Friday, January 24, 2014

Heights of Love… The Games!!!

That night, when they performed at The BoiNEC, there were no crazy chicks tugging shirts, or getting mad drunk, or toppling on the band members… Adam walked out of the cafĂ© as soon as the performance was over… & Spurs would just not give away the details of any band members… even if the bouncers saw the girls leave with any them… sorry… pub policy!

Mel & Grata did not even remember the band name & Grata did not know Adam’s second name… the only thing she had was, she knew that Adam & Matt were in a band together & that he works at Ogilvy… so she did the obvious thing to do… online research… she found out the band is called “Hysteria” & Adam’s name is Adam M. Naumann & either he does not want random friend request or he just does not have social media presence! *the latter was a little hard to digest, considering he works with an ad agency, so he must be really good at privacy settings!

The entire week, Grata looked at all 3 mirrors of her car & looked at all sides of the road, but no luck… in fact, no black impala at all… what she did not realize is that Adam still was taking the traffic route & timing, just was driving Matt’s blue Volvo V70 station wagon, but he always drove in front of her… watching her.. & thinking in his head “& I know its driving you mad” she was miserable… & it was visible… she would always be lost… always wondering… Friday morning, Mel walks upto Grata & says, “I assume we are going to The Barracks… we have a double date if you may remember!!!”

To not be a spoil-sport, Grata agreed…


Monday, January 20, 2014

What Makes YOU Happy?

Its easy to get frustrated... o! its daaaaaamn easy... you know what's damn hard? its DAMN hard to be happy... its easy to fake a smile... but its so fucking hard to genuinely smile... to genuinely be happy... to be glad... to be... YOU! but if you be you... anyone can try... but they would never be able to keep you down! all you hapta do is figure out what you love, & do it... do it all!

Just make a list of 10 things you love - its could be anything... from travelling... to adventure sports... to shopping... to blowing soap bubbles.. funny thing is... you will realize... that all the things you love, would be in your capacity... you may love travelling but can't afford Paris... try bag packing to the backwaters @ South... you may love shopping but can't afford Gucci - have you heard of the sale/thrift shops?

It could be surprising to you how easy it is to be happy once you have figured out what you love.. just the figuring out what you truly love & what makes you happy is soooooooo hard... hence... people do not find happiness... For me... its mostly things that i can do daily... you don't believe me? Here is the list of 10 things that I love the most - i don't understand why i love them... but i sure have them figured.

1. Listening to music - i smile when i hear beautiful music & cry when i hear sad ones.. I can actually feel my heart fill with joy or sadness... With headsets in my ears - the world just disappears (for me!)

2. Playing the guitar - its never too late to start something new... I started learning the guitar just about 2 months ago.. my hands hurt... i cut.. i bleed... i had to cut my nails... i have callus @ fingertips... but everyday i learn a new tab or tricks such as sliding or hammering or bending, or even a new pattern of strumming... im grinning ear to ear!

3. Singing my heart out - its funny how there is a very precise song for every emotion that you can feel... i just sing it out... i vent it... & i'm happy again!

4. Driving - Oooo... zipping through traffic.. i just love it... i crank up the volume & drive insanely... i cannot tell if i love just the pleasure of driving... or is it a mixed emotion of feeling like a khulla pagal saand on the road... i just love the jat yamla pagla feeling i get!

5. Running - i used to sprint.. right from school days... but i kinna left it for about 10 years.. till i walked up to Ashwin sir & told him that i could possibly sprint @ Amity... I surprised myself.. cuz i ran barefoot in the qualifiers.. but that's where i picked it up again... when i feel the gush of adrenaline through my veins & i hear the sweet sound of blood thump louder than the beautiful music from my headsets & my face goes numb.. there is no better feeling!

6. Eating - Am i a foody? i dunno... but do i like to be full - yes... honestly, i did not know how much i love food till about 4 years ago... when people pointed out to me that i eat a lot... & no one has any idea where it goes... i don't really think i eat all that much.. but i know that my face depicts the true picture of love struck when i see good food... & i have actually had tears of joy when ive eaten really good food.. like really!

7. Sleeping - Damn man.. Do i make a bad girlfriend.. to hell with sweet talks & saying the gooey gunieeeees... i love my sleep... & i get cranky if i don't get my 8 hours.. unless i have an exam or anything competitive the next day! lemme sleep & am an angel!

8. Watching Advertisements - i love ads... i just LOVE them since the day i was born.. i have written posts on posts around it.. so i guess i needn't talk about it yet again... ads can make me laugh & cry & jump with joy & sigh with an involuntary vocal awwwwwwww!

9. Talking - there was a time i wasn't too fond of making a conversation... i realized that made me people averse... i had at best 5 people i used to talk to... off which just 1 was my fren... that made me feel bad about myself... i sorta pitied myself... today... i talk to lot more.. or so says my facebook profile at least... 841 frenz.. OMG.. that's a no... :O  & multiple requests awaiting response (okaaaaay... you're boasting now G!) - Point is - i have people to talk to... & that makes me happy!!!!

10. Writing - It just feels nice.. to write.. whatever i wish to say.. i don't like gossip... i would rather repeat to myself to be happy a quarter billion times... so i write... it makes me feel positive.. makes me feel happy.

If life has taught me anything - its all about the little things! The little things that make YOU HAPPY!!!