Monday, November 30, 2009

Move On!

I can eat… I can sleep… I can smile… I can even laugh… but there still is an emptiness… I sleep as much as I can… I watch as many movies as my folks allow me… I even help my ma with the house hold chores… I do just about anything possible to be occupied… I do just about anything possible to not have any free time!

But when I walk through the market where we’ve been a million times… I feel the emptiness of holding your hands… when I watch a movie all alone… I feel the emptiness of you watching me instead of the movie… when I read the newspapers… I feel the emptiness of you letting me know all the news in advance… when I hear a new song… I feel the emptiness of you having had already sung it to me!!!

When I see my wardrobe… all I see is how you have influenced it … when I see brownie or bozo… I know I wouldn’t ever had them if I wasn’t for you… when I see my cell phone… it reminds me of how I lost your N-gage… when I look at my eyes… they remind me that you were the first one to compliment them… when I look at myself… I see the devil I am but the angel you saw in me!!!

Its funny I miss you so much when I was the one to let go… every romantic movie that I see makes me believe I didn’t love you… cuz love is standing through and through in the toughest times… but I let go cuz the times may become tough… I let go because we may not last… the funnier thing is I guess I miss you because you loved me more than anyone ever could/can… but I still am not willing to reconcile cuz maybe I never really loved you, I was just addicted!!!

You destroyed your life for me… you kept me ahead in everything you did… but now that you are completely destroyed and have got nothing left of you except our memories… all I can say is, you destroyed yourself over the wrong girl… because I kept myself ahead of you… and now that you’re completely destroyed, I have no reason to hang on… and hence, I would like to advice you… move on! 

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Always Been Famous!

there are people who are never famous... then there are people who become famous... and then there are people who have always been famous... you could be famous because you're smart... or cuz you're hot... or cuz you're cool... or cuz you give that look... or cuz you wear the weirdest clothes... or cuz you wear the most expensive brands... or cuz you look so fashionable even in flee clothes... or cuz... there are many more reasons!

Interlude: there also are people who are famous for all the wrong reasons!!! i, belong to this the category "always been famous for the wrong reasons!" no... no... no... i dont do dope... dont sell them either... i dont do any of the nasty things that might come into yours' or any other persons' minds!!! i've never been famous with the kids... but in spite of not being the teacher's pet... i've always been famous with them! infact, i've been so famous that according to Baral sir, a coule of them refused to teach my class cuz i was in that class!!! hello.. i never did anything in class... maximum to maximum, i'd giggle, sketch the teacher or eat... i don't say nasty things to teachers at least!

when, doing my B.Tech... there was this Electronics HOD who knew me by my name, and he would check with all the teacher's about my status daily... my Signals and Systems teacher got so irritated that he made me stand up in the class to ask what i said to him... apparently, my father met with him in a PTA and asked him to keep an eye on me... because of this, i suffered heavily in my internals... when others would get grace marks (upto 15), he would ensure that i get just how much i deserve!!! it was a sight, i tell you... if i'd see him coming, i'd litterally run away in the other direction! When i went back to my college, a couple of months ago, Baral sir told me, you would not have suffered if you were in the current batch, firstly, that HOD is gone and secondly, you will not be the exclusive notorious kid of the batch! so apparently, i was famous for the wrong reason "being under the scanner of the HOD!"

anyways, i somehow made it through... got through infosys off-campus... joined at infy@chandigarh... went through a gruelling training... we had our first test within the 1st 3 weeks (i don't really remember precisely)... we had online tests... and we'd get the results right then and there... passing criteria was 75 (i think, don't remember precisely, it can be 80% too)... so, i remember... i gave the test... got over with it within 20 mins, i don't really believe that one was worth the 1 hour set for it! then, i clicked the "submit" button... and woah.. i flunked... wow... my morale went and settled in the nail of my foot's last finger!!! thankfully, 80% of the students failed that one... so we had a conference... where some chick was discussing what a sad sight this is and how we expect more out of you all... and i don't even know, what happened to me... i just got up, and shouted at the top of my voice "im sorry to say this, but if 80% students fail, it means there is something terribly wrong with the teaching standard!" and then, i sat down in a dhup and saw her face go pale as the hall filled with claps from 250+... later we were all given 12 extra marks so i passed the test and so did a couple of others... so, i was famous for the wrong reason "not being able to control my tongue (as in speech)!"

here, in amity, im trying my best to not be famous for the wrong reasons... infact, im trying not to be famous at all... cuz i've realised, people who are unknown to the teachers get much more internals than the ones that are known, unless ofcourse you're the buttering kinds, which i'm not! anyways, to my dismay, when i went to the college this wens'day, i found out that i just can't get out of the scanner... apparently, my PL made me sit all alone in the front seat for his paper's exam to ensure that i do not cheat (i do not cheat on important tests in any case!), inspite of this i got a good score in his subject... so when i met him on wens'day he told me, "so, i saw that you got a good score in my subject!" when i smiled, he said "how?" i said "main padhnay likhnay waali ladki hu" (i'm the kinda girl who studies), but apparently he knows me better, so he replied "as if!" so, i guess this time around i'm famous for the wrong reason "as if"????

