Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sometimes i feel so weird... so weird that i wish to.... i wish to just slap someone, or hug someone, or just go and shrug someone... i get so sick of things, that i might just poke someone, or pretend to choke someone, or just pet someone... i don't understand why i act so weird...  i don't understand why i can't take control of my brain... i don't understand why i just need to vent out!!!

i am filled with emotions... and i don't think twice before complimenting someone... yeah, that's a nice shirt you're wearing! ooo... i can't believe you can carry off yellow nail paint so well!!! I don't even think twice before criticising someone... i have this urge to just blurt out what i have in my mind.. what i don't understand is why can't i control my tongue???

i get short of words and i bang the table, i get short of ideas and i scratch my head, i get short of food and i literally go mad... the funny thing is, i find words when i bang the table, i get new ideas when i scratch my head, and i feel satisfied when i eat to my fullest... i get sick when i hear girl talk... o that boi is so cute... drool... drool... i drool too, but i just don't like to talk about it!!! i don't understand how i am wired... all i know is i sometimes act weird!!! I'm wired weird i guess!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


So my trip to Hardwar cleared one of my biggest misconceptions… It is not Haridwar, though Haridwar sounds more convincing Hari (God’s) dwar (door), I guess I can blame my misconception on to 7th grade hindi, where we learned sandhi-viched and I use it up till date to learn new words!!!

The trip was cut short by a day, thanks to Dusshera, but never the less, the two days there were absolutely awesome!!! We had the slowest driver ever possible, who made us stop and eat at the worst dhabas possible on this earth… check out the daal makhani’s snap… now, thaz what we call daal makhani! We took double the time we had anticipated in getting there… we realized that open bushes are a better relieving point than the closed loos!!! On the way, I saw a hoarding such as sadani properties (rotting properties!!!), to let Bharti (Bharti for rent eh??) I also saw number plates reading UK 07… (I mean who needs to go to UK if you can get UK’s number plate right here in Uttrakhand)!!!

Anyways, we reached pretty late, by that time the pooja was over… so, we had to stay at Hotel Santosh to ensure we can be a part of the morning aarti that happens at 5:30… that was the nearest possible one!!! Boi, we woke up at 4:30 and then the doobkies at 5… the water was chilled… ultimately, I got rid of all the damn sins and I also remember how my sister’s teeth were cluttering till 10 mins after the same!!!

I also realized most people there are superb at minting money… 5 Rs for 2 sips of tea… 10 bucks for applying a tikka… 30 bucks for a leaf boat filled with flowers and a deep blah blah… Then, we went to Rishikesh where we were late for river rafting! L so we ended up eating chat at Omkarananda chat ghat! J Then, we headed home, reached here by 11… ate at baby dragon, where we actually filled colors to pass time… see my daddy’s coloring!!! And then hit the bed… inspite of all ups and downs… there is only one word for the trip… Awesome!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Miss Independent!!!

So strong yet so weak... laughing aloud yet crying inside... independent yet so freakingly dependent... I'm so sick and tired of the fa├žades that i see daily... ok, so they pretend that we need nobody, they talk about it, they make it so loud, they lie, lie and lie some more until it sounds like its actually true... a real part of them!!!

They ignore when people ask them personal questions, they don't have no friends... they only believe in acquaintances... people who can help them and receive help in return... and then it is ta ta, bye-bye time... they cry when nobody's watching, they don't watch movies in public so that people do not see the soft side of them...

They are the bitches and they love to be the bitches, i mean the kind who are hated by all for their stingy attitude... they climb up the ladder damn fast, but never realise that they stepped on 50,000 feelings while doing the same... they can live without food and shelter (im not gonna include clothes, cuz expensive clothes are what they swear by), but they cant imagine a day without their cell phone!!!

How can I say this??? well, i guess i used to be one... but, i get bored too easily... n i got bored of pretending too... also, miss independent can command respect (people pretend to respect), but can't command love... now i laugh when i wish to and not when i should and i cry when i can't take any longer... but, i still do tend to run off to the wash room when crying... well, i guess the infy people have witnessed that already!!! :P i am not emotionally independent... i depend on my family and friends... i love them and i'm glad all of my family and most of my friends love me back in return!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

India is Not Completely Corrupt!!!

My sister is pursuing a degree from a fashion institute... she is doing fashion merchandizing and is into her second year of college now... but, before we submitted her second year fee, we were really troubled, because we got her an admission into a UPTU engineering college... we submitted a handsome amount of money into the college (that includes 1 L tuition fee of UPTU + donation)... how could we let go of the hard earned money.

But, nevertheless, she told my pa that she still is interested in completing her fashion degree and is not so keen to do engineering,  my father resistantly agreed ie. he tried his best to convince her but ultimately gave in to her request... this means forfeiting a good amount of money... we had submitted the fee and donation at the UPTU college, but we did not have any receipt of it... so that money went down the drain... or that's waht we thought at least then!!!

