Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions @ 2011

Ummmm… its that time of the year again… when u make multiple promises to self... aka make ur resolutions. :P

So… here i go again… RESOLUTIONS@2011!

1. BECOME INDEPENDENT; u have lived on ur father’s income a long time… time to get independent & possibly repay!

2. SAVE; when u make money… u must learn to save… u gotta get rid of ur education loan asap!

3. SAY NO WHEN NEEDED; you will be working soon… u better know when to say no… else u will end up committing much more than u can deliver!

4. WATCH NEWS; ok… u don’t like aaj tak & zee news… u always have BBC & CNBC… & u have 2 televisions for God’s sake!

5. READ; daily dose of newspaper & a monthly dose of magazine & novels!

6. BE DIPLOMATIC; agar ghee seedhi ungli se na niklay… toh ungli tedi karo… u gotta learn to work around things to get what u really want!

7. AVOID FIGHTS; if it will turn into a fight… walk away from the topic... but if ur not allowed to walk away… ensure u make ur point clear enough to avoid the topic popping up again!

8. DON’T FORGIVE; its really no use forgiving… u end up being taken for granted + ur not the forgive & forget type in any case… forgiveness is the key to YOUR unhappiness!

9. HONE YOUR CULLINERY SKILLS; u love eating… make something urself… whaz the use of watching m’chef if u never cook anything??? Cook at least once a month!

10. EAT EVERYTHING; ur fussy... thaz OK… but try everything… will help u develop taste!

11. SHOO AWAY HAIR & SKIN WOES; water is ur solution… its gotten much better since u got water into ur system… drink lozza water maaaaaaaaaaaaan!

12. LIVE FOR SELF… u have lived the way others’ wanted, a long time… ur job must b ur turning point!

& most importantly….

13. FIND TIME FOR SELF; do ur daily dose of su-do-ku, play ur freggin’ scrabble, blog when u feel like… ensure u do something u like EVERYDAY!