Monday, July 25, 2016

Heights of Love… Clarity!!!

You may have been loved... you must have had your heart broken... But, have you been a part of a fairy tale? This, right here, was the fairy tale that girls dreams of… Grata had poems written for her... She had boys singing for her... She had been sketched with all heart & soul... She even had been fought over for... She had seen boys get beaten up over her... She had been surprised with the cutest & warmest bear hugs... She had been kissed in the most romantic ways... She even had the luxury to throw up in a lover’s hands’ when she was too weak to walk to a waste bin… but nothing had ever come close to this… This was the ultimate fairy tale… the man of her dreams… standing tall, looking as gorgeous as anyone ever could… standing there… with a halo forming above his head from the sunshine… it really was like having an angel look at you!

Grata felt warm and serene, as if the time stood still and the moment would last forever. But nothing lasts for ever… Neither would this… Adam held out his hand to Grata, without thinking, she placed the palm of her hand in the crevice of his’... He pulled her close and leaned in to kiss her on the mouth… her claves would strain and her body would rise to meet his lips… He placed his hands on the small of her back to pull her closer, his warmth touching the nakedness of her back… Her breasts would swell up and nipples harden at the thought of his touch and now he was touching her, gently, lovingly; yet, her calves did not strain to give her the height to meet his lips. Neither did her body react the way it would; the way it should…

He pulled her closer and whispered in her ear “'like John Mayer says, you're no one till someone lets you down'… I now am no one.” With that, he pecked her cheek and let her go, a sole tear in his eye…. No words were spoken. There was just no need for words. He knew it, she knew it, it always was wonderlust… She never loved him, he could see it in her eyes… & she did not know it till now; but she knew it today… she knew it for sure... & it was visible… She was taken… she was in love now, for sure… it just wasn’t with Adam, it never was supposed to be him… So he just sat down and looked the other way and made it easy for her to walk away… his heart ached for her, his body longed for her… but he had clarity that she did not belong to him… and she had clarity that she belonged with Henry.


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