Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Don't Understand This Rush!!!

Everything we do is done out of the following reasons:

1. It has to be done... whether you like it or not!!!
2. its boring... but it is good for you!!!
3. it gives you a rush!!!

i understand the first one.. you don't have a choice there...
we came to amity... took a specialized MBA in marketing & Sales... now we have to do subjects like Rural Marketing.... which should technically have been an elective... after all how many of us will ever EVER in our lives work up strategies to sell to the rural markets???

i understand the second one as well... you have a choice... & you gotta take the right one...
through the semester... you crib about the subjects... you hate the teachers... you hate the subjects... but you just dont leave any slide unturned... you cant bear the book... so you mug up the whole damn slide... word by word.... vomit it out right up in the paper... after all you will get marks for the same.. right???

but i dont understand the third one... it may or may not be good for you... but it gives you this darn rush...
that's the reason why... we all know drugs are bad... but most go ahead & do the same!!
the very same reason is the reason why many get into a relationship... the rush you get while getting into one!!
its also the reason behind why you check yourself out in the mirror... you look good... it gives you a rush when flashes of what all your looks can bring to you come right up in front of your eyes!!!
im weird enough to get this rush when i can understand a freggin' subject that drives everyone else crazy... makes me feel super intelligent (i guess)!!!

but today i realized that i get the greatest rush from shopping... im a food-a-holic... i want food in every little interval... most of my classmates know me as the girl who eats up her lunch right under the teacherz nose... but today... i was out for so many hours... without food... my feet hurt... but i kept going... it was like this rush i had... to buy... i had to reach the climax by finishing off everything on my list... i was tired & exhausted but it seemed that the rush i was getting outta shopping was so high that taking a break for food seemed unnecessary... i came home & literally lie dead on my bed... but seriously... i just dont understand this rush... it feels so good... even though my body hurts so bad!!! :P :D

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