Sunday, May 30, 2010


When a guy hits puberty and women who once seemed as irritating untouchable creatures become his object of affection… he cant help but talk to their boobs and stare at their asses when they pass by… it’s the guy thing… you and I can’t help it!!!

When he grows up, he goes ahead and asks one out… tells her that she is the most beautiful thing ever and that he truly loves her… she loves him too but still gives him time and ample opportunity to back off before she says a yes… yet, guys you know… stubborn asses… he has gotta have her!!!

Then, they are together… and they love each other… even if the world falls apart, they are gonna stick through thin… thinner... thinnest! He has to see her everyday and has to talk to her till 5 am when both have gotta wake up at 8 am next morning… but big deal… they are so in love!!!

Next 2 months: there are many men who hit on her, but she ignores them… there are many women who hit on him, but he doesn’t have time for them… he loves his baby girl and he wants her and her only… he even changed his dressing sense for her… gave her his account ids and passwords… even took her out on a date when running on high fever!

Next 2 months: Men still want her… but she loves him and ignores them… women still want him… but he still loves her but how can he ignore women when they are talking to him.. he can’t just shoo them away… its being rude!

This is their story: “you don’t love me anymore na???” “are you crazy? I love you and only you!!!” “then why do you flirt with *****???” “I don’t flirt with her baby… she texted me so I texted back” “what did she text you?” “we were just talking generally” “at 2 am??” “toh kya ho gaya?” “women only talk to men they are interested in at 2 am! :X” “we’re just friends baby… I only love you!” “yes, I don’t doubt that, but why are you entertaining her at 2 am… I can tell you she likes you… why does she keep up nights just to talk to you… and you respond late to my messages so you can message her… when you talk to me… I want your whole attention” “baby, you have my whole attention, I am just casually texting her!” “I don’t appreciate it!” “you’re mad!” “you can either have me as your gf or flirt with her!” “I don’t flirt with her!” “then don’t talk to her post 11 pm!” “ok… I wont talk to her atall” “im not saying that, just don’t give her importance over me” “gunite… I love you!” “guniee.. I love you too! J

Next week: “what you doing baby?” “im talking to *****” “what you talking about?” “she asked me if I have noticed a change in her?” “wtf.. what did you say?” “I said blah blah blah….” “baby… she likes you.. why do you hapta talk to her?” “no she doesn’t.. we are just friends, you asked me not to talk to her in the night, so im talking in the day time!” “only women who are interested in you ask you if you have noticed a change in them! :X” “na baby, we are friends… its casual talk!” “well, then you continue your casual talk with her… cuz im gone!” “you’re paranoid.. you should get yourself checked!” “yes, I am… bye!”

Guy thinks to himself… “what the fuck does she want? I love her!”

Girl thinks to herself… “I fuckin love him so much… I ignore everyone else…. He loves me, n I know that… but why does he have to give importance to other women, especially if they like him… I know she likes him… why cant he just accept the fact… :X he will never understand how I feel… he will never know how much it hurts me!”

They don’t talk anymore… he remembers her time and again… she remembers him everyday and cries… he thinks to himself, “she is not understanding!” she thinks to herself, “he will never understand!”

3 years pass by… ***** and the guy are chatting over the internet… she tells him, “you know I used to really like you about 3 years ago… but you were with her… but I really wanted to be with you, but I didn’t want to be the reason why you guys break up… but you guys did, but I never found the courage to ask you out!”

The guy breaks down into tears and realises that all this time, my baby was right…. ***** did like me.. I was a fool to not have gotten the signals… my talking to ***** suffocated my girl and I was the sole reason behind our breakup! I told her that she was mad and needs to get a check up done, when it was actually I who was blind and couldn’t see her cry and die!