Monday, October 26, 2009

My list of achievements!

Here's a list of commendable things, that i did... not by trying... but by sheer luck! :P

+ I came first in the class... so what if it were in nursery!

+ my teacher said she is the sweetest and the most well-behaved child of the class... so what if that was in second grade!

+ i won a fancy dress competition... so what if i destroyed the costume of the girl that i most feared competition!

+ i stood first in an inter-house racing competition at school... so what if the girl who was coming first tripped n fell 20 meters from the finish line!

+ i scored the highest in the XIIth english preboards... so what if i din't do the same in the boards!

+ i was best friends with a boy that people were dying to talk to... so what if we're not in talking terms anymore!

+ my best fren is a girl who everyone wants to befriend, and she goes by the name 'devil'... so what if shez an angel and many miles away right now! :(

+ i topped my college in externals of professional communications in the first semester... so what if i got internals worse than the least scorer!

+ Everyone in my college knew me... so what if it were because i was the naughtiest student!

+ i got proposed by a guy when everyone thought i was ugly... so what if i rejected him just because he was ugly too!

+ i got proposed by a rich good-looking guy... so what if i rejected him because he was indecent!

+ I prayed for somebody else's good... so what if he did not care one shit about me.

+ i've been to a disc... so what it were at nainital with my folks! :P

+ i have lots of friends... so what if most of them are boys and my parents don't appreciate this fact!

+ i had an amazing valentines... so what if it were with 9 other people watching a movie 'I! Proud to be an Indian!"

+ i stayed at a hostel for two years... so what if i had adjusting problems and fought with everyone else!

+ i always cleared my infy papers by studying only for 2 - 4 hours (when everyone else would spend at least 4 times the time)... so what i still got lesser marks than rahul sikka!(he studied half the time i did)

+ i survived in chennai for 10 months... so what if i was home for 4 months outta the mentioned!

+ i made more money than one of my uncle still does... so what if i asked for more from my folks!

+ i ultimately grew my hair long... so what if i still wanna shave it all off!

+ i ultimately seem to be getting rid of my pimples... so what if im paying hefty cash to a doctor for the same!

+ i scored 3 marks more than my expectation in an eco midterm... so what if i played on the golden rule of fetching marks "write as much as you can!"

This is the latest addition:

+ Today, i entered my college library and got a book issued... so what if im whiling time away by writing this instead of reading that! :P

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hum Kaalay Hai Toh Kya Hua Dilwalay Hai!

Ever since childhood, I have noticed, people relate fairness with beauty… or, lets say, people relate darkness with the ugly! Im born into a family where there was a difference in race, status and even color. My pa who by birth is a malayali (keralite) is dark and my ma who by birth is a sindhi is fair! The concept of hybrid says that you get characteristics of both the contributing parties, what I mean to say is I am wheatish! (Zebra is outta the question)!!!

I have been in the northern side of India for most of my lifetime and due to being a little on the darker side, have been the butt of many dark comments… one comment came about 10 years ago from my sindhi cousin (I still remember it, cuz such comments used to hurt), I think he was 3 – 4 years old then, when we were playing catch ‘em catch, he cho chweety asked me “Di, aap itnay kaalay kyu ho?” (Di, why you so dark?) All, I could do is smile and walk away!

Time passed by, and I tried all my luck at getting fair… from fair n lovely… to no marks… to garnier lites… after spending ample amount of money on the creams, I realized, there are some things in life that you just cant change… and am certainly not MJ! But, gradually the society has become compassionate toward the dark; in fact I even know a boi who said “I like dusky girls!”

But yesterday, my life took a full swing… my sister who is toward the fairer side does believe in the fairness creams, in fact, she is dedicated toward fair n lovely! So, because the cream got over, I accompanied my sister to the chemist shop where she asked for fair n lovely ‘multi vitamin’… I was talking to a friend over the phone, and was outside the shop… suddenly, the lead pharmist called out to me… I went inside and he told me… “beta, we don’t have fair n lovely ‘multi vitamin’, do you want to opt for fair n lovely ‘aurvedic’?”… I looked at him in awe and said, “uncle, m not interested in any fairness product cuz I belive in hum kaalay hai toh kya hua dilwallay hai!!!” and then I burst out laughing like crazy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Laughter the Best Medicine!

