Sunday, November 7, 2010

Live it... Love it... Life is the Last Thing You Should Compromise With!

*True Story
*all names have been edited... :P

In this day, its very hard to a have home of your own... i know some who lived their whole life on rented accommodations... My daddy is a determined man... when our land lord refused to keep my milk (that i had to drink) in his fridge (when i was a baby); my dad got upset & a bought a fridge the next day... the landlord (sardar ji) got upset & chucked us out... within a year, we bought a janta... then a LIG... then a MIG (which we built up later & reside in till date)... then a HIG (which we rented out for 2 years & later sold off.... amity admission needed cash... lol)

i deviated from the real reason why i was writing this post... & that too so majorly... you would be shocked by the time you reach the end of it!

the only connection the 1st para has with this post is that the MIG that we live in, is face-to-face with a HIG... where Mr. T & his family lives... when we moved into this house (our sweet home)... the HIG mentioned was in shacks... it had a broken ceiling & it could collapse at any moment... but now when i look through my door... i see a huge 2.5 story awesomely built up house... when we moved into this house, Mr. T with his family lived in the HIG on rent... today he is its freggin' owner & he has many more properties (i have no clue how)... when we moved into this house, i was a kid & so were his daughters...

Note: i'm elder to his elder daughter by 2... My dad is a self made man & so is Mr. T (i believe)

today when i look out my door, i see their house lit up nice & bright.... why not, it was Diwali day before yesterday... but, why is lit up like a newly wed bride... oh... its because his daughter is getting married this month... the one who is younger to me by 2... she is tall, pretty face & to top it all, a MBA... but still, she is getting married so early... not a career woman haan??? i dont think so... its because even though she is old enough to get married, she still isen't old enough to make her own decisions.. what an irony! :P

As Mr. T. has risen from an almost broken-single-storied-rented-HIG to being the owner of multiple houses... he makes all the right moves... he makes all the decisions... & so, when he asked his daughter what kinda guy she wants to marry, & she told him that i wanna marry ******, all Mr. T. did was, give her a tight slap & now she is getting married to a guy she barely knows & never will love because he is not ****** & because Mr. T. said so & is giving away a 40 lakh apartment & LCDs (i know they bought 5) (& i am not aware of the other stuff)... to make her life comfortable which could not have been the same with *****, they would really have to struggle... i guess he made a trade... & she decided to be the practical one!

but i tell you what... even though the trade looks good... & even though his daughter will get happiness, she never will be content in life... because no matter how practical you get in life... time & again, you laugh, you cry, you get angry, you shout & scream... you do all that... as an outburst of emotions... & its an integral part of the human life...

its better to be the emotional one & fight the odds, rather than being the practical one & regretting the decision that changed your life.. your mind always diverts you towards the easy... its your heart that guides you towards the right!!!

live it... love it... life is the last thing you should compromise with! :P