Friday, August 13, 2010

Thaz Just Not Fair!

During my childhood, there were two phrases that i came across very often, that baffled me....

1. "Tall Dark & Handsome".... generally the studs.... the hunk... fell into this category... to be marriage material, guys had to be the same!!!! Guys were supposed to be rugged... macho... he was supposed to be the head of the family... the decision maker... the family was supposed to revolve around him... & there was nothing that he could not be involved in... & the women were supposed to be ummmmm.... ummmmmmm.... ummmmm... well, they were supposed to be nothing but fair!!! & that's why the 2nd term that baffled me came into its existence...

2. "The Fairer Sex"... because of the mentioned reason... the fair "factor" went from being a sheer "feature" to the only "quality" that would help one "qualify" as a "beautiful woman!"... i am born to a fair mum & a dark father... as expected, i am dusky... & throughout my school & college life, i tried to battle this fact of life... i tried everything.... from basin... to haldi.. to honey.. to milk... to fair&lovely... to garnier lite... ponds white... to ah... i have lost count!!! I tell you... take it from me women.... NOTHING fregging WORKS & hence, i gave up on them, i think about 2 years ago!

I tried real hard to become fair... because fairness is a super criterion to beauty... i swear... i have seen men digging really dumb & ugly women... just because thy are fair & hence beautiful in their eyes... it took me some time to deal with th fact that i never can be fair... but there are some things that really helped me cope up with the same...
1. The metro sexual... guys who are fair... skin conscious... get waxed... get threaded... & im not even going there... but yea... if they can make an exception to the tall dark & handsome & be proud of it, i can make an exception & spare myself the torture as well!!!!
2. The fair face, the ugly base... women who are fair & hence up in the air... women who think that they can get away with anything they want... who run over people over & over again... i would rather be myself than be one of them!

yet, everyday i turn on the idiot box... & i see multiple ads... endorsed by multiple known & unknown faces... claiming that they can make u upto 2 tones lighter... try for yourself & all that crap!!!! & all that it does to me is PISS ME OFF royally!!!! cuz they are all just bloody liars... none of their claims are true... cuz i have tried it all... but i was, am & will remain... dusky!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Samtel Color Limited is electronics based company. It core product is the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). The CRTs it produces are used by multiple leading Television manufacturers such as LG, Samsung etc, almost all except Sony which manufactures its own CRTs. It greatest completion they have is from JCT.

Samtel depicts backwards integration as it also manufactures electron guns as well as deflection tubes that are the key components of the CRT.

On our visit to their plant, we were told that the organization currently has 5 working plants & we were split into 2 groups; each group witnessed the detailed process of making of a 21” CRT. The plant produces about 3000 units each day & is operating at about 80% of its efficiency.

The company believes in keeping abreast with the market. It started in 1973 with black & white CRTs & has now completely stopped its B&W operations & has switched over to color CRTs. When inquired about the future aspect, they said that their next target is the rural market; they seem to see tremendous opportunity there. They sited that the Tamil Nadu government’s promise of giving away a 14” color T.V. with every ration card helped them see this potential, as the demand for their 14” CRT increased tremendously.

They said that they are planning to involve in extensive research at not just the national but the global level with respect to the rural market, as the urban market is seeing a shift in trend towards LCDs & LEDs. They are not ruling out the opportunities at global level, but, “the next 10 years are for the rural market” they said.

To this, the only thought that came to my mind & later formed words was “So after the rural market is saturated & there is a leader in the new technology prevalent in the urban market, what will Samtel do?”, to this they replied “We survived from 1973 till today, I’m sure we will survive later as well”. This wasn’t a satisfactory answer expected from the leaders of Samtel.

P.S.: Sir, these are just my thoughts about the company, I do not represent the entire class. Also, I noticed, all through the presentation, Neeraj Nayyar & Gaurav Bhasin were making apt notes, you may want to consult them for the exact details & their point of view.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Best Kinna Feeling!!!!

when i was in tiny tots (the junior wing of DPS), i had a crush on the two toppers... if any other girl would talk to them or they would go & sit with someone else... i would burn out!!!! i felt an emotion called jealousy! :X

i grew up a little... participated in various competitions... once, the vicey, Miss. Renu Saxena maam (still Miss... & still looking the same) gave me 5 stars for getting all the spellings right in the surprise spell test she conducted... i felt elated... :)

i grew up some more... my marks went from 90's to 80's to 70's to 60's (late 60's) during my journey from tiny tots to the Xth standard... when the board result was out... i felt sad!!! :(

i still somehow managed to get science with computers in XIth.. so what if it was in the last list that the school declared!!! i decided in my heart that i will do well... i was filled with ambition... \m/

XIth did not live upto my expectation.. but i had the best of teachers in XIIth... & unlike the general trend of falling of grades from Xth to XIIth.. i demonstrated a jump... that too by 10% (late 70's)... i was filled with joy!!! :)

i joined an engineering college... i had heard college is supposed to be fun... but i can actually count the number of friends i had in college... max to max 5 in 4 years of B.Tech... my life was bland... i was disgusted!!! :(

then came infosys... training was grill time... but i made 4 - 5 more friends there... i thought life was beginning to get better... but i was posted to Chennai... how will i manage in Chennai... i felt fear!!! :'(

i quit & came back home... recession had just started so i had trouble getting back into a job... + mum got sick & had to be operated... she was advised 6 months of bed rest... & the 6 months that i stayed home without a job... i felt supreme anger!!! :@

but somehow i managed another job... things seemed to be getting on track... i felt my an emotion called "trust" in God returning!!!

& then i joined Amity Business School... where i made not just 1 or 2 or 3... i made so many friends that i wanna keep for life... now i know why they say "college is fun"... cuz for the first time in my college life... i felt the emotion called fun... i may have felt joy before... but thanks for making me emote via fun!!!

P.S. thank you all for binding with me in the relationship called friendship & being a part of my fun at some point of time or the other!!! :)

love you guys... happy frenz day!!!! muaaaaaaaaaah!!!!