I always thought that laughter is the best medicine until recently... when my belief was shattered by the concept called excessive laughter... which in turn leads to people wanting to break your sparkling pearls and also directly results in you being the laughing stock of the town!!!

i always liked to believe that im the "happy go lucky" type... and thought with all my heart, you can't get happier than this... but, then i met the "you cannot bring me down ever" type... now, this type is always laughing, does not understand that people are actually laughing at them instead of with them, no matter how hard you try to make them understand that people do not appreciate the always evergreen laughter, it just doesn't get inside their brain... they are the butt of all jokes but they believe with all their heart that they are the centre of attention... and the funny part is... when they are actually serious, people give them s***... they try to show they are upset... and people give them more s***!!!

I once asked a boi "yaar, tum log *****(censored) ki itni letay kyu ho?" sophisticated english transcript: why do you guys always pull *****'s leg? and he so sweetly answered "yaar, woh kehti hai meri lo!" i wasn't able to give this one a sophisticated english transcript so please feel free to use your imagination!

Thankfully, unlike the "you cant' ever bring me down' type, i do get sad, i do act normal... and i certainly get angry at times... and the best part is, i can get my point across the person standing in front of me! Thank you dear Lord for making me the "happy go lucky" type instead of the "you cannot bring me down ever" type!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Innovative Product @ SM : Cheat Lenses; Empowered Lenses

All through my school and college life, i had 1 problem... i could not cheat... i was scared to look into the paper of the person sitting next to me... hence, i always wished there was a fool proof way of cheating... i thought it would be nice to flip through pages and find information right there in the brain... thaz when i thought of a product called cheat lenses... now, i am pursuing my MBA and was given an assignment to come up with an innovative product... and suddenly, i remembered about my wishlist of things i wish existed... and right there at the top was cheat lenses.. so i did a lot of googling (if that is a word) and tried to find out if the product exist... When i was sure, that it does not exist... i went ahead with the project: Cheat Lenses... to fill up the slides... i searched info on contacts... so, most info present till slide 7 is from wiki... and then my brain starts!!!

i enjoyed making the presentation... i hope you will enjoy reading the same! Also, i renamed my product from cheat lenses to empowered lenses because according to our sales management teacher and our marketing management teacher, we should not use negative words while trying to sell a product... so read on to find out how my imaginary cheat lenses can empower you!!! I sincerely believe that this product should be brought into existence... Hello Mr. Scientist... do you hear my plea???

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank You!

I once loved a boi, who was so undeserving...
I was faithful like a dog & trusted him blindly...
He was a lady's man & had beautiful stories to tell...
& because of his sweet talks, in love I fell...
But, he took my heart and crushed it beneath his feet...
when he decided that its time to cheat!!!

i cried like a baby, i was so devastated...
6 months of my life had gone all wasted....
i never really dreamed of marrying this guy...
hence, i don't really think, he deserves all that hue and cry...
he stood me up on valentines, and gave the worst explanation ever...
but, i still fell for it, i guess stupidity has been with me like forever!!!

i hate him so much... i could strangle him to death...
cuz, he din't even have to decency to apologize or accept...
he lied, lied and lied some more...
i died, died and died some more...

i decided to never give anyone the power to hurt me again...
to never let anyone have the ability to give me the pain...
to never love anyone so much that it'd hurt to let go...
to always be happy, independent and on my toes!!!

Then, you came along, and things went upside down...
i showed you no feelings, but you still kept me safe and warm...
i gave you no love but you gave me unconditional love in return...
you helped me regain the trust and claim the path of my real self return...
how could you love me so unconditionally... when i was being so heartless...
but thanks to you... i know i am so blessed!!!

we may not be together.... but you will always be the most vital part of my heart...
cuz you made my life beautiful... by just being an integral part!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Im a Winter Baby!!!

Two days ago, at 1 am, I decided to take a stroll... i went off to my roof and suddenly a gush of cool wind blew across my face and left behind a smile... it touched my hands and gave me goosebumps... it touched my heart and gave me joy! sometimes, i get pleasure from things i never imagined were capable of giving it!

