Friday, January 24, 2014

Heights of Love… The Games!!!

That night, when they performed at The BoiNEC, there were no crazy chicks tugging shirts, or getting mad drunk, or toppling on the band members… Adam walked out of the café as soon as the performance was over… & Spurs would just not give away the details of any band members… even if the bouncers saw the girls leave with any them… sorry… pub policy!

Mel & Grata did not even remember the band name & Grata did not know Adam’s second name… the only thing she had was, she knew that Adam & Matt were in a band together & that he works at Ogilvy… so she did the obvious thing to do… online research… she found out the band is called “Hysteria” & Adam’s name is Adam M. Naumann & either he does not want random friend request or he just does not have social media presence! *the latter was a little hard to digest, considering he works with an ad agency, so he must be really good at privacy settings!

The entire week, Grata looked at all 3 mirrors of her car & looked at all sides of the road, but no luck… in fact, no black impala at all… what she did not realize is that Adam still was taking the traffic route & timing, just was driving Matt’s blue Volvo V70 station wagon, but he always drove in front of her… watching her.. & thinking in his head “& I know its driving you mad” she was miserable… & it was visible… she would always be lost… always wondering… Friday morning, Mel walks upto Grata & says, “I assume we are going to The Barracks… we have a double date if you may remember!!!”

To not be a spoil-sport, Grata agreed…


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