Saturday, June 11, 2011

To Forgive OR to Take Revenge

For years now, Frankenstein has been associated with terror… is known as the monster… but little does anyone know that Frankenstein was not the monster himself... Apparently Frankenstein is a novel written by an 18 year old as the object of her imagination… The author says that she was inspired to write the novel post a bet between her friends - who comes up with the scariest story & a dream that followed… There are many controversies around the novel as many say that bits & pieces of it have been inspired from places that she visited… anyways, im not here to argue about that!!!

Frankenstein is a creature that everyone fears & they rightly should, as he, in his quest to make a biologically superior human created a hideous creature which was taller, stronger & sharper than the normal human beings… everyone is scared of the Frankenstein in them… as everyone is capable of doing evil in the quest of doing something larger than life… everyone is scared of the destruction one can bring via excess devotion… everyone is scared of the repercussions of making something/someone bigger & stronger than themselves.

Frankenstein was scared too & hence abandoned the creature he created… the creature was disappointed at his master’s behavior… also, lonely… he tried to befriend people but his looks never let anyone be friends… hence, he decide to take revenge on his master till he creates a mate for him… but Frankenstein saw destruction of the whole mankind with this idea & hence did not create the so called monster’s mate… hence, to avenge his loneliness gifted by his master, the monster killed his very own creator… but the monster did not feel any better… infact he started feeling even worse…

So, don’t be the monster… don’t plant revenge… revenge never makes you feel better… many people say, time heals, but so does revenge… but look into your heart… & you would know… time may or may not heal… but never does revenge!!!


  1. I dont think forgiving completely is in human nature.... Yeah its stupid to spoil ur life just to take revenge..but at same time if opportunity itself comes to u to take revenge den no harm in going for it :) ...
    Y try to be a Jesus Christ by showing ur forgiving nature whereas deep inside u r hurt by the actions of the person n u can never be same with that person again... :O ...

  2. planning & plotting 4 revenge just spoils ur mood & temperament... choice is always urs!

  3. dats what i said...if opportunity comes go for it...till dat time dont think abt it n at same time dont forgive :)

  4. like i said... the choice is urs to make.. ignoring is much btr than revenging... at any pt in time!