Monday, November 14, 2011

Boys Vs Girls. . .

its so funny how certain things are taken for granted...

stupidly driven car --> must be a lady driver

pretty girl --> must be dumb

dumb act by a boy --> must be a sardar

& nobody raises their voice against it... it is so accepted.. universally...

<-- this caught my eye... im sure, its caught your eye too... i mean it is all over facebook... & im sure... you've all had a good laugh too... & i even am sure, many of you, googled it too.... why are women so ???

but did any of you try this... why are boys so GROSS! -->
i did... & of course, as expected... had my share of laugh too :D


  1. Hehehex that was hilarious and thoughtful thogh :D

  2. its so mean that the one that makes fun of girls is doing its rounds when ignorance creates bliss for the boys 1 ;P