Sunday, May 22, 2016

Heights of Love… The Plot Thickens!!!

G – No I’m not…
Mel – Of course you are… You talk to him for hours… Go out for Dinner together… Go to movies…
G – But you guys are always there..
Mel – Yea… I know.. its called double dating.
G – If I were dating… I would know… & even if we were… it’s not exclusive.. neither Henry, nor I have proposed.
Mel – & he is planning to, today… that’s what I came here… to ensure you wear your best dress & look damn pretty when he picks you up today… Dude… you have a date with him at 9!

This had Grata going off the ceiling… “oh no no no no no no.. this can’t happen… oh hell no… NO NOOOOOOOO” she just kept blabbering… Mel calmed her down with “okay.. so you clearly want Adam.. & Henry clearly wants you… & he is planning to propose… & the only reason why I know this is cuz Scott told me… So, let’s assume, I never told you this.. & let’s assume you have taken ill… //Grata nodded// no no no.. not ill… else he would come visit… let’s assume you have an extremely important client meeting that may get extended.. ya.. that works.. you have a client meeting that will get extended… & you may need to have dinner & drinks with the very very very important clients.. I can’t believe I am plotting against Henry’s proposal for an Adam whose intentions we are not even remotely sure of! Okay.. so I’m going back now.. cuz I came to your place & it was locked.. I’m gonna call you now… talk to me for 2 minutes.. rehearse the I’m with clients.. will have to cancel today’s date with me & then call Henry!”

“O Mel.. you are a genius… I just love you so much” said Grata as she hugged Mel tight and started crying!!!