Days passed by, and the anxiety to get that money back grew more and more... this was accompanied by multiple calls to the college's head... many verbal disaggrements... blah blah... its almost been 2 months now... then, i do not know what my father did or said to the college people, they asked us to come over... and guess what?? they returned the damn money!!! O my God... I just cannot believe it...  India is still not completely corrupt!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Mane... It Can't Get Worse!!!

I do not comb my hair... why??? i think it is such a task... pick up a comb, run it through your hair... detangle cross linkages... suffer from breakage of hair... see hair on the brush... clean the hair brush... collect the broken hair... go outside the house and dump the hair into the trash... O MY GOD!!! so i devised a simple solution... DO NOT COMB THE HAIR... unlike a lot of other women, i am not blessed with beautiful hair... and unlike the other women, i do not even have the patience to take care of it well enough... i cant even wear a face mask, how can i manage a head mask... all the time that i can spare for it is by washing it every alternate day...

all the women, who wanna say eeew... please blame my mom for it... i had lovely long tresses till my 7th grade, my mom had difficulty with my tantrums over how to fix my hair, so she got my hair cut short... and thaz how it all started... id wash my hair daily, wear gel, and this my dear frenz, i must tell you, is detrimental to your hair... + the over required level of chlorine of our school's swimming pool ruined my hair beyond recognition!!! the only way to hide this was keeping the hair short... but there are a lot of things associated with hair... First and the foremost, your total personality changes with the way you wear your hair... so in school, i was short (i still am, 5' 2" is short right??? ), fat (a waist size of 32-34 is huge right???) and to top it all, i was, and still am, a tom boi!!!

So the guys of my class would call me a mard (viz hindi for a man)... o yeah... i tell you, no matter how strong i look, this would hurt me to the core... i once even cried about it... and you know what i was told... "ro mat, mard ko dard nai hota" hindi for (don't cry, men do not feel pain)... and boi did i come home, lock myself into the washroom, and cry like crazy!!!

i still have trouble with hair... i hate it... i could probably run a zero numbered razor and shave my head off... but, sadly, i cant bear the torture of being called a mard again anymore!!! now, please... if you have an urge to call me that... avoid... because i was pretty shy and would not reply back when i was younger... but now, i am so certainly not gonna leave you... and if you too have a flaw... which im sure you have, cuz nobody is perfect... im so get you embarrassed on that... and you will hate me for the rest of your life!!! ooo.... i feel like a devil already and im loving it!!! :P

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Little Things!!!

They say that the greatest of joys come in the smallest of packages... yes, i am a fan of the little things... cuz there ain't nothing in the world that can ever compare to the joys that the small gestures bring!!! some people consider me senti-mental, some really senti and some just mental... but, whatever you consider me... you cannot defy teh fact that the little things touch us in the most beautiful way!!!

So yesterday was my geburstag (i have a foreign language called german, and geburstag means birthday)... though i enjoyed, there was one thing bothering me... my best fren is not around... shez in the UK... and my birthday was almost about to get over, and i hadn't heard from her! :( i could not believe that she forgot my birthday... but then, i did receive an ISD... she specially bought a new sim for a day just to call me up... yep... the little thing that touched my heart... i love you sooooooooo mucha!!!

But, there was more to come... i came home from my college to find a bunch of roses along with a birthday card and a box of chocolates waiting for me... yep, i know you asked for my address, but this was still a BEAUTIFUL surprise Manoj!!! thanks a ton people!!!

I loved it when all my frenz from infy & amity called me at 12 in the nite and kept trying till they got through, even though that meant waking up till 3 in the morning... i just love you guys sooooo much!!! thanks for giving me the little things that mean so much to me!!! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

If Only!!!

I have crossed two decades of my life... in fact more... i have achieved a lot of things during the time span... in achieving the same, at all times of my life... there was one thing that i would constantly repeat... i have also missed out on a lot of things... and during the loosing phase, i'd repeat the same thing... if only.... if only i was that smart... i only i was that strong... if only i was that pretty... i only that boi could be mine... if only i was not so shy... if only i could control my anger... if only i could punch her on her face... if only i could sleep for 5 more minutes... if only i could get rid of these pimples... if only everyone else would have 10,000 pimples too... if only the teacher would teach well... if only there were no exams... if only my parents would give me more pocket money... if only it would always be winters... if only i was a celebrity or a princess...

my if only list is never ending!!! you may or may not agree, but you too have a huge if only wish list!!!

what i did not realise while making the if only wish list is: if i cant get to them, i can at least make way around them... for example, to make myself smart, i act smart at the right time... i don't care about the other times, i  act dumb and play along n learn along the way... to make myself strong, i don't fight with people who are physically stronger, i just hit them where it hurts the most.... to make myself pretty, i get pictures clicked from 10,000 angles and then select the best and put it as my profile pic... to make that boi mine, i flirt!!! to ensure that im not that shy... i talk so much, most people don't even remember that i once used to be shy!!!

the point is... if only you really try, you can change your "if only" list into a "realized bucket list!!!"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I still remember, when we were in our 7th grade, or probably the 8th… our teachers would spare themselves the torture of reading and ask a student to stand up and read a paragraph from the text, the next one to fall in line could be his or her neighbor, or the one sitting at the back laughing away to glory… Suddenly when he or she would realize, that he or she has got to get up and read a part of the text right from where the earlier one had left it… he/she would be zapped!!! Then, he/she would look here there everywhere for clues to pick up where the dead darn person had left it… aha… so there the person right in front helps… then starts the reading!!!!

