Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Beautiful Means to Beautiful Ends!!!

There are many aspects that cater to your personality... the way you talk.. the way you walk.. the way you conduct yourself in public... the way you behave with friends... just about everything you do... makes you a whole... but do you know what makes you conduct the way you do???

IT IS the way you feel!!! & do you know what determines the way you feel???

there are many-a-scientific factors that determine how you feel... but there also are some factors that influence the way you feel even without you knowing you are being influenced... these are the physical factors...

yes, an occasional pimple can turn you off... the extra bleach may lead to a lot of criticism... but you know what can save you?

have a pimple on your forehead --> let down your bangs
bleached your face too much --> open your hair to hide your goldie-locks
did you know that no matter what is wrong with you, if your hair is awesome, life is awesome... & did you know that if you have a bad hair day... everything ends up awful!!!

i can personally vouch for the same... your hair influences you in ways beyond your imagination... i have always been particular about my hair... i remember very well, that everyday before going to school, me & my mother would have a fight... you know why? i used to love the french pony.. & i wanted it everyday... & for some reason... my mother, when making it, would always incline it to a side... & so she would have to redo the same n-no. of times till she got it right!!!

one fine day, during my 8th grade, she gave herself a present --> she gave me a haircut, well renowned as the boy cut! i lived with the boy cut for not a month or two... not a year or two... i lived with it for 6-7 years... during this time... the term boy, from the boy cut clung on to me... i started dressing like a boy... i started talking like a boy... i started thinking like a boy... its hard to believe... but i kinna started believing i was a boy... like i said... your hair conditions you in ways you dont even realize... i started to get angry & getting into fights... i never had my way around anything... it was hard to accept that the world did not perceive me as i thought of myself... yes, hair troubles can give you a real tough time!!!

But, things changed.. i changed... a lotta factors contributed... the guys treated me like a short, stout, ugly guy & i did not like it... & women... aaaaargh... i dont even wanna talk about it... with their perfect figures & their perfect hair... i used to hate them too... they would always tell me... you have such perfect eyes & smile & face-cut... yet, the unsaid story always was - "you're still not pretty"!!! i always wondered how & if i had (i still have) such nice features, then why am i disregarded in both the sexes???

& then it happened, with the long overdue haircut, & the hair band pulling my hair into a crappy bun to avoid it from falling into my eyes when studying... a hostel mate just randomly said... grow your hair... it will suit you... yes, i love you Aastha Sharma... it was like she gave me the end to my very very veeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long ugly teenage years... & today... i have length of the hair i would have never imagined... but managing your hair is an uphill task... like they say "you may get outta teenage shackles, but are soon bound to grow old" (fine, they dont say it, i said it, but it is damn true) & there is only one thing that can nurture your hair... from tip to toe... Love...

oh wait.. is it Love or is it DOVE?

today, i have embraced my feminine side & i can let my hair down or braid it into a french pony or the fishtail or even the regular pigtail or the reverse pig tail... & all i feel top-to-bottom-through-&-through my hair is just Dove.. a synonym of Love!!!