Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Rain!

She looked at her watch… its quarter past 7… she said “its high time, I think you’d better drop me… I don’t wanna take a risk as I think it just might rain!”

He looked at her… made his sad face and said “I hate it when you have to go!” She smiled and said “you know baby.. I’ve really gotta go!”

They got onto the motorcycle and just as they had covered barely a 100 meters… it turned stormy… the dirt clinging on to their skin… they drove slow so he could see properly… and when they had covered about 500 meters… it came down… the drizzle… he speeded up as they could not afford to wait n loose time!

The droplets turned from small to big to “1 in 5 seconds” to “5 in 1 second” to “lost the count in a second”… their first rain… and o the timing… to enjoy or not to enjoy was the question… it got colder and they were both shivering… she hugged him tight… kissed him on the shoulder… and said “you know… I really love you… n I really wanted to enjoy our first rain before we get married!”

He said “me too… me too… but do you know why???” “why?” “cuz I wanted to feel just about how I am feeling right now!” “and how do you feel?” “I feel so married to you!” “I guess, that’s because we are married baby!” “stupid… I wanted to feel this way before dumbo!” “why?” “cuz I guess I knew it right from the start… you belong here in my heart!”