Saturday, February 26, 2011


Facebook is an awesome place.. to connect... rewind... unwind...

Unwind??? how??
well.. its helps you break away from your stress & laugh ur guts out... dont believe me... see how i laugh at times...

so.. apart from the regular... i wanna fraaanship you... & i crush you frenz requests... there are these bizzare once too...

Mr. Khokhar apparently loves me... he dear me... being smile... he will be start new find me on??? :O
whatever that means... it really made me laugh... & to top it... super awesome messages in full english... if this is how he talks normally... i wonder he talk how when drink out over??? :O ha ha ha ha!!!

& then, here is some Mr. Matta... he sent me a fren request along with a message....

the subject line of which reads... HELL... what the hell??? :O

what the hell was he thinking... striking a convo with the subject line hell :P

Then there is Mr. Rao... who sent me flowers... awwwwwwwwwwwww

but whn i dint accept his flowers... he though i got some attitude problem haan..

so to impress with his hep-ness... he would like to add me "DUDE"

then this mr. Ghotane messages me "u like hmmm"??? hmmmmmmmm... i mean hmmmmmmm... what the heck maan???

& Mr. Trivedi here toh knows me since eternity or something... how is life going eh???

& Mr. Shilpkar has a propblem with my hair??? :O

& this last 1 spcly likes me so much... that he got my name only wrong... wow man...

Random people add you with the randomest of request...
fb has become the height of randomness!!! ;P


  1. Haha.. I still cnt figure out what dat man meant in English :D

    1. I wish i could do too... but the guy dusn give up easy!!! lol!

  2. heights ! You seem to be very patient and filled with infinite tolerance :P

    1. i've realized that the most effective way at ignoring these people is pin-drop-silence-sorrta-ignore/block.. any response.. even a "get lost" tends to start a conversation some how!