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Memories!

i'm not a Christian, but i do have have a lot of memories associated with Christmas... Infact, when i found out that the Santa who left chocolates and chips near my bed was my father... i was heart-broken.. not literally, but somewhat... i mean, thaz cuz i knew then, that there is no motive of making a wish list anymore!!! :P

when we were in school, we'd have the santa (some senior or some teacher) come on to the assembly place and throw away sweets at the kids... well, our santa was pretty desi.. he'd go ho ho ho but throw pan pasand candies around the school... i mean, with nina seghal taking over, the things really changed, first she replaced the eclairs by pan pasand, then she got rid of our diwali mela and then she put tiles all over the school to make it look like a huge wash room!

anyways, lets come back to the christmas spirit... i've also been mean on christmas... well, i've been mean to many people at many points of time, but its sad that i was mean to someone even on christmas... so, this is how it goes... the family that owns the house right in front of our house sent their children to the christmas get together that was happening at my place... (2 of their own kids and one cousin of theirs... well hello uncle, if i did not invite your kids, its because i dont want to have them at my party... looser... and what's with sending the cousin... i loathed him... we were the same age, and he was better than me in studies and because of him, i'd be shouted at "why can't you do just as well as happy?"... yeah, his name is happy!) ... so, i let them in, cuz i was and still am scared of the uncle's size... i mean, he is as huge as Yokuzuna! i told them that they can stay at the farthest corner of my roof... we played games and they just stared at us... the guy played his guitar, and the 2 girls just heard him... i did not offer them popcorn or cakes or pepsi or samosas or even dinner... and they obviously did not ask for it cuz they were to stay at the corner and were not allowed to come near us! yeah, i know, i was mean... i still enjoy such stuff, i guess that means, i'm still mean! :P

another memory is from asandas chennai... the christmas is a huge hit there... christmas is a hit in the states i know... cuz HP guys get a winter vacation for christmas... what i don't understand is, why is it such a hit with the tamilians??? anyways, the half tree that you see in the pic is from asandas only... the holy was really amazing... it was so nice, i wanted to steal it!!! lol... thankfully, i did not steal the same, but when i sat at the cafe coffee day of that building, i realised that they had cut out peices of thermocol in the shapes of stars and xmas trees... so i asked them if i could have some and when they agreed, i picked up 4 stars and one christmas tree... when i left chennai, that is one thing i carried from there... they sat on my study table for some time and then, when i disposed my table, they went too!!! or maybe, they still are somewhere in my store room... i don't really remeber now!

as i said, i've had some experiences wrt christmas... but this one... is really weird... this tuesday, i caught up on two movies with a friend... one of the movies was "Christmas Carol" yeah! the Ebenzer Scrooge story... i could not have made out that Scrooge was played by Jim Carey, but thankfully my friend made me aware of the same... no.. no.. no.. me going for an animated movie is not the weird part (i do that all the time, wall e and ratatouille are amongst my favs)... whatz weird was that there were a bunch of hooligans in the theatre who actually found a reason to use their dirty minds during the movie... they espically went nuts when Jacob "Marley" was spoken about! all they could talk about is his second name! Bunch of perverts i'd say! :P

chistmas has been weird and funny and entwined for me... lets see what more christmas' have to offer! :P

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Beach!

im a half mallu and half sindi... and this is pretty evident from my (eating) taste and preferences... i have to have a papad (known as cracker or a flat bread in english) when eating, this is purely a sindhi trait and i want it spicy, and love the fish, which is purely a south indian trait... ok, so its also popular with the bengalies!

its funny, no matter how hard i try, i do tend to wander... the point is im a half south indian and just like the other south indians, i love the beaches too... ive been to many beaches... some are serene, some hot, some interesting, some fun and some plain dirty... dirty as in unclean, and not dirrrty!!! chennai beaches are at the top of the dirty list... but pondicherry beaches are hot... i mean, you can really not say that you're in india... cuz, you can barely find indians there!!!

