Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sisters Forever!

I dream ever so often, that it rewinds... that you're here and I am here.. and I fight for you.. and I protect you.. it was my job.. you discharged me of my duty.. I don't know what to do now.. I don't know what to live for anymore.. so I carry you with me.. I carry you in my heart!

I look at the cherry blossoms and think you would have loved them.

I look at people ice skating and wonder if you ever did it.

Every time I do something new, I wonder if you did do it too.

I visit a new country and I wear your stuff, I think that you're with me, are you?

I am so glad we took that trip together.. that's one thing I will never regret.

I am glad that I told you that I love you out of the blue.. that's another thing I will not regret.

But I didn't call you that day.. that day when you were so low.. would you have answered my call? How do I not regret this? I will regret it forever.. and I will wonder forever.. because, you are - my heart! I will always love you!