Saturday, January 30, 2010

You’re Beautiful.. Its True!

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So, you’re not a spinner.. you mostly even go un-noticed in a crowd of 5… people forget your name.. and when introducing you to someone new, they say.. X, this is ummm… im sorry… what was your name again??? You’re the butt of all jokes and they all laugh at you… you cry… they don’t really care.. so, you cry some more!!! The person you consider your best friend forgets to invite you to the party they hosted… you text her.. and she says.. baby, im sorry, I forgot! The worst part is, your “technically” best friend is the prettiest girl in town… and when you walk by her.. people say “hoor k saath langoor!”

You shy away from stuff and have an apprehension for just about anything… you’re knowledgeable, but you are scared to stand and speak in front of the audience.. you’re afraid, they will mock you… boo you… tear you apart… crush you into little pieces and make “keema” out of you… and to top it all, the ugliest guy in the town comes upto you and says “I crush you!” ohkay.. so, you wanna crush me??? Theek hai, im not good looking, but why does a guy who can’t even speak proper English have a crush on me? Is it because he knows that he can only get an ugly girlfriend??? And I am probably the most decent ugly chick?

You grow up so big.. school’s over… college starts.. you loose a lotta weight… and grow your hair… and you get your first compliment… “you’re beautiful!” and that night, you can’t sleep.. why… digestion problem.. I was the ugly duckling all my life.. and suddenly, im beautiful… he must be blind, or squint… looking at me, talking to someone else…  but then, you get it another time.. “Somebody is looking smart eh!”

What’s wrong with people… they are complimenting me??? then time passes by.. and they tell you… “you are an amazing person!”… cut the crap ya.. I have not changed as a person… all my life I was tormented… so much so, that I “technically” have stage fear… if I am such an amazing person, why didn’t you notice me when I was 10 kilos chubbier, had a boy cut, pimples and openly cried when being teased??? I have not changed as a person.. your perception has changed, courtesy, a change in my appearance!

That’s my story… I took my sweet time to learn the fact… never judge a person by his/her appearance.. its always the heart that matters! Cuz, every person is beautiful in some way or the other… you’re beautiful.. its true!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

If I Were Invisible!

If you were invisible… what would you do?

Would you stalk your crush??? Walk by him??? Kiss him on the cheek??? Smack him on the butt???

Would you loot a damn bank??? Would you eat it away to glory??? Would you get somebody else arrested for the crime you did???

Would you scare the heck outta people by suddenly moving stuff from in front of them???

Would you trouble your greatest enemy??? Take naked pictures of them and circulate their mms on the world wide web???

Would you stay for hours at your friends place and watch them have fun??? Possibly hear all the gossip??? And even know what they say about you behind your back???

If I were invisible… I would just go mad… none of the mentioned seem worthwhile… I would rather be visible and have fun with my friends and family… make merry… and leave the gossip behind my back! I love you guys… alone in the crowd, I was invisible… but with you guys around, im so dead damn visible! J

The Idea That Will Make Business Work in The 21st Century!

so, i was asked by my PL to submit an article, this is what i came up with.. acha.. bura.. i don't really care!

The 21th century is for the young and energetic ‘new’ generation. They look for novel business ideas which need minimal investment of time, money and effort. The world has become a global village and there is so much to do in such less time. This has lead to stress creeping into our daily routines, so much so, that scientists are working on theories to reduce stress and doctors are working on pills to combat stress. But, the truth is, the only way to tackle stress is by maintaining a “work-life balance.”
Now, the issues is that today’s jobs are no more the regular 8-5 jobs where you can work for a comfortable 8-9 hours and then come back home and enjoy television with your family, have a delicious meal with them and rest. Today we live in a world of fast-life, where we do not even have time to say good morning to our spouse. Then, how do you maintain the work-life balance? The key here is to manage time.
The idea that will make business work in the 21st century is “value for time.” In fact, it is the core concept that should determine the ‘marketing-mix’ of an organization. Each of the four Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) should be centered around time. Let’s take up each of these and relate them with time.
The product will sell itself if it is released at the right time. Right now, it is the ‘baby-boomers’ time and a product  ‘PSP’ which is targeted at the youth was released a while ago. It did not have to be marketed; it sold itself. How? Because it was released at the right time!
Th ‘Rose’ which is a symbol of love is available all through the year. Here, in India, it costs Rs 10/- per Rose, but when the love is in the air; and the calendar shows “Valentine’s”; the Rose price shoots up to Rs 50-70/-. Why? Because it is the right time!
All around the year, you can find candles at the regular Mom & Pop’s store; these stores are strategically located at about 100 meters from the market start point. During Diwali though, numerous potters locate themselves “even more strategically” right at the start point of the market to ensure you buy diyas and candle from them; and you do the same. Why? Because they chose the right place at the right time.
Have you ever seen woolens being promoted in summers or rain-coats being promoted during autumns? Never, right? It is because it is no use promoting things at the wrong time. There will be no increase in sales, and there will be an increase in the expenses.
So, the mantra is “right product at the right place with the right cost, targeted to the right market at the right TIME.” But, when it is the right time, we also have to ensure that it takes up the end consumer’s least time. One easy answer to saving consumer’s time is e-commerce, which indirectly saves our time as well.
Online shopping is probably the fastest way to do trade. The sale is done at the click of a button. Apart from the consumer’s time; it also saves his/her energy (of physically visiting stores; maybe multiple to choose from a variety) and his/her money (online products are generally cheaper than display products at showrooms.) To sum it all up; the idea that will bring maximum satisfaction to the consumer and the seller is “VALUE FOR TIME!”

