Saturday, December 15, 2012

Marriage... the scary one!

We are born in a country where people expect you to do everything on time cuz time (& tide) apparently wait(s) for none... there is a right time to study... there is a right time to have fun... apparently, here we even have a right time to marry... like the exact time... when the stars align for that brief moment... when nothing can fuck your marriage there after...nothing like nothing... yet, marriage "the concept" still scares me... so i've been told by many a women that "when i was your age, not only was i married, i had also borne a child already".. so dude... is it my mistake if you lived in the era of child marriage where you were stuck (like glue) to a partner that you barely knew & were expected to continue the relationship till death does you apart?

sometimes i feel i was born in the wrong era... i should have been born when we are a lil' more open minded... but then, maybe i was just born in the wrong country... i should have been born where people get married for love when they are young & stupid... & if it works... it works a lifetime... where career will eventually grow on you... but love once lost is gone forever "is the concept"... & if it does not work, then fuck it, chuck it... they get married again when they feel they are mature... & then again... when they actually do get mature... then again when they realize its no biggie being mature... lets act immature... & again & again & again... till they decide... these are my last few years... lemme marry my one true love FINALLY!!!

Instead... i am stuck here... where people marry or want you to marry.. at the right time - one time... & expect you to carry the burden no matter what it pulls you down to... it may be a bad marriage where he hits you... or she shows you down... or there may be no spark... both want different things outta life... both are stuck up... or both are too vulnerable... they are too similar or extremely different... yea don't gimme the opposites attract crap... i've had enough of that already today!!! also... all said & done... women in India are considered a liability... (whatever happened to being Lakshmi - the asset)... why does one expect it (the concept of marriage) to NOT scare someone?

so i sit here... writing a blog post about marriage (while i copy my data from my old lappy to my new viao (yeyeeeee) - yea... that's how much importance i give to marriage... i multi-task over it... not to mention.. i am streaming 2 episodes of Supernatural side by side - yes.. now i definitely am deviating) wondering, whatever happened to the times when i used to think of the happily ever ever.. whatever happened to those stupid candy dreams of the white horse & the prince charming.. have i lost it completely? my faith in marriage? & if that is so... why do i still cry while smiling when i watch a happily ever after ending in the movies? i wonder... if i'm scared... or confused... or if im expecting too much... cuz... somewhere deep down, i do wish for the prince charming who i dont care may be an ass to the world... but still is my prince charming... is it me asking too much or should i rise above the scared & tip towards settling? cuz even though i said... i should have been born where its ok to marry a bazillion times... yet... i want it to be the forever & ever... the one true love kinna thingy!!! is it really possible or is it just wishful thinking???


  1. It is possible Girl!!! Jst stop being scared :) and no need to listen to those aunties, marry when you feel comfortable and with whome you feel comfortable. Thrs no concept of time associated with love ;)

  2. It will happen one day for sure.. love happens once, post that u never commit urself completely to it...i guess same happens with marriage..
    So its best one marriage....