Monday, May 24, 2010

Odds?? Chances??

Im standing here… looking at you… I like the way you dodge the other way when I look your way… you dodge once… you dodge twice… you dodge even the third time… I decide.. okhay maybe he is just not interested…. Just looking over n over for no reason… I don’t look your way for quite some time… but there is this voice inside my head that tells me… he is still looking… so I hear my voice out and glance your way again… you don’t dodge this time.. you just hold my stare… you bore right through my eyes from across the floor… I can tell by the way you look at me that you want me… you look so smart and sexy.. and to top it all, you give me the mysterious look… I feel your aura and I feel a sudden rush.. and an urge that I don’t have a control on.. an urge that makes me wanna run across the floor and jump onto you and you know what… I don’t know what this urgency is that I feel towards you… maybe… im in like with you.. but not in love with you!!!

I wanna make the move but my head says “stop”… I see you staring at me… head to toe… and then back again.. I feel a chill run down my spine… O no… my self control… it wont hold up.. for very long… Freak maan… you better come upto me or stop staring… I gotta do something to take my head off you… “Allure him”… says my head… “but isen’t he way too off my league???”.. o no.. my head is in a fight with itself… “dude… you always thought all your men were out of your league… for some reason you’ve always laid your hands on the hottest!”… “but I have never approached anyone before”… “you are not to approach him either… you’re going to make him approach you!”… “how???”… “do what you always do!!!” Maybe this is love.. but I haven’t fallen in quite yet!

So… I step onto the floor… maintain eye contact with you… while dancing with my frenz…. You’re still looking at me… watching each step… my heart’s beginning to slightly overrule my head… o no… I can’t help myself from falling too fast for you!!! As we are involved in the “staring” tug of war… your friends start to get nosy….  Trouble you… but you still maintain that look.. OMG… that look is your charm… it makes me want you even more!!! Just when I decide to make my move…. A thought creeps into my mind… “Who knows if I am ready or not”... “only time will tell”… but suddenly all this time that I was thinking… I didn’t realise that you walked right upto me… you dint say a thing… just took my hand in yours and started dancing sweet and slow… you bend and whisper into my ear in the huskiest voice ever possible “who knows if we are… ready to make this something… but I’d like to take my chances!” 


  1. Dear why this happen with girls? if they really like d 1,why carn't they express their feelin? why they wnt d guy to approch them first?

  2. Dear why this happen with girls? if they really like d 1,why carn't they express their feelin? why they wnt d guy to approch them first?

  3. sweets.. this is called the "having the upper hand" approach... the one who accepts the proposal will always be the one who has the upper hand on the one who proposes.

  4. Okk!! u mean tht d girls do dis 4 hav commands over boys!!
    ohh!! complicated but thanx i got d ans.! and will be soon waiting 4 ur next post!!!

  5. lol... ye u can put it like that.. i shall be writing soon.. m just tied up in project work currently! :P