Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is It Love... Or Sheer Infatuation!

okay... as the love month is about to end.. this one is a dedication to the love Feb fever! lol!!!

At the mirror… you fix your hair… and put your make up on.. you’re insecure about the clothes you wear… I can’t see nothing wrong.. to me you look so beautiful… when you can’t make up your mind.. its half past eight, its getting late.. its ok.. take your time.. standing here… my hands in my pockets like I have a 1000 times…  thinking back.. it took one breath… one word to change my life… the first time I saw you.. it felt like coming home… if I never told you.. then, I just want you to knw.. you had me from hello!!!

I believe with all my heart, that every girl dreams that somebody will someday sing this song to her… i don't mean to sound like a "love at first sight" kinds... in fact... im a firm believer that you can be infatuated or lustful at first sight... but sounds pretty impossible! yet, for some reason.. my heart still skips a beat every time i hear this one! i guess, its one of those fantasies that don't really come true.. right??

but what do you do... when somebody tells you that they remember the clothes you wore when you first walked by them... or how you smiled at your friends when you were passing by them... or how you got frustrated and scratched your head... or how you giggled and laughed when you were supposed to be serious... or how they thought of reasons to start a conversation... and then they tried to hit a conversation... but you were too busy so you ran away!!!

what do you do... when you realize.... that in spite of being dead damn sleepy, you have stayed up all night just to talk to them... that you miss them even though you like met them practically 5 hours ago... that you wish  that they miss you too... that you smile when you think about them... or read things that they wrote on a public portal that was only for you to know that it was addressed to you....

what do you think it is.. when you change you mobile plans to the cheapest outgoing... what would you think when the cheapest is dead damn cheap... but you would wanna make it even more cheaper by staying by their side.... what do you think it is.. when all that you think about is them???

do you think this is love.. or just sheer infatuation... cuz after all you don't really know them all that well right... its not like you know them inside out... you always know what is going on inside your brain.. but you can never know whats going on inside their brain... you can never know what they will turn out to be 3 months or 3 years down the lane... so.. when... its the "love at first sight", you'd better be careful! lol!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

BSB Mania.. Dhuph!

They came.. they performed... they left... and all i did was... stay at home... and mull over not being able to go... i was in the 8th standard when i had made up my mind, that no matter what happens... no matter how old i get... no matter how old they get... or whether or not the band is still together... i will soooooooo meet them... even if that means spending lots of money and buying ticket for the weirdest parts of the world.

then, i grew up.. the band actually disintegrated and i thought... "bygones"... i forgot all about wanting to meet them and all... but till date... my sister tells me.. if for some reason anything related to BSB is on TV, i don't even blink an eye... i guess im not mad over them anymore... but first love is always first love.. right?

one fine morning, i read in the winter newspaper, backstreet boys might head India, that too Delhi and Bangalore... i though "might" is not sufficient.. so i googled... spend some good hours and figured out from their official site, that there is a good possibility... that day, it seemed brighter than sunshine, in spite of the cold... i told my father about it.. he gave me the look "you still mad about them or what???" then i said "papa, BSB will be hitting India, that too delhi... that too Okhla.. that is like just 15-20 away from here... I really wanna go!" my sister took my side... but my folks blandly refused!!!

i din't ask them again.. but my sister did pursue this for some time... even reminded my daddy that he once said to me "finish your XIIth and i will get you a ticket to Orlando... Go meet your BSB!" but my parents din't budge... today, i am so sad.. that instead of making my IMM presentation or studying for my Law test which is to be held tomorrow, this is what im doing! :(

Friday, February 19, 2010


i have this urge.. sometimes.. okhay.. say rude things to people or probably slap someone really hard on their face... i don't slap people but i do tend to say things that are so extremely sour to the ear... this is the maximum rude i can be... and trust me... this rude really hurts when you are on the receiving end... i thought, people cannot get worse than me... but then i got to know about the inventors of the rude-box!

these people are so self engrost.. they don't care a shit about the world around... they scream and shout at people.. run over people... and blame others for all the wrongs... you create a dent in their car... and they will beat the shit out of you... but if you are on a bike... and for some reason they hit you from the behind... they do not even have the decency to help... or even apologize once... they just hit-n-run!

i cannot believe people can be so rude.. first, they make a mistake.. then, instead of accepting and providing help... they leave people lying on the road and run away... i mean.. don't they have any respect for life.. any decency... any morals... i mean... such hooligans are roaming there freely on the road who just hit people and run! :( don't even bother to turn around and see if the person they hit is dead or alive!!!

the worst part... one guy hits and runs.. and a thousand others surround the victim.. i mean let the victim breathe.. and why have you surrounded.. to help... i don't think so... you have surrounded to see a tamasha... you see 3 people try and put the unconscious victim into a car.. one of them is a girl... in a sari... trying to help.. but you just watch.. don't offer to help... bunch of loosers... thatz what the mere spectators are.. if you don't wish to help.. why do you even bother to stop and see.. carry on with your business assholes!

i swear, i have never wanted to kill so many people at the same time... i strongly believe now, i have all the rights to be rude to any and everyone... cuz this world that we live in a shitty rude-box!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Infy Adios Mail!

