Saturday, March 12, 2011


As we grow older... we realize that there are many a things we wanna do... & time is too less... 24 hours - 8 hours of sleep (which i just can't compromise on) leave me with just about 16 hours... outta these 16, at least 2 go in eating & grooming activities.. so, in short... i have just about 14 hours in a day to do everything else...

now, there are many a people who dont sleep all that much.. who dont take a bath everyday... who eat in just about 5 mins... but then there are these who sleep more than 8 hours & take more time for eating & grooming... so we shall take a plus minus 4 hours time... so, lets say on an average... people have between 10 - 18 hours a day to do things they wanna do!!!

hence comes that "something" u have gotta learn with changing times... u have gotta put urself in order & start to prioritize... u have gotta learn to prioritize what u want outta life & in exact what order... u have gotta have have it all RIGHT... u have gotta jot down what u want at any cost & what ur willing to forgo for something that you consider more important...

now, the basic 10 dimensions w.r.t. which you need to prioritize include:
Job (satisfaction)
Standard of Living

As a rule... u have to compromise some place.. most compromise on their love, families, hobbies, job satisfaction for money or standard of living... these people mostly achieve most of it in their lives.. but are surrounded by emptiness all their lives!!! they have frenz.. who want them when in need... they have family, who are proud to be associated with them but just dump them in their downfall... their life is highly overrated... every1 wants to be in their shoes... but no1 wants to suffer how they do! but they really cant complain about anything.. they chose this life for self!!!

then there are those who are willing to compromise on any & everything under the sun for whom them love... they compromise on self, hobbies, money & standard of living to pursue their love... they believe love is life... they believe they can conquer any & everything if they have their love by their side... sometimes they are successful & they actually conquer the world... cuz they have what they want the most.... they have their 1st priority... but sometimes they fail... they dont fail because they dint put in their best... they fail bcuz their love dint love them... well... but they really can't complain now.. can they... cuz it was kinna their fault only.... they made some1 else more important than self... now, if they themselves aren't all that important to self... how can they complain if they are not some1 else's priority??? serves them right!!!

well.. i believe with all my heart (even more since some time now) that your first priority should be you... you needa love urself the most instead of loving another.. that way.. even if he/she leaves... u know u have some1 who loves u! The rest.. u need to prioritize according to how, what, when, why, who... but never NEVER never compromise on yourself!!!


  1. I believe in Love u actually start giving the other person more priority...dat is natural n is TRUE LOVE...
    If u r not doing that den u r not givin ur best in Love..u r holdin back urself ...
    Yes its a risk but i guess Love is a risk ..either take it or dont do it..

  2. i agree... but agar katta ho jaye... toh sab chup!!! :P

    & once ur heart is broken post giving it full & final, u cant love ever again.. so i doubt if its a risk worth taking!!! :O

  3. Yes today I agree " Love happens only once, after dat its just life "..It happened with me but even today I remember those times n it brings a smile to my face dat i gave my best in it n I cherish those memories..I know how it feels to be in LOVE..
    But at same time I am optimistic that it might happen again :D

    N yeah if u r not giving ur full & final den its not love :) ..
    Its just another relationship..

  4. when is rakhi... ur actually my soul brother ;P

  5. U remember..v dont know each other...V havent met yet :P :P

    I hope now u gettin y i approached u at first place after readin ur blog :) :) ...I sensed myself in ur blogs..

  6. bus.. pukka.. this rakhi... pls ensure u have enuf cash to give away ;P

  7. :)
    I dont know u much yet not possible :P :P

  8. no not at all kanjoos...
    Kanjoos word n I never go together