Thursday, April 3, 2014

Heights of Love… The Uncertainty!!!

Uncertainty kills you softly… the fear of the worse is actually worse than the worst itself.. to top it Grata was in the mid of the classic - Boys… cant live with them… cant live without them! Adam had bought her a cuppa… he had taken her on a drive… was that sort of a date?

Grata’s trail of thoughts -
//He said he loved me… but he also said he doesn’t wanna see me again…
he sang heart shaped box for me… does he think I am manipulative-sweet-looking-blood-sucking-maneater?
Is he attracted to me or repulsed by me??? Aaaaargh…
on one hand he has a problem with me flirting with other men.. on other hand he buys me coffee…
on one hand I see him fighting… on the other I just really reaaaally wanna kiss him//
She let out an Aaaargh of exasperation as she tossed the empty cup at the door.

Mel opened the door just then to meet Grata, only to be welcomed by a cup being flung in her direction.. The empty cup kissed Mel’s torso & landed at her feet, she picked it up cautiously & asked Grata funnily “What has this poor Missile done?” Grata just looked at Mel with her tear-filled big blue eyes… “okay, what the hell did this Missile do to you?” repeated Mel with a grumpy face this time… Grata tilted her head, made a puppy face & mumbled “I’m sorry I hit you with the Missile!” but “what did the missile do to you sweetheart?”, Mel… “why are you calling a cup, a Missile, did it actually hit you like 1?” Grata asked wiping her tears… “Because it reads Missle!” said Mel as she sat down  at the corner of the bed & Grata crawled towards Mel to read the cup say, MISSLE.

G suddenly became alert, straightened her back & said “Adam bought me coffee today while I was headed to the Garage.. I have been staring at the cup since forever.. but I sure did not notice the scribblings…” Mel turned around the cup… It read 7:30 PM today? “oh my god… he asked me out on a date” screamed Grata as she jumped off the bed & started dancing hysterically… Mel pulled her down & said… “okay.. from the beginning”… So Grata described the dealings of the day to Mel in happiness beyond words.. so much so, she felt her heart would beat right out her chest! When she was done.. Mel shook her by the shoulders & said sternly “You can’t go.. you’re dating Henry!!”