Sunday, July 24, 2016

Heights of Love… The Inner Turmoil!!!

Mel – why are you crying darling?
G – cuz I am an absolute mess!
Mel – I beg to differ… I guess a lot of women would love to be you.. dating the perfect man, and having another in your pocket!
G – don’t say that, that just makes me feel like cheap trash!
Mel – oh, no, I did not mean it like that. I meant most women don’t get attention from one… sorry, ignore me.. it’s more of a cheesy comment... I thought that would pep you up. We would die for something like this in Uni… sorry love.. okay, so I am going to call you now, you pretend to cancel, alright?
G – yea, sure.

Mel called G & Marimba buzzed at the table. Grata walked towards the table and instead picked up the picture frame, she was wearing the bunny ears and smiling so bright while Henry was wearing the pink feathery prop that G insisted he wears to fit in. He seemed to enjoy these quirks as he was looking at her and smiling even while the picture was being taken. She remembered how funny that night was and how pissed drunk everyone was. She remembered how Mel and she had done the very inappropriate dance which was more like a dry hump in the very very risky club in Shordich while the boys were left to look after the girls incase anyone tried to act funny. It was Grata who had planned the night as she needed to take her mind off Adam… Little did she know that it was Henry’s birthday the next day.. it only came to its disclosure as Henry got a call from quite a few people one after the other, and all he said was “Thank you, I’ll call you back.. I’m in the middle of celebrations!” each time.. and it was an innocent question from Grata “some big project success?” that had the curtains falling on the birthday. That was the one and only time that Grata had kissed Henry on the lips. It was more of an instinctive peck on the lip before she hugged him and screamed “Happppppppppppppppppy Birrrrrrrrrrrrthday”… While hugging him, Grata noticed the array of cupcakes that were being taken to that Golden booth at the corner. She excused herself to the toilet and instead went to the booth where she asked the ladies if she could exchange 1 muffin in exchange of a drink or two. As she explained that it’s a friend’s birthday and they were caught unaware, to her surprise Franchesca (the bride to be asked her to join in). So Grata came back to drag the 3 of them to the Hen’s party in the corner. And all she remembered after was cup cake eating from Fran’s cleavage… the dirty dancing with the bride to be… and then all she remembers was waking up with a headache… She was smiling.


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