Monday, January 3, 2011


Sometimes, you gotta love… what is good for you!

I have heard this advice many a times… by many people… at many occasions…

it starts from simple stuff like buying that warm ordinary pullover instead of the fashionable sweatshirt… & goes on to marrying a settled guy instead of the one who will need your support during the struggle/letting go off a girl because you think you aren’t good enough for her… but I guess, you will still say… sometimes, you gotta love, what is GOOD for YOU!

& there are justifications… the warm but ordinary pullover will protect you from the winter & the settled guy will give you/her all the comforts in this world…RIGHT?

Ummmm… so there.. you may make your choice & compromise… but it will always BE a COMPROMISE… your compromise will never be your love… because… you know how love is… it just does not change loyalties for a compromise ;P stubborn arse :D

the fact is… no matter how warm the ordinary pullover makes you feel… you will always regret not being able to buy that fashionable sweat shirt… you may not be ashamed of the ordinary pullover… but you definitely will not be all happy about it!

Similarly… no matter how many comforts this settled guy provides you/her with… you will always regret letting go of who you love… because the fact stays… you/she may not be ashamed about this guy (you/she actually may be proud of his achievements)… but you/she definitely will never be happy about it… because LOVE will always be LOVE & a COMPROMISE will always be a COMPROMISE!

So go ahead & get what is good for you… as long as it is a temporary fix… you can always go ahead & buy that fashionable pullover later in life… but don’t compromise for temporary benefits & loose out on life long happiness… cuz, sometimes you GOTTA LOVE… what you REALLY LOVE!


  1. the bestestttt post on your blog ... loved the way you write, u should start a column in newspaper ...:)))

  2. :O if only it was that easy to get a column in the papers :D

    i will consider it an alternative if the MBA doesn't serve its purpose ;P

  3. hi di!! kudos again 4 this 1.I'm totally confused. Maybe
    But i don't think ki everybody has guts to choose warm pullover as i see around me!!

  4. during a money crunch... a warm pullover is the logical thing to buy.. u need guts to shell out that last dime on the trendy sweat! :P

  5. i gotto 2 know ki sec 19 wale itne deep thinker kaise hote!! Is it smthin bout hawa!!

  6. yeah!! i forgot to tell u tht1 of my frnd also visit ur blog (Agrima)!she told tht ur frnd wid her so i thouht u must be livin around her!!
    sorry 4 botherin u!!