For some reason I was looking for some mail in my sent item... and this is what i found.... my huge infy bbye mail... i drafted it in very little time... but enjoyed the making.... and this one is to remind you how much you guys still mean to me!!!

Hello People,

Incase ur wondering wot this is about... thn lemme remind u that this is geeta ravi(the great) n m just as great as usual. I just wanted 2 let u guys know that i am bidding bbye 2 chennai & infosys on the
march 1.2008.... I know I don't have another job in hand, & most of u would consider this SUICIDE... bt guys... trust me... it took me a lot of guts to do it... so smile for me n pray that i get another job soon.

As i went through the list that showed up on my communicator... i read ur names & it reminded me of fond memories of ya all...

I just wanted to thank u guys for the wonderful tymes that i have shared wid ya all... n m looking forward 2 being in touch wid u... n if u guys too, njoyed my sometimes funny & mostly irritating company then kip in touch...

update my no as ********** & email id as ***. U can find me on orkut(banned in infy) as geeta ravi!!! (im exclusive to fb as geets ravi now.. deleted my orkut account!)

Abhishek: Rakhshas... khana kam kha nahi toh ek din phat jaega...

Ajit: thanx ya... u were really helpful... a complete sweetheart!!! tx 2 u, i had a wonderful valentine last year!!! (but they are bygones now!)

Charan: khooni aankon waala... thanx dude... tu nahi hota toh main infosys mei java kaise karti... n projects mei toh pakka se hi band baj jati... n woh vella nahi hai!!!

Pranav: I miss the rides frm chd 2 home n vice versa... i wish i cld have stayed in chd foreva... it wld have been so much better... n tell charu that i miss her too... u guys were gr8 company n gr8 frenz!!!

appa: thanx for the calendar dude... tha was really helpful in planning my hols!! he eh:)

aneesh: tha cup of coffee is still due!!! :)

jassi: pajji... tussi toh gr8 ho... ill miss u... n fone karu toh gande se hello mat bolna... achee se baat karna..

Kamal: yaar... kya bolo main!!!yaar... tu shaadi pe jaroor bulai mujhe... mainu punjabion de naal bhangra paana hai :)

manas: u have lost a hell lotta weight... by the way, im sorry... tera red jacket phat gaya... ha ha ha... chal koi na.. dusra khareed lio!!!

vishal: tu bhi mujhe apni shaadi pe zaroor bulaio... mujhe shaadi ka khaana khaana hai... yummmmmmmmm:)  n ya... neha s really sweet:)

akash: cheeni kum hai cheeni kum hai... choti bana lene se tujhe tabbu nahi milegi!!!

parul: itna rote nahi hai bachee... when in tear... call me my dear!!!

Raj: U look cute in lamba baal!!! n orkut pe spelling error hai abhi bhi!!! :)

shikhar: 1st love is never meant to be!!! get on with ur life... it shoudn stop for sum1 who dusn deserve u!!!

amar: sweety.... u have been a support in really hard tymes... im choooooooo thankful 2 u... im surely gonna miss u a lot!

jyoti: u 2 have been a lovely fren.... n tune agar mujhe shaadi pe nahi bhi bulaya tab bhi main aa jaungi n joote churaungi n paisa wasool karungi... infy se toh kamaya nahi, amit se kamaungi!!! ha ha :)

monali: rooooomie..... i miss u yaar... sahi hai na... tere ko pune transfr mil hi gaya... mere ko nahi mila:(... koi na.... dun worry b happy... miss u hai yaar!!!

rahul: yaar... sachi... i enjoyed in my cubicle itna ki tu puch mat.... sahi hai.... i miss those chd days bhaut saara yaar.

budhu: tujhe chd mila... im sooooooooooooooooooo jealous of u... tune mere chd ki treat bhi nahi di... nxt tym ghar aaya toh treat dene ka bedu!!!

vipul: i dun really connect 2 u via infy... bt i really miss those school days ya,... i still remeber all the fun we guys used 2 have... tu bhaut mota ho gaya hai re... shed or shred... bt loose weight!!!

