Thursday, April 29, 2010

Help... Internship... Questionnaire!!!

im the kina person who gets bored too easily... n i hate to stay at home.. literally hate it... i mean.. yea u can hear me crib that lifez too hectic... too much work load... no time to sleep... blah blah... but if all of this is taken away... im like sheaaat maan.. what to do next??? friends not around.. ma always around.. get up early... help me with the chores... ahahh.. not my forte haan!! don't stare at the T.V./lappy for too long.... will spoil your eyes even worse... ma... i dont read books... u dont like my kina music... they are my only options... aaaargh.. i hate holidays... i mean, weekends are fine... but 10 days off in a row can kill me!!! :X

Hence, to put an end to my "boriat", i joined my internship early... almost a week in advance... from th 26th itself... apparently, there is a notice on amizone (amity's intranet) that we need to submit a day to day report on what we have done... n what have i done in the past few days???

Day 1: April 26: I anxiously waited n wasted the whole day to figure out what my project was... i was made to sit at a workstation that had no system... so i heard music the whole day (thanks to music express.. i love Nokia) and completed half of the only game on my cell phone... "Bounce was half way through to catch the evil Hypnotoid!"... i had a 10 mins meeting that made me aware that my 1st project at IDEA is to figure out the needs of the youth so that they can tailor-make a product for the youth!

Day 2: April 27:"Bounce caught the evil Hypnotiod".. shit man, i still had a couple of hours before the managers look at my questionnaire!!! :( so i looked around... saw a calendar... drew out the same... ohkay.. im not all that good at sketching anymore... but this is pretty close eh??? then, i had a 5 min discussion with my manager and he suggested a couple of changes... ah.. 2 days for a questionnaire!!! aaargh!!!

Day 3: April 28: i mailed the questionnaire and called up my manager to fix up an appointment so that we can discuss it... but he just wont answer the calls... called me post lunch n said, "why don't you come in tomorrow morning n we can discuss the same!" i though... cool with me... he will go through it in advance and we can discuss the damn thing first thing in the morning the next day!

Day 4: April 29: I reached the office early morning, 9am... he said ill go through it in another 10 mins.. o sheat... my manager keeps very busy... that meant... i dunno how much time actually... but surprise.. he came to me within half hour n said... im cool with it.. i have forwarded it to my manager n if she likes it, just take print outs n start off... i was like coolio... but his manager was like super duper busy the whole day... thankfully, i carried my lappy today... n played a hell lotta scrabble, watched the bourne series again... n then had a 10 mins meet with the super manager who asked me to take print outs n start off...

To be Day 5: April 30: i am supposed to start my field work... 300 respondents till wens'day... thankfully, my fieldwork can be done online.. so please have some mercy on me... if you believe you constitute the youth, take out 5 minutes from your time and fill up:

i will return you the favor when you do your survey! Please be genuine! :)
thanks in advance!!! :)

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