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Rise & Fall of It!

okhay.. so i did mention before that my new year resolution is to reduce 8.5 kilos... here is what i precisely wrote on dec 31st on this very same blog.

LOSE WEIGHT! Target 8.5 kilos to be lost by the end of the year!
               EXERCISE! At least 4 times in a week!

so, i dint do the at least 4 times in a week or eat less, walk more thingy... but thanks to Trends 20 10, n the damn anchoring thingy... i dint have time to eat.. + the fussy me over food.. i'd rather die than eat crap food, so thaz wot i did.. i dint eat the crap food!

here is how my weight fluctuated during january'10.

jan 1: 58.6
jan 6: 58.4 (yeayee.. i lost 200grams... yeah)
jan 16: 58.7 (oh shucks.. i put on 100 grams more than my jan 1 weight!:( )
jan 20th till jan 22nd: TRENDZZ 20 10.
jan 25: 56.8 (yeah yeah.. 2 whole kilos... i was sooo bloody glad... i msged all my closest frenz.. but i still can't contain my happiness... yet, i cant believe, im actually blogging about the same!)

i guess life comes a full circle... and for a change, m hating the rise n loving the fall of it! :P

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Tryast With The Stage!

i have always had stage fear.. and i know that as a fact at the back of my palm.... i am confident.. i can speak well... but when i have to be there... right there.. up.. up upon the stage... meri badi fatti hai... saali raffu bhi honay ka scope nai chodti! in short, i get extremely nervous!

i don't know why is it so... i just need a damn stage and *bam comes nervousness... today, at around 9 am, i got a call from Deepti, my classmate, that i need to anchor today's event... and i was like... hello.. why... i never volunteered... i jumped off my bed and demanded to know who gave my name... and then, i confessed.. "i have stage fright!"

but what is to be done is to be done... so i went to the college.. made furras (cheat sheets)... and off i was on to the dias... i was conscious of every word i was saying... but for some reason i could not understand why january felt like july... i was profusely sweating... i could feel hot blood running though each of my veins and covering my ears... that affected my rate of speech.. yep.. i become bloody fast when i become nervous...

chill... i said to myself... go on.. no big deal.. its not like you're standing naked in front of 80-100 people... its just a small audience... and in that thinking process... i called my event.. Trends 20,10... sheeeaaaat... the teacher told me twice.. its trends 2000,10... but things went smooth after that.. i read out a lot more than i expected... and then... i had to call upon oh shit.. what was his name again... yep... i forgot my teacher's name.. so i called upon.. a... sir to present a sapling to sachin chawla sir... big deal.. i forgot my teacher's name...

in spite of the two goof ups... and nervousness... i think i did pretty ok... ill rate my self a 5/10... but it did give me a lot more confidence to step up onto the stage tomorrow! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mind Games!

i look around and see people laughing, crying, thinking, wanting, loving, hating, playing, singing, blah blah blah... then there are those that play basket ball, badminton, even politics for that matter... and then come the ones that play the mind games...

the purpose of playing mind games is to mess with the opposites' head... have him/her in deep thought... all that they should do is think of solving the puzzle which actually does not exists but is an amazing facade created, courtsey the mind game... i play mind games too... but I restrict them only till flirting... 

but people carry these games a way too forward... they beat around the bush and go all around the matter but do not come to the point... for example... if they like you, they will tell you things such as... i appreciate what you just said... i think you're a really nice person... i don't understand why you still are single... blah blah blah...

i totally understand all of this when flirting... but when it comes to real life.. real situations... real people... i don't want you to beat around the bush... because im wired in a way ki jo chahiye... saaf batao.. m not the please understand my emotions type!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


i remember in the movie, matrix, when neo goes to meet the oracle for the very first time, she asks him not to worry about the vase... and then, crash, there it crashes... and she tells him, what will keep you wondering is "would you have broken it if i did not warn you about it?" neo looks as if he is in deep though called "wonder".. but he moves on... but i did not.. i was still stuck upon wonderin' if he would have actually broken it if she wouldn't have warned him..

