Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Only Constant Love... Forever & Ever!!!

I have always loved ads… I have said it before & I can say it again… I just lohoooove ads… as a kid I would eat only when I would watch ads... till date everytime I see a new ad, I wanna see the whole of it… you change the channel when im watchin TV, fine… but you change the channel when im watchin an ad & you will have it from me.

I swear man… I loved the levi’s curve id ad so much that I downloaded the video from youtube… I downloaded the jingle as an mp3 file & it is my alarm tone... I wake up to it... smiling, every morning!!!

The BMW ad, joy is future proof… super sexy… I can see it over & over & over… & seeing all the B E A U T I full beauties in the changing flashes… just takes my breath away… everytime I see it… J

The McD’s “kya hum boyfriend girlfriend hai?” ad… super dooper cute… I mean unlike the other "starts at Rs 25/-" ads that promote polygamy amongst males (im not saying this… the ads show it)… this one is adorably cute.. just love love love it… girlfriends bhaut demanding hoti hai… but mujhay toh sirf McAloo Tikki burger chahiye… awwwwwwwwwwww… doesnt it bring a smile to your face?
& then this 1 literally had me in tears when I saw it the 1st time...
tata capital, where in sunny wakes up in the night especially to exchage gifts with goldi… with the background music... lakdi ki kaati.. kaati pe ghoda... ghoday ki dum pe... jo maara hotoda... *pause
dauda dauda duada dauda ghoda dum utha k dauda... soooooo cute… after all… “acha lagta hai jab koi aapkay baaray mei pehlay sochta hai”

I even had tears when I saw the surfexcel sack race ad… till date, I have no clue why… apparently I was extremely touched by the sweetness of the ad… just like I was touched by it once before when surfexcel did the “sorry bol” ad where the brother picks up a fight with a mud puddle just cuz his sister dirtied herself falling… adorably touchy!

& the "WOMEN" ad by Tanishq starring the great Mr. Bachan… had the perfect blend of information, celebrity use & emotion… it makes me smile every bloody time I see it… Amitabh Bachan just rocks… I toh even loved the Tanishq wedding collection ad where a smart mom gets her daughter to terms to wanting to marry just by making her wear tanishq jewellery… my mom & I, both looked at each other & smiled… I smiled cuz I thought that it was a real smart ad & my mom smiled cuz she thought there is hope that I will marry :P

i so am in love with ads... that i even have a full blog post dedicated to them! :P & thankfully... my 1st love... still is my love... & my love never NEVER never deteriorates for the same.. i always have & always will love



  1. Thanks for reminding about TATA capital ad which comes into category in which ust by seeing ad, you feel to step out of the house and buy the product..:)..

    Surf excel's sorry bol vala ad -Kya ad he re..maja aata he kitane bhi bar dekho...

    and you girls will never forget jewellery ad ..huh ? :)

    well written post.. enjoyed reading..

  2. yea man... i never felt like steppin out & buyn the same cuz my dad looks after my financials... i suck at managing cash... spendthrift u know... just spent 8 grand in the past 24 hours :O so he does all my savings & investments... bt i think its a very well thought off ad... :)
    i love & adore the sorry bol ad... downloaded that 1 too... but that i did for my dissertation :D
    & no.. im not into jewellery... i mean i rarely wear any jewellery or even make up (from your diff types of gils posts, im the 1 who can make the guy laugh.. the mental age 1) so u wld knw my types dont do jewellery or makeup ;P
    & thanks ya.. i love writing... so im glad u enjoyed readn :)

  3. Advertisements sometimes make ur inner self visible on screen...and I love people who love advertisements have a special corner in my life..!!

  4. im sure u will have many corners in your life then.. cuz a LOTTA ppl love ads :)

  5. There are only cross roads in my usually I gt cornered I just have a special corner for the people who love ads..!!!!