jewellery… my mom & I, both looked at each other & smiled… I smiled cuz I thought that it was a real smart ad & my mom smiled cuz she thought there is hope that I will marry :P

i so am in love with ads... that i even have a full blog post dedicated to them! :P & thankfully... my 1st love... still is my love... & my love never NEVER never deteriorates for the same.. i always have & always will love


Friday, June 17, 2011

The Rain… Part II

She looked at her watch… it was quarter past 3… she could see the beautiful rain pouring down from across the glass of the restaurant… just a while ago, she was ever so jovial & within a split of a second, she was quite… her friends asked her what happened to you??? & she smiled just so she wouldn’t become the lime light & take away the centre stage from the birthday girl!!!

The rain always brought a smile to her… so why did it take away her smile today??? The rain always gave her joy… why did it give her sorrow today??? She was happy go lucky always… then why did she have to pretend today???

Almost a year ago… she was enjoying this beautiful rain on a bike ride with the love of her life… almost a year ago, she was so filled with joy… cuz she had him by her side… & nothing meant more to her… not even her life… almost a year ago, she held him so tight… she would never let go… after all, she had sworn “till death does us apart”

Today she saw yet another couple getting wet on a bike & felt the emptiness of holding him so tight… she longed to kiss him on his shoulder… she longed to whisper in his ears “I love you so much baby!”… but all she could do is walk out in the rain & get wet… so no one could see her tears… all she could do is weep to herself… cuz, come alive had her fear… he was gone.. gone forever!!!

Everyone hopes she will fall in love once again… everyone hopes she will get over the pain… but no one knows that she can never love again… cuz no one knows, she is still in love with him… the loss… this pain!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

To Resist Or Not To Resist???

Every day I read in the papers, - - - - looted at the gun point… sometimes I wonder, what would I do if I was the one being looted… will I part with my cash/jewellery??? Or will I fight the person???

Recently, my cousin sister & her sister in law were looted off about 1.5 lakhs of cash & jewellery… the buggers even took the sister in laws’ ring & mangalsutra… I dint ask them why they din’t fight… but I had an urge to ask!!!

I thought a lot about it & decided that if it were to happen with me, I would put up a fight… im sure the guns are empty… I even discussed it with my favorite teacher in the whole world… Ashwin Sir, & he said… life is more important that the worldly belongings… he even told me of an incident where one of his aunts was shot for not giving up, thankfully, she lives to tell the tale… he even told me about the time that he would not let go off his car & was dragged for many kilometers till he passed out… so, I asked, would you not repeat it sir? & he said, definitely not.

But then, I thought to myself, sir has a family to take care of… I have got nothing to lose… yea, even I have a family… but if I have to choose between letting my family have 2 lakhs or my life… I would want them to have the 2 lakhs… cuz having me would mean kharcha (expenses)… whereas, money is money!!!

& a couple of days ago I read in the papers that a man was shot while following the looters… Ashwin sir messaged me to check the paper… but I had already read the same & thought to myself, Ashwin Sir told me just that… & then, I thought, that means if I do end up in a situation like this, I will be shot if I resist… & I doubt if I wanna die this early in life… actually, im sure, I don’t wanna die… but I still am not able to put my mind to accept that in such situations, its best NOT to resist!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Forgive OR to Take Revenge

For years now, Frankenstein has been associated with terror… is known as the monster… but little does anyone know that Frankenstein was not the monster himself... Apparently Frankenstein is a novel written by an 18 year old as the object of her imagination… The author says that she was inspired to write the novel post a bet between her friends - who comes up with the scariest story & a dream that followed… There are many controversies around the novel as many say that bits & pieces of it have been inspired from places that she visited… anyways, im not here to argue about that!!!

Frankenstein is a creature that everyone fears & they rightly should, as he, in his quest to make a biologically superior human created a hideous creature which was taller, stronger & sharper than the normal human beings… everyone is scared of the Frankenstein in them… as everyone is capable of doing evil in the quest of doing something larger than life… everyone is scared of the destruction one can bring via excess devotion… everyone is scared of the repercussions of making something/someone bigger & stronger than themselves.

Frankenstein was scared too & hence abandoned the creature he created… the creature was disappointed at his master’s behavior… also, lonely… he tried to befriend people but his looks never let anyone be friends… hence, he decide to take revenge on his master till he creates a mate for him… but Frankenstein saw destruction of the whole mankind with this idea & hence did not create the so called monster’s mate… hence, to avenge his loneliness gifted by his master, the monster killed his very own creator… but the monster did not feel any better… infact he started feeling even worse…

So, don’t be the monster… don’t plant revenge… revenge never makes you feel better… many people say, time heals, but so does revenge… but look into your heart… & you would know… time may or may not heal… but never does revenge!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Look Back…

Remember the time when you were a toddler… your little fingers reached out to your parents big supportive hand… you held their index finger so tight & learned to walk… till the day you became capable enough to walk on your own… your little feet swayed in the air… back… forward.. back… forward… before they thumped a step ahead… sometimes you fell down… & cried like a baby… of course, you were a baby... so it pretty much was fine… & your parents said… its oka bacha… look kya hua… aapnay ek chinti ko maar dia… (its ok baby… look what happened… u killed an ant) & you quickly quietened up & turned around to look… in your quest to find the dead ant, you forgot to cry…

But, now that you have grown up so big… made a 100 million mistakes… bad… worse… worst… now, people say, “never look back… it is no use mulling over things from the past”… I agree its no use CRYING over them, but I still say & believe… “always look back”… cuz you needa remember your old mistakes to get ahead in your life... why??? Cuz after all… to lean back a little is the only way to add thrust to forward motion…

Always look back… see what you did wrong… learn from your mistake… take the lesson for life… make bigger mistakes, but don’t repeat the one you already have made… learning makes you wiser… & wise is from experience… they make their own mistakes… don’t learn from another’s mistake… there is no short cut… what may be right for him… may not be right for you… what was wrong for him may be o so right for you!!! Look back to LEARN… Look back to GET AHEAD!!!