i wonder about all the damn things in this world... from why do i not like regular sweets when i love chocolates... why does my sister look fat on all days but miraculously looks (looks, does not become) slimmer on her birthday... day before, i saw a beggar on my way to amity, all that he had on was a shirt... no pullover... no pants.. no under pants... i was in the auto and feeling the chill against my face... and i wondered, why did he decide to wear the shirt when it was more important to cover his family jewels! (rei, i give you full credit for your word that i just mentioned!)

i wonder about why do we have a 75% attendance mandate when all we are interested in is notes... just upload the same on amizone... dammit n save yourself the torture... i wonder why do i wish to stay at home when im fighting with them all the time... i wonder why do i love the winters so much when i cannot even bear them.. i mean, bathing, washing your hair, everything is a problem.. i wear so many clothes i feel stuffed... i wonder why can i not sing hindi songs, espicailly the women part... my voice breaks when a soft tone part comes...

i wonder why does the sky turn dark due to clouds if it is supposed to be blue due to the phenomenon called refraction of light... i mean clouds are just condensed evaporated water.. right??? i wonder why our spectrum is restricted to VIBGYOR... we have so many better bold colors available... i shall not get into intellectual stuff here...

i wonder why i tend to buy blue color much more than red even though red is my favorite color... i wonder how can a darker woman like tyra banks carry off yellow nail paint when i cannot... i wonder why i have all these thoughts in my head like 24X7... i wonder why im never able to control my anger... i wonder why i get pissed off at almost everything... i wonder why i say things i do not really mean just because i have the worst temperament in the world... i wonder why i still bing like a hog when my 2010 resolution is to reduce 8.5 kgs...

its gotten so much, that sometimes i wonder, why i wonder so much? i mean... its like im in a wonderland.. everything that happens around me is a wonder to me... hence i wonder over it.. about it.. please spare my grammar.. i really cannot understand what to write here... i wonder why i don't get the right words at the right time.. and i wonder what i will do if i have nothing left to wonder about!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Im Like a Bird!

now-a-days, my life is the song... "I'm like a bird.. i'll only fly away... i don't know where my soul is.. i don't know where my home is!" why??? how???

aparently, all of my frenz keep telling me "meray pankh nikal aaye hai!" (i've grown my feathers?? :O)... i was the kind of person who would do all classes, do homework in advance, not cheat in exams, get home on time.. and every other thing that a boring person is supposed to do...

but recently, with the in coming of frenz... i do not do classes, don't do my homework in advance, exams are pretty far so i cant comment, and i inevitably am late for home always... in fact, i look for reason to not do classes and reach home as late as my parents possibly let me...

but now that the dawn is about to break, and we will hapta do classes from the 23rd... am already petrified... i'm so high... i just learned to fly.. just thinking of coming back to ground, makes me frown! :(

Monday, January 11, 2010

Frenz... Frenz' Frenz... Frenz' Frenz' Frenz!

there was a time i used to hate social gatherings... why? because i was shy.. people would ask a trillion questions.. "kya kar rahay ho beta?" "kahan se padh rahay ho?" "kub khatam hoga?" "uskay baad kya karogay?" blah blah blah... (what are you doing? where are you studying? when will your studies get over? what will you do after that?) blah blah blah.. even answering these questions was a pain for me... i would hate it... hide.. shy away.. run off...

but now i talk.. talk talk n talk so much... people have to plead or show anger to shut me up! initially i had trouble talking even with family... now i do not even hesitate in talking to my frenz... and their frenz.. and their frenz' frenz too!!! suddenly... the boring life is interesting! lol!

in fact, recently, i got along with my frenz frenz (heena, pravesh, mehra) so much.. that i hate the fact that they are here only for a vacation... im gonna miss you guys! :(

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trash Talking!

have you heard of the term "adrenaline rush"??? its very common... you can google it... no.. im not writting out the script of twilight... but, the point is... if you do not know what adrenaline rush is, no use going ahead with this one! :P

ok... so people get adrenaline rush for many things... drugs... sex... sports... but you know the weird me... apart from the mentioned.. i even get one when i can understand a subject that i hate because i don't understand it, watchin' a stunt at the theatre... and recently i discovered 2 new ones... they are called street style (i mean dancing, courtesy step up "2"... to be precise! ) and trash talking... you can google this one too... its pretty common worldwide...

i discovered i like to trash talk when i became a fan of "yo momma" courtesy VH1... yes the jokes get derogatory and insulting to the core... and maybe they are a way to vent out your frustration... but i don't care.. i like them anyways! :)

but the problem now is... it was alright till i saw it on the television... now, it seems, if somebody pulls up a joke on me... i hit back.. and that too pretty hard... and it gives me a rush... yeah.. the adrenaline gets pumping... so, in case you feel i go over board when joking around.. me bad... im sorry... i cant help it.. im under the influence of the "adrenaline rushhhhh"!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And it Happened to me Again!!!

