Friday, June 18, 2010

If Love Was Enough…

If love was enough to make a living… no love marriage would end up in a divorce… if love was enough to be together… long distances would have always worked out… if love was enough to stand by forever… there would have been no cheating lovers…. If love was enough… people would not pin hopes on time… if love was enough… lovers would ensure they stick to each even without a dime!!!

But apparently love ain’t enough… lovers end up getting a divorce… long distance generally fades the relationships… lovers cheat… they pin hopes on time and say one day you “maybe” mine… they even end up leaving each other before getting together because of scarcity of dimes!

They say that I can leave you if I think that’s for your own good, but I will love you till the end… but what’s the point.. if you weren’t good enough… why did you start out in the first place… and what makes you think that your leaving them is for their own good… maybe they would sulk their life over you… maybe they would loose faith all together… your lovin’ ain’t good enough if you can’t stick by!!!

They said that this aint workin out anymore… did you forget that it wasn’t supposed to be easy ever… it was supposed to be worked out… that’s why it is called love…

They grow up and say that it was a mistake… isn’t it insulting love if you think your love was a mistake? And if it was a mistake then why do you silently weep at nights when you remember the good old times with your mistake? why do you secretly wish that you could rewind and correct the mistakes??

Why do you do all of that even though you feel love ain’t enough for a living??? I guess its because you’ve never really loved in the 1st place!


  1. write up geets..i can relate each and every word to my life..and feels as if I am talking to myself..

    I think Every relationship has a life,,in a practical sense..and when it gets messy people prefer leaving for others good than stick to it..There is a problem in understanding others point of view..

    And sometimes yes you do think its a mistake..its a right way to forget tell yourself subconsciously that its a mistake still knowing that the good times were great..

    BUT one should handle a relationship by being clear..knowing the other person from your mind than heart and expecting only that which the other can provide..

  2. well chhavi... i guess great expectations kill great relationships haan! :P