anyways, at the beaches, the sand castles and the writing completions before the wave hits... they are still a hit with all the kids and they still seem so cute... i've also seen the weirdest things happening around beaches... one such incident is from about 7-10 years ago...

me and my sister were standing at some beach in Kerala (the one that is right next to the Taj)... suddenly, i heard my pa shout, look out for your sister, there is a huge wave coming... and before he finished his sentence, the wave came at us... i held my sister tight, to ensure she would not flow away... when the wave went past, i turned around to see my father and he was furious... i was smiling at my achievement.. i did not let go off my sister... and then i heard my sister cry.. i looked at her face and said, "it's Ok baby! nothing happened!"... but, she cryingly (if thatz a word) blurted out "it took away my skirt!" *sob sob!

Oh my God! i thought that was really funny but she kept crying.. apparently, it was her favourite skirt! :P we had to convince her that the ocean throws back everything that it sucks in, so it will eventually return to her! the next day, we went to some island on a boat, and she saw a red and blue peice of cloth, and actually got the boat diverted towards the same, but obviously, that wasn't her skirt!

i guess, the boy to the right, made a wise choice by sticking to just the trunks.. and his mother (who is not visible in the snap, made a wise choice by sticking to a bikini!)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


ive heard like a zillion times that dreams mean something... i mean they can be interpreted... my dreamz are pretty weird... im sure, even if they can be interpreted, they still would not make any sense... cuz i would not be able to describe them with or without sense!

i generally donot remember what i dream about.. what i do remember is the people that i saw and the places that i went... i even told a couple of my frenz that i dreamt about you last night, but when they asked, what exactly... i seriously did not remember...

people say that you dream about things that you see or think about... but there are times, when i see people that i just know "exist." i.e. i only know that they exist, i've never though about them, or heard anythn about them or even paid them any heed at all. PERIOD... i do not understand WHY THEY BOTHER TO COME INTO MY DREAMZ!!!

anyways, people come and go... when i was in school, i saw school mates... then college mates... then work mates... and now, again school (b-school) mates... what never changed is "the building"... i always dreamt of my school... i guess, that means something.. it means I SPENT 14 YEARS OF MY LIFE THERE!!! :P

but, a funny thing happened recently... recently, i started dreamin of my b-school's building... well, i do agree that they have strikingly similar red bricks... but thaz all about it... can somebody explain how 5 months of amity washed over 14 years of DPS?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What I've Done!!!

im crazy... ive always been crazy... but school was uuummm... it was different.. the world was different... apparently, even though the world has changed a hell lot.. m still still the same... i still do things that i did in school time... i still laugh at teacherz pronunciations... i still eat in the class... i still avoid studies and sit for the xams at the last minute.. i still dont study everything before the papers... just enough to sail through!!! i still watch cartoons... n i still dont get along well with the typical gurlz!!! (to the left is my school snap! thaz me in the white jacket!!! and the one in green is my best fren from school!)

but, i have sobered down a little... i dont do the really crazy things like what i used to do in school... i remember two funnily weirdly incidents... they were funny to me and weird to the person in front!!!

The Kush Teotia incident:
Kush, Im sure you remember this incident... but im not sure, if you'd remember i was the one!!! Okhay, so this is how it goes... when i was in my XIth standard, there were two seniors that i totally loved and adored, as in a role model way... i loved their confidence... and the way they carried themselves... i wanted to be just like them... one of them was Kush... so when XIIth came and he left the school, i was really sad... one fine day, he came back to the school, for i dont know what... i saw him pass by my class and as soon as the class got over and before the next teacher came in... i made up my mind to bunk the class... so i saw him getting outta a teacher's cubicle... and i went upto him and asked for his autograph... he got really embarrassed but i guess he did not have any choice!!! the funny part is... i kept this piece of paper and that Faber Castle pen safe with me for at least 2 full years!!!

The Chandni Bhan incident:
The second senior that i really looked upto was Chandni... Chandni was the head girl when i was in XIth... but school was about to get over for he XIIthies... n i wanted to get my SLAMBOOK filled by her... but i did not know her enough... n i was sorta scared of her cuz she did not like my favourite teacher "Banerjee Sir", cuz he was not willing to check her physics manual as she was late for her submission!!! anyways, but i had this friend called Prachi Goel... she said she knew Chandni and would introduce us... and so she did... "Chandni, hi! This is my friend Geeta, and Geeta has a huge crush on you!!!" and Chandni and I, we were both zapped... i had cold feet and burning ears... well, hello... she is my role model... i do not have a crush on her, is what i wanted to say... but aparently my throat gave up on me! Chandni looked at me in anger and said "Do you know what a girl who has a crush on another girl is called?" No.. no... no Chandani no.. m not a lesbian... m just a fan!!! but my voice was just not with me!!! *sigh!!!

