Friday, April 20, 2018

The Distressed Damsel!

Hither and thither she ran
She ran with the wind
The wind took her to the storm
The storm that looked like a gentle breeze!
She ran face first
She was so young and naive
but she runs now no more
and no more does she breathe!

I watched her run
I watched her breathe
But I do not see her now
So I, just grieve!
To breathe is hard
The throat is parched
an eternal brain-freeze.

How do I say
she walked away
the clock still ticks
the sound reverberates
it is all that I ever hear!

I write this poem for my sister. My sister was a beautiful young soul. She decided to end her life on 11th September 2016 and since the day, I grieve her every day. I have felt pain before. The pain of being left by a loved one. But this one beats them all. Nothing can ever beat this. This one shall be eternally triumphant!

I still do not understand this, but I will always love you Vinu! xx