prabhu: tu bolta tha na... daud ja.... dekh main daud gai... amar ki zindagi se bhi n ab infy se bhi!!! :)

sonu: amar is all your's now.... see main kitne achi hu... i sacrifice!!!

vishesh: ur cousin s really cute n ill miss all the mails yaar... aaj kal itne mails nahi karta... busy ho gaya hai dude?

sagar: tere liye gana gaya tha na maine... uski treat abhi bhi due hai.... i still remember... kab dega treat re?

gopkia: lucky go!!! ha ha ha... tere aditya(infy chd) ka kya hua re??? n tu bhi shaadi mei bulana mere ko... nahi toh maar khaegi!!!

anuj:tere partner akash ne naya partner chun liye hai... punjabi launda... kamal!!! i symphathise!!!! :)

swapna: roomie no 2!!! yaar i miss u 2... chd ka guest house was sooooooooo much fun yaar!!! :)

neelu, pooja: thanx 4 treating me as a family... i really enjoyed the last few days in chennai wid all 5 of u!!! :)

aditi, priyanka, nidhi, huma: i had great fun wid u guys.... for a change, meri ladkiyon se patti... cheers 2 good ol' days!!!

rohit: dude... thanx for the watch... ur a complete sweetheart!!! (I can''t believe you took it back from me after i sent the mail! :X)

Kip $miling
& have a great life n future ahead...

God bless!!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

My Jaanu Frenz!

so... i have this group called as my jaanu frenz... i totally love them... adore them... they possibly are one reason why i look upto college... apparently, i am the eldest amongst them all... but im still adopted by my jaanu mom, anindita bagchi, who happens to be a couple of years younger to me... n when i say a couple.. i mean a couple.. she one day looked at me choooo chweetly and asked.. can i adopt you??? now, how i could i say a no???

i also happen to have a teddy bear in my group.. Sahil kapoor.. ooo... one bear hug from him.. n i swear... you feel like your holding a stuff toy.. i dont mind it cuz he is my stuff toy n he dusn mind it.. because im the same height as..... everyone knows who!!! lol!

then, i even have ma ka pyaar waali mummy... deb... all i gotta do is keep my head upon her shoulder... and she would pet me to sleep... i mean she actually puts an ISD call on hold.. to talk to us.. isen't that just adorable! :)

noopur... i totally love and adore her.. why... well.. i told her in advance... i know Bharat so much.. i'm gonna bear hug him the very first time we meet... and yet, she made me meet him.. and im a woman of my words... so... i did what i said i will... and she dear darling had no problem.. she said... what's mine is yours baby! ;P

then comes Rei sahab.. i loooooooooooooeeee him so much.. why??? cuz when i made frenz him him... my fren circle increased by 6 people... he gave me... 1. Heena (muaaah!) 2. Pravesh 3. Mehra 4. Rishi 5. Akshay and 6. Reishabh ofcourse! aisa sauda dekha hai kya??? 1 k badlay 6???

Then comes the guy who i fight with and shout at most of the times... Anish... why??? because... im sure he does not want me to mention the reason here... its the same reason i told you in the car on friday, feb 5, 2010... lol... i know you laughed your guts out... but that cannot change the reason! :P

then, comes the C.R. of our class... Ritika Kaul... why do we love her so much... kyunki bunk karnay and karanay mei she is no 1... ODs zindabaad! :P

i kept this one for the last... cuz there is this person, even i consider a baby... Chadda sahaab... "The Aalutarian"... she is the ultimate baby... and the highly pampered types... she feeds dogs scrambled eggs... gets Sahil to actually go find dogs for the purpose... and you've got to watch her eat... she gets rid of all the vegetables even in chowmein! i mean... even i don't do that.. so, if im a baby... she is a super baby! :P

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Smile For a While!

One fine day in January 2007... Infy training... It was my turn... I went up on the stage... stared at the crowd... topic... what was my topic... i worked on it last night.. i mean.. i did not sleep last night just to work on the damn thing... im sure.. i can do it... its just that i bloody can't remember my topic... oo.. i hate the stage... i damned forget everything on stage! i saw everyone looking at me.. smiling... n u know me.. when i cant remember anything... i scratch my head... so i did the same.. that had everyone in the crowd in fits.. they literally burst out seeing my confused face and the scratching!

i was flushed... i mean full flushed... i could feel my ears burn... but... i decided to go with the flow... i announced my topic.. "Smile"! woa... the moment i announced my topic.. i remembered my real topic "Rash Driving"... but the damage was done.. i said "Smile" instead of "Rash Driving!" so i played along... and all i could do is... grin at the whole damn crowd... that had everyone smiling back at me... thats when i said... smiling is the only treasure... that multiplies itself by multiple folds... as i stand here and smile at you... you see one smile... but i see 75 others. (there were 76 people in the room including me!)... that had people smiling even harder.. so i said a lotta things.. such as it increases blood circulation... keeps you fit... n more philosophical stuff such as it eases out the pain and sets all creases straight... blah blah... (in the pic, my teeth are not that yellow... my camera was bad... yet, i started brushing 2 times since 2007... this picture made me feel the need!)