Thankfully, i have changed for the better... i can actually go upto people without them thinkin that i have a crush on them... and i can actually tell people that you are my role model and i appreciate this about you, without actually embarrsing them... Kush and Chandni... i really wish to apologize.. you guys were/are my role models.. i dont have a crush on you!!! the way it came out was not the way it was intended to be!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


So, ive seen this ad on television which has Paresh Rawal getting so happy and singing to himself "Tananananani.. oye pizza aaa free... Tananananani.. oye pizza aaa free..." its raining... but to his dismay the pizza guy is on time... i dont really understand the logic behind the ad, as the terms n conditions clearly state that the 30 min scheme is not valid on fests n rains... this is befooling the customer, i'd say!!!

i tok so much, the problem is i tend to beat around the bush... the bush here is pizza... and the ad was nowhere related!!! :P

so whatz the story? the story is... a couple of dayz ago, we (my family) ordered pizzas... we are not fast food fanatics... and we do not eat pizzas all that often, so we do not mind shelling the money for it... so one fine day my sister, who is really into fast food, announced that she wants to have pizza and garlic breadsticks... so, we honoured her request and ordered for the same... over the phone.. we were too lazy to go over.. the guy on the other side said, "maam, ur pizza will be with you in the next 30 mins"... my sister was really hungry, and i dunno what went through our minds as we asked what if it doesn't?

what we wanted to hear was.. "maam, it surely will be!" but what we heard is "then you can have it for free!" so we waited, n waited some more.. time passed by.. n my sister's anxiety grew... but the pizza never came... so it had been more than 30 mins... n the pizza had not arrived.. we called them, and they said, "maam, it is already on it way"... so, when it ultimately arrived after 10 more minutes... we were dying of hunger... seeing the pizza curbed our anxiety... eating it was satisfying... but having it for free heightened our delight!!! :D

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Foot Massage!

I always wondered  whatz the big deal and all the hu-hulla about the spas… I mean they just mint away a lotta money from you by what.. giving you a bath? Or a massage? I mean why on this earth are people ready to squander money over stuff like this… until some time ago when I had the pleasure of a foot massage!!!

No, I did not have to visit a spa for the same, nor did I hapta squander a hell lotta money over it… apparently, a couple of aunties in my colony, turn to a masseur, who visits our colony bi-weekly… now, this masseur (aunty) goes around ringing the bell at each household to render her services… one day, my ma fell prey for the same… actually, she went through an operation and she was advised for the same!!!

The very 1st time the masseur aunty came to our house, I was like eeew… who called you? But slowly and steadily, I became ok with the aunty… Then, one fine day, I decided to get a foot massage done, as I realized that I have been on my foot from a couple of days… n the heels that I wore last night while dancing away to glory, have literally paralyzed my feet… as she applied a technique that I believe is called acupuncture, I thought to myself, “today is the last day you can walk!”

She pressed it here… she pressed it there… she pulled my toe and then my fingers… she rubbed it in circular motion.. sometimes in clockwise direction.. at other times in anti clockwise… she mostly used her finger tips and sometimes her palm… and bent my feet to the right, then to the left… she even rolled them in circles as if they were detachable and a few more rounds would bring them loose… and then I don’t remember a thing, cuz I fell asleep… I was in sound state of slumber while she was working at my foot… and when I woke up to her voice… “babyji.. ho gaya!” translation: “maam, im done!” I did not even remember that I once had heels that hurt!!!

My experience made me realize, perceived notions need not be true… n now, I am a fan of the “FOOT MASSAGE!!!” aaaaaaaahhh!!!!

I Love it When Pa Cooks!!!

Please don’t get me wrong here.. my dad is not a chef… n just like the other households, my ma is the kitchen handler at my place too… its only a once in blue moon phenomenon that my dad enters the kitchen… n when he does… there is only one word… yummmmmmmm!!!

My ma is an excellent cook… she can pretty much cook anything in the whole world… my sister is a keen observer… we went from pukka desi food to Chinese and Italian additions.. all thanks to my sister.. she has a flair for making dishes with white sauces and mayo and I don’t know what not… me… I got better things to do!!!

