Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Resolutions.. the Done & the Undone!

Apparently... I had 13 resolutions for the new year 2010... some done.. some, ummm... i guess were impossible... This post is just to see how good i am at keeping promises to myself....

1. DO NOT FIGHT WITH YOUR FOLKS; unless they are being unreasonable!
(oops... now, this didnt happen... we fought.. & we fought a lot.... & for crappy things... from both the ends... so this one is scrapped :()

2. BE NICE TO PEOPLE; but remember, you don't have to be nice to everyone!
(this one was pretty diplomatic... so i will say, i pretty much achieved the same... ratio: 1:1 :))

3. LOOSE WEIGHT! Target 8.5 kilos to be lost by the end of the year!
               EXERCISE! At least 4 times in a week! (did not happen even once a week)
               EAT LESS, WAAAAAAAAAAAK MORE! (certainly did not happen)
(but thanks to internship... i lost a lotta weight in one go... lost 5.5 kilos... i guess its good enough... dont wanna loose anymore... so, lets say this was achieved, 1:2 :P)

4. GET A BOYFRIEND... you need someone to vent your frustration on! lol!
(got 1... apparently just got another person to fight with & increase my stress level... lol :D, 1:3)

5. IMPROVE YOUR DRESSING SENSE... i mean you can at least co-ordinate your clothes... right?
(seems it got better... loosing weight helped i guess... :P 1:4)

              The Newspaper: TOI n ET! (ha ha ha ha ha ha)
              Novels: any... just to get a head start into reading! (ha ha ha ha ha ha)
(guess my laughter says it all... 2:4)

              Drink lozza water. (tried.. lots in summers, decent enough in winters)
              Eat right... sleep right... think right (anyways, stress is NOT good)! (no... no.. & no :()
(but main motive achieved.. skin looks better.... so 2:5)

8. LOOK NICE... it will help you deceive yourself in times of misery!
(tried.. no help... :( 3:5)

9. SMILE.. you have an amazing smile... you just might have a boi fall for it! :P
(done dona done done ;P 3:6)

10. LAUGH: sometimes, when you laugh real hard.. your stomach gets a work out.. so laugh out your fat!
(hell yea.. laughed till i cried multiple times :D 3:7)

11. HELP MA... she knows how to get pa's permission for things you can't get permission for yourself!
(freak... this one NEVER happened... i must ensure i dont have such impossible ones in my resolution lists :'( 4:7)

(impossible... :( :( :( 5:7... seems my undone count is on an ever increase :()

13. CONTINUE YOUR BLOG... some people love it.. some like it... some dislike... some detest it.. most do not care... but you.. you love it... so keep up the work!
(the count came down like crazy... but i still wrote... cuz i love writing :P 5:8... my done lists is bigger than the undone 1... im sooooooooooooooooooooo happy ;P)

im glad i can keep 8 promises outta the 13 i made to self :D ;P


  1. Once again u had gud piece!!i had to ask u some Q !! ihope i may get some help.

    1.Smetime i get into fight wid frnd over my girlfrnd(nt in tht sense)and there too!!they talk rubbish bout her! hw to answer them

    2.i am addicted to smokin,many tme i had try to quit but i carn't help myself!!

  2. hmmm.. gf issue... well.. if u really, truly consider her a genuine person... then just tell ur frenz how u feel abt her(whatever sense it may b), also, tell 'm, that they gotta respect her for 2 reasons;
    a) she is ur fren
    b) she is a woman
    & if they still dont agree, ask them to make a choice.. either they dont say anythn -ve abt her.. or break all ties with u 2!

    u r only addicted to anythn; bcuz ur brain tells u the same... only YOUR own WILL POWER can help u defeat this addiction... try 2 analyse the situations that lead u to smoking... fear, anxiety, guilt... whatever... & find other ways to get over them... sports, puzzles, timeout with frenz etc... or better still, buy somethn for urself frm ur cig quota... u just wont b able to afford cigs thn :P
    waisay i have heard there are some chewis that help u get rid... the best way is to tone it down if ur a heavy smoker.. turn to bidi thn, as it is less harmful... & thn leave it all together!!!

    all the best ya!

  3. Thanxx for help di!!
    1.matlab nt gf bt can a say gud frnz
    2.bidi(weird) but other opt. r well enough & gud too!
    Thanxx again

  4. lol... di.. my sis calls me that... :P

    anytime :P