when the buzzer hit 3 minutes... i said my last line... i can't believe that i gave a 3 minute speech on a topic called smile and during these 3 minutes, everyone smiled at me except Aditya... how could you not??? and that was the icing on my cake... Aditya smiled... and i knew my mission was accomplished! the room filled with claps... and i was delighted... maam said.. i must say, amazing speech but it seemed you did not really format it properly... said some really good points in the beginning that you should have kept for the end, but i really liked the act.. the acting dumbfound... the scratching of head... it really set the mood... and all i could do in return was... smile for a while.. i mean, i couldn't have had told her that i wasn't acting dumbfound.. i actually was! :P

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Balieve Me!

i think i was in the XIth standard when we were introduced to the concept called resonance... the concept states something like this: if an oscillation occurs at the right angle at the right time @ a resonating circuit... then the sound resonates... thaz all that i knew about resonance.. but then.. i got to know about the english definition of resonance... its when some words play over n over like a stuck record in your brain!!!

we have all been victims of resonance... resonance generally occurs in our daily lives with respect to songs... generally the ones with the worst lyrics... you hate them... but the words are like a stuck record in your brain... they play over n over n over again... and what can you do about it?? nothing.. in fact, you end up singing along.. ive latestly been vitimized by paisa paisa... tu paisa paisa karti hai.. tu paisy pe kyu marti hai??? i find myself humming it at times.. and then i shout at myself.. what is wrong with you... you are singing PAISA PAISA for godz sakes! :X

but, it still is pretty normal for you to sing irritating songs... but BALIEVE me... it just is not normal for words... especially irritating words to resonate in your brain... but the weird me just got weirder... i have a subject called consumer behavior... my teacher, i think his name is manish something... he is so dead damn fond of the word balieve... and ooo... his pitch... you've got to love it! :P

day before... he took 2 hours of lecture on some concept that had to do something with attitude and bAlieves... and in 120 minutes... m sure i heard the word BALIEVE 120 times... so much so.. that bAlieve me, the word "bAlieve" has been resonating in my head like crazy... in fact, im pretty convinced that all my life i spelled and pronounced it all wrong!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love Songs!

Oh yep.. I think just about every girl… short or tall… dark or fair… fat or slim… ugly or beautiful… I mean.. literally every girl… tends to sing love songs… I can swear by it… I mean you may be a RnB or a hip hop or a rock or a blues kinda girl… but there would be atleast one country or pop love ballad that you would just love.. and humm to yourself… like all the time!

I mean.. please for Godz sake.. don’t lie.. I heard Shania Twain’s “You’re still the one” for the first time courtesy a boy… if boys can accept it.. women sure can… Daniel Bedingfield’s “if you’re not the one” is every girls dream come true… I can bet on it… if I run a poll… the century old “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you!” will beat the current hot track “Amplifier!”… I mean speed mai 220 chala.. police k samnay main nai rukda… m a nightrider can never compete with if I had to live my life without you near me.. my days would be empty…

What is the point? The point is.. just like every other girl… I love the love songs too… n humm them to self like all the tym… so… please don’t tease me if I sing… “I’ve been spending all time just thinking about you.. I don’t know what to do… I think I’m fallin for you… I’ve been waiting all my life and now I found you.. I don’t know what to do.. I think I’m fallin for you… im fallin for you.. o yea yea.. o yea yea yea… o yea.. I’m fallin for you!” J

One Chance… Second Chance.. Third Chance.. errr.. I Don’t Think So!!

Everybody says, “everyone deserves a second chance!” I believe the same with all my heart… if I like someone.. I certainly give them a second chance… if I don’t like someone… second chances are a big no no!!!

But even if I like someone… there certainly is no third chance.. I mean.. I trusted you once.. I trusted you twice… then, I lost my patience.. so don’t ask me again and again if I can trust you again.. the answer is loud and clear.. no I won’t… cuz, no I can’t!

Everybody also says “forgive and forget!”… for me forgiving and forgetting is a big no no.. I am not the forgiving types… but if I really really like you… I will forgive.. but, forgetting is the last thing on my mind.. I haven’t and never will forget!!!

You cheat me once.. you cheat me twice.. thaz all the opportunity you got.. but, incase you were special… I would still care for you.. I would still want you to make the best of your life.. and all I’ve got left for you is… “all the very best!”