Saturday, May 19, 2012

Try... Make it Happen!

It's not today that defines your life... so don't look at its current status & go "MY LIFE SUCKS"... apparently you are the one responsible in any case... Life is a series of events... from today, tomorrow & yesterday... Life is not what happened to you... it not what happens to you... that's destiny... Life is what you make outta what is happening!!!

People say life is not a fair game... well.. it ain't supposed to be darlin'... cuz even if everyone got everything that they need... there will always be wants & desires to supersede the needs... lets' face it fellas... we as human beings... always want MORE... & as long as there is the "this much" more; life won't be *i stand corrected*, life CAN'T be fair!!!

he is watching from up above... & there are more than some billion of us... life can't be fair to all in any case eh? it may or may not have been fair to you... you're looking at it from your perspective... it IS YOUR opinion... but, its not a matter of choice now is it? its not something we can have command on, now can we? it can give us anything.. you may take it or leave it right? we can crib... sure we can complain... but we can also TRY... we can try & BREAK EVEN with life!

Just today the papers read the happy results of IIT... im sure that are many a lakhs broken dreams... hearts... yea whatever... but there also are THERE who struck out with what everyone else would have believed should have been their destiny... i mean what parents under this sun would ever suggest to their kids (even now) "sonny, if you wanna ace the JEE, you better study no more than 4 hours... get ample sleep & you better unwind on FB" apparently, that's what the JEE topper did this year.. ain't it? & how many of us do NOT believe in the "like father, like son" theory? so how does the son of a vegetable seller crack one of the toughest examinations ever?

these guys should have been the average