The wind with the little chill reminded me of the winters and I totally love the winters... it is certainly my favourite season, and that has multiple reasons... wow, that almost rhymes!!! i love the bonfires that happen then... i love the long sleep hours I can enjoy then... I love the hot served food i get then... i even love my room during the winters... to the left is a snap of some part of my room from the comfort of my quilt... of course it is from last year... but most importantly... i love the way winters make me feel... wearing a pullover and an overcoat to keep myself safe and warm... but leaving the hands and the face exposed to the chill... makes me feel a million things... a million things that i cannot describe in words!!!

the most important thing that i really enjoy during winters is watching people i secretly or openly adore... i especially love to watch them when they wear black, blue or grey... these colours so compliment the winter skin making them look so mysterious... and mysterious is hot!!! remember edward cullen in twilight... i also love to flirt during the winters cuz i personally think winter mysterious is irresistible!!!

winters also tends to cool me down... i have realised that i fight less during the season... i become super generous with compliments... and i actually feel happy all the time... i don't need no stupid reasons to laugh and feel lighter... im on a all time nirvana... in short... i totally lo. . .hove the winters, look forward to it with anticipation and im so glad it is approaching now!!! 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Agony of a Foodaholic!

Life would have been so damn good if we were to live to eat rather than eat to live... i mean im sure i know a couple of people (including me) who would kill for the same!!! i dont really know what attracts me toward food... is it the aroma... is it the look... is it the taste...  is it the sense of satisfaction that i get when the food travels down from my throat to my belly and settles there for a couple of days... is it the spice that gives me the tingly feeling on my tongue and appears as boils all over my face... or is the calorie or sugar intake that gives me a temporary sense of high and then appears as permanent fat in all the wrong places???

aaargh.. but i still love food... and my intentions toward gobbling down the whole thing is directly proportional to the amount of spices that it includes... the spicier it is... the higher i feel... its funny but it is sooooooooo true!!!

i sometimes try and resists food... these are the times when i feel i am absolutely not hungry or the times when i realise that i have to put off some of the many extra kilos that i've put on or the times when im really really upset... but then... inspite of all of the above mentioned... when i see food right in front of me... i just CANNOT resist it... there are a millions things going inside my brains... phat jaaegi ek din kha kha k... uskay dimples, teray pimples etc... but in spite of the turmoil that is happening inside and giving me a thousand reason why not to... i realise that my hand has already reached up and brought a bite right upto the tip of my mouth... then, there is only one thing i can sense... Yummmmm!!!

i guess you cannot really understand the agony that i face as a foodaholic... i know i should resist... but the matter of fact is... when i feel strong emotions toward the food sitting right in front of me... the resistant part of my brains actually stops working!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dil Chahta Hai!!!

Hmmmm.. Dil chahta hai was up on television for i don't know the how muchth time now... I mean I have lost count... but, the funny thing is... i have seen it n times before and i can see it for n time more... how much is n? i don't know? i lost count!!!

i remember we were in school and this movie was screened in the auditorium.. the audi which is famous for the numerous thunders hoisted there!!! That reminds me of the horriblest Bryan Adam's Back to you version... infact, that guy actually called it his back to you instead of Bryan's back to you... and by the time he was on his 2nd line, we knew it certainly wasn't Bryan's back to you!

anyways, that's deviation from the topic... we were talking about dil chahta hai... i was so inspired by the movie... i actually made a gang of three (me, devil, and charu; ginny who we all did not like then, was not a part of our DCH gang) and called it the DCH gang... we'd hang out together, rides our bicycles together and even fight for each other... the ultimate gang.. ofcourses, all friendships fade away with time... we still are in touch but we are certainly not the DCH gang anymore!!!

DCH also reminds me of my B.Tech ragging... being ragged was fun... u've heard of 90 degrees... right? i had to give 360 degrees to show my share of respect... yep... that was a somersault... i had to dance on a ridiculous song called dil kabootar khana hai... and the funny part is, i started enjoying after a while.. but, the best part was when i was asked to sing... u know what i sang??? i sang... Dil chahta hai... ting ding ting ding... Dil chahta hai... ting ding ting ding... Dil chahta hai... ting ding ting ding... Dil chahta hai... ting ding ting ding... Dil chahta hai... ting ding ting ding... Dil chahta hai... ting ding ting ding... after 6 times, my seni actually gave up and went away... hahahaha... i guess he understood what my dil chahta tha!! :)