Saturday, November 20, 2010

What i Feel About Life.. My Life!

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find oneself & it requires conquering many a hurdles & facing many a failures! Sometimes, you know exactly what you are born to be, but, you take the wrong turn, yet, you move on & on in the same direction because its easier to tread that path!

You trade what you want to be with what you can be, but, you never end up satisfied! You know your satisfaction lies in what you want to be not what you have become but going there means starting from the scratch! But, I believe, it is utmost essential in life to be successfully satisfied than being successfully rich!

I believe I have found what I want to be in my life by taking a u-turn post “graduation”! I am an engineer & I have worked with a reputed software firm because I thought it can bring me success & money. Writing software is challenging & it always gave me a sudden rush. But, I always felt a void, as if I was missing out on something important in life!

For some reason, I have always been extremely fascinated with 4 things:
  1. Colors
  2. People & their behavior
  3. Brands
  4. Advertisements

What colors mean to me:
I have strong affiliation towards bold & neat colors. Dull colors do not entice me & make me feel as if life is boring. I believe colors add life to lives!

What I learn from others:
I have met many a people in my life & every new person I meet, makes me wonder how he/she is wired. It excites me to see how people behave in certain situations & for this reason; I have evolved as a person. My general observation about most people is that they take it easy until the last minute. Hence, I follow a simple rule when getting work done by others. Create a panic before the situation actually gets out of hand, this helps speeding things up so that the situation actually does not go out of hands, & stand unmoved when the situation is at its worst, this helps keeping the team together & bucking up their morale!

What Brands mean to me:
There are many products that look & feel the same... yet, you buy some & ignore some... what differentiates them is the brand & its influence on you... a blind test proved that Pepsi was better in taste yet, people prefer Coca-Cola... why... this is brand loyalty... this loyalty determines what you buy & what you don't... its funny how you like something yet dont buy it... & its funny how people can be manipulated to like or dislike a brand... this really interests me!

What impact advertisements have on me:
I have this peculiar habit of switching channels when television begins to bore me, but for some reason, I love advertisements! Every time I spot a new ad, I am filled with extreme enthusiasm. My mother tells me, as a kid, I used to throw tantrums while eating & the only way my parents could feed me was by showing me advertisements, I would suddenly become engrost in the ads & they would conveniently feed me!

Hence, I know these four will be utmost important in deciding how much I love what I do & I believe life is all about loving what you do!


  1. How did your graduation help you chalking out what you want to do?
    The only thing my Engineering told me was "I was not meant to be an engineer"

    1. haha... well... what i meant to say so say is, I always wanted to get into branding/marketing... but my life was taking me to the successes of an engineer... i did like being an engineer & i was good, but felt a void.. & that's when i decided to take a U-turn.... stop being an engineer & pursue what I wanna be - a marketer!