i know im weird.. i say that because i do weird things... but i say that even strongly... cuz weirder things happen to me... i sometimes feel like the queen of weirdness!

why? what happened today? well today, i was walking the road that connects sector 18 to atta market! (i know there is a confusion regarding what exactly is the difference between atta and 18... one side of the metro is atta n the other is 18.. the mall type side is 18 n the flee type is atta)

anyways.. so i was tick tock. tick tock... on he road... (my heels plastic broke, so they made my presence on the road pretty noisy!)... and suddenly there is this guy walking by me... suddenly he opens his mouth.. full english... superb accent... m not joking... he actually spoke good english with a UK accent!

excuse me miss... can i talk to u for a minute??
(thinking that he is a student marketing something) im in a hurry.. im sorry... no time!

no... miss... please... i just wanna make frenz with you... (ewww... i thought ur a college boi trying to promote something... where the hell did frenship come into picture??? )
i really am not interested...

please... i am Ahmed... and then he went on to give his background details... what about u??? what is your name??? what do you do???
dude.. i really am in no mood... then i gave him a bad stare but he did not budge... so i took out my cell phone and pretended to call my dad... (i actually was calling bagchi... :P).. he probably got scared and ran off then... and i took in a sigh of relief!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


ever noticed... people are so damn attached to the first... first crush... first love... first letter... of course im talking about the love letter... first gift... first car... first just about everything... even if people are not... i am... i even loved my first networking site...

today... i saw on a dear frenz gtok status... going off orkut.. will stick only to facebook and twitter... it reminded me of the pain i went through on the night of december 31st, 2009... i, out of the blue... without no prior warning.. did what i had been trying to do for a really long time...

many a times.. i had clicked the delete account button.. but cancelled when it asked if i am sure... but on the night of 31st... i let go.. i deleted my first ever social networking account... i mean i always knew it was outdated.. old fashioned... blah blah.. i did not even talk to people on orkut... but i still loved it... it was like... you know.. the first ones are always special! but this act of mine.. i only have one word.. commendable! :P

Surprise Turned Chopsie!

I had to go some place today... ok... i had an appointment with my skin specialist... at 6:30... his clinic is at BRT... i stay in noida... my college is in noida too... hence, i had to go from noida to saomewhere near Saket...

i dint do any of my classes today... OD.. Official Duty pe thi main... had an all girls day out... 1 boi was present too.. but... ill just ignore that n still call it a girls day out... we ate.. chit chatted... had fun... then... i decided, it time to move for my appointment...

but i was way beyond time... i was at kalkaji by 5... (i took a 6:30 appointment, so that i can return with my pa... that is his office se return time...) so i decided to pay a surprise visit to my old organization... NIIT... i went there.. and immediately, i was taken for a party... farewell party of an EDMC member!!! EDMC is the last project i worked on!

i moved on... to meet others... surprise them... i went upto Jam's desk... and surprise surprise... she was on an off... chopsie 1... then... sam was on an off.. chopsie 2... then shivangi was on an off as well.. chopsie 3...

moral of the story... if you plan a surprise... ensure you are aware of the plans of the people you wish to surprise... lol! :P

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Lesson That Baneree Sir Taught Me!

its funny... i am the kind of person who if once hates a person... needs a lot of persuasion to like that person again! Banerjee sir was one such person.. i hated him at first... but i totally respected and adored him by my XIIth std...

if i did start liking the subject called "physics", the credit goes to Banerjee sir... i wanted to do well in the subject... i have never wanted to top in such subjects... so, i never did.. but i did want to be in the good books of Banerjee sir & Mridula Bajaj maam... its so funny.. the teacher i hated so much made me like a subject that i hated even more... how? what did he do?

he EMBARRASSED me in front of the whole dead damn class... i hated him.. i probably wanted to kill him... i had never felt so embarrassed even when i said "stripped underpants" instead of "striped underpants" in front of the whole class...

apparently, when Banerjee sir did not teach us (Class XIth), he had the opportunity to check one of our pre-board papers...  so he did... and he gave away all the papers and kept mine till the end... then he announced something like... This one is royalty... i have never seen a paper like this before... main sheets + 3 b-sheets, written in and out... getting 26/70... failing by one mark... ooo... i tell you, if i were fair enough, you could have seen my whole face flush red... aaargh... KILL HIM is what my mind said... right here.. right now.. but i could not help it!!!

he did give me a grace mark that helped me pass... i never told my parents about me failing in the subject and passing due to grace marks... but i did tell them the truth "i could have gotten much more if i were into cheating!"... the point is, even though Banerjee sir gave me a grace mark, he gave me a bigger lesson... if you wish to pass without teacher's grace... write quality n not quantity & in case you have not studied enough quantity to write quality, turn to cheating! :P