I happened to be a back bencher… and this once happened to me too… I have no problems reading plain text…. I mean, im pretty decent in english… hindi though seems to get troublesome!!! So, once we were reading a chapter (I don’t really remember the name, but it had one Ganga Ram who was bitten by a snake right in the middle of his head in a v position) I remember the name because we share the same initials… Ganga Ram… Geeta Ravi… GR!!! He he!!!

Hmm… ever realized, how your ears go warm n the cheeks go red when you have to stand up in front of the whole class and read an extract… yep, thaz what happened to me… + I was very shy then, so for me to stand up and read it was a task (I tell you!!!) but, I did pull up the courage to do the same… then came a line “Ganga Ram looked at his striped underpants hanging…” what the sentence meant was that he looked at his underpants which had stripes on it… and back then (actually this pretty much holds true now as well), my rate of speech was faster than my rate of processing… so with all my volume… I read out… “Ganga Ram looked at his stripped underpants…” and then I heard hahahahahaha… roars of laughter all around me… I felt my heart go thump thump… my ears got on fire and my throat absolutely dry… I mean… where the hell was the saliva… it’s a biological entity… It should not have had left me!!! In short… I was EMBARRSED to the core… ya sure man, I laugh about it loud now!!! But, boi must I tell you, embarrassment makes you feel a trillion more things than love… So, all those of you who have felt love, I suggest feel a stronger emotion… EMBARRASSMENT!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Life takes us high & then brings us down…
Along the path, we find a million people…
Some are strangers, some acquaintances…
& others are the ones that touch our life in some way…
Some bring us down, some lift us up…
& some just stand by us…
These touch our lives in a special way!!!

You, my dear friend, call yourself the devil…
But you my dear friend happen to be my angel…
I know we don’t talk much anymore…
I know there is scarcity of time…
I know we have other obligations…
& there are other people we need to meet...
But you must know, I will always carry you with me!!!

The mind might forget, the heart never shall…
We might not meet, but you are imprinted in my heart…
We may not talk, but I will always remember your voice…
I may make new friends, but you will always remain the closest…
You may be far, but you will always live in my heart…
The memory might fade, but that will not affect you…

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Saabu Mania

Aaaargh.. where ever I go, I find a Saabu… for all those of you who have read the Chacha Chaoudhary comics… u’d know who saabu is… but for the others… Saabu is basically a tall (really tall) guy from Jupitar… He worked with/for Chacha Choudhary!!!
When I was in college, KIET, I had a friend called Saabu… no thaz not his name… we all used to call him by that nick name… his name is... does it even matter… anyways, it was a custom for everyone to have a nick name… mine was ‘lady goondi’… I used to get upset over it then… but then, even Bipasha Basu was called lady goondi in school, so im like not at all upset over it anymore!!! No… im not comparing myself with her... n m ceratinly not writing about myself…. I needa talk about the Saabus I know!!!
The KIET Saabu story:
Our KIET vice director then (Proff. Sandhu), was… is a very jovial person… once me n saabu were hanging out and he said ‘Geeta, don’t roam around with saabu…’ seeing my puzzled look, he said, you look like his daughter (he is 6’ 3” n m 5’ 2”) to this saabu reacted ‘sir, my kids will never be this dark!’ yes, saabu is supposed to be fair, tall and well built… so was he… aaargh!!!
The AMITY Saabu story:
So we had to submit our CA (computers) project… I along with Tanuj went to give an explanation as to why we can’t submit the same today… the teacher, who is supposed to be a serious one… said no problem.. give it tomorrow, but as we were about to leave (Tanuj had already walked past the door), Gaurav sir asked me ‘what is saabu’s name?’ Blink.. blink… My thought process… saabu is fair.. saabu is tall… Tanuj is fair… tanuj is tall… associative law se conclusion… tanuj is saabu… response… ‘sir his name is Tanuj’ J and then there was no ending… he asked me if I read chacha choudhary comics and gave me a hi 5!!! Also, he has already started hunting for a Saabun (I mean mrs. Saabu) for Saabu!!!
Way to go Saabus… So, tell me how does it feel to come to Earth??? So many people care about you here… Do you miss your mother Jupiter???