The point is, there are 4 people in the family, 3 of whom are expected to cook… and onez cooking is an add on.. but the funny thing is, I love my ma’s cooking, I appreciate my sister’s cooking, I cook when there is no alternative… but I totally adore my pa’s cooking… every time he cooks, my appetite triples… and I still have room for more after about an hour or so! :P

So, what is it that my father does?

I don’t really know, what all he does, but his forte is non-veg… I have eaten at scores of places, but nuthn, I mean nuthn beats my father’s cooking, not my ma, not even my grandma… and this time of the year, my father abstains himself from nonveg for a whole 41 days, some shabrimali thingy! L and at this time of the year, because we have to abstain ourselves form the same, all that run through my mind 24X7 is “I love it when my pa cooks!”

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Meri Exams Wali Maggie!!!

Maggie.. my best fren during all my exams... I have shared my bonding with the "mid-nite oil burning" phenomenon, ever since eternity... no matter how hard i try... no matter how many time table i make that restrict my study hours to 10 hours and range 15 days, i always end up with congesting the 150 hours of quantitative study in 5 days of qualitative study!!! :P

and through and throug, there is one thing that always supported me.. thatz my beloved maggie!!!

i remember that my maggie mania dates back to college first year, first sem...

meghna gupta... i royally hail you! you taught me how to make delicious maggie... i swear, before i met you, i did not even know how to make maggie!!! now, the only difference i make is; you add butter later, i add it in the very first place!!!

and yeah, i add chilly to it... cuz i dun like it bland!!!

i stir and cook it for more than 5 minutes... and i love to have ginger tea after that...

during exams, if i study for  later than 1 o clock, my hunger bells a ring!!! and during exmas, no matter how hard i try, i just am not able to sit for studies before 11 pm, that inevitable leads to me sitting up till 4-5 am daily... that leads to 1 maggie everyday!!!

all during my exam days, maggie is the only thing that i look upto, and thatz why i call it "meri exams waali maggie!!!"

Hail the Keedas!!!

Ummm... Okhay, so all that i know about sports is India is the land of cricket... n all that i know about about sportskeeda is that it was initially to be named bluechaddi...
and everytyme porush (the ideator) would ask me whaz wrong with bluechaddi, id tell him, chaddi.. plz for Godz sake!!! thankfully he decided to name it sportskeeda... for all the sports lovers.. for all the people who have a "keeda" for sports!!!
now, i have the privilege to be an author at, not because im a sports fanatic, but because im a dear school mate or Porushs'. But, i ensure you, Porush, i will soon be making good, or at least some use of the oppourtunity!!!
Im sure this site is going to make it big, as it is backed but both intention and calibre!
hail the keedas!!!
Learn more about Sportskeeda at !!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wake Up Sid... The Sequel!

When i was done with my graduation, i gave away my study table... i literally donated it as i did not ever make enough use of it, and all that it did was cramp up my small room! i wanted to give it away even before, but my pa would not let me do the same... anyway, the first thing after my B.Tech... it was go.. going... gone!!!

during my, all through the 4 years... i relied on the 5 year papers... if i bundle them all together, they still cannot beat my marketing management(MM) book "Kotler" that i have now... the point is... now, that im doing my MBA, i really am missing my study table... because of its main purpose... stacking up the books!!! but now, i have no other option but to use my dining table for the purpose called study!!!

so, i look at my table... its cluttered with a trillion books... 90% of which are still untouched... i make a time table which says... 9:00-11:00: MM, module 1; 11:00-11:10: break... 11:10-1:10: AFM: Module 1... blah blah... btw, this was my time table for the date, November 1, 2009... it is Nov 8, 2009... n the time table still holds its ground... unnerved and unmoved by my need to study!!!

need to study.. uuumm sounds interestng... very MM type... the problem is my need to study (to get some grade, not really a good grade, but at least a passing one)... i try and convert it to a want for study (i made my time table for the purpose)... the only problem is that i just am not able to convert my WANT into a DESIRE... hence, i land up at the point zero again... the problem is... my seni frenz have told me... 1 day before the exams, just do your slides, they are more than sufficient... today is one day before the exam... and what am i doing... BULLCRAP... im writing this post... the last week for me has been 15 hours of repetitive 1st 10 minutes of wake up Sid... all i do is, put alarms, eat chocolates, maggie, papads, click fotos of the numerous new sox(my ma bought for me) in various poses... i even find tym to watch T.V.... the only thing missing now, apparently is studies!!! :P

i guess... somebody needs to shout out to me... wake up Geets! or somebody please give me some money and make another movie... "Wake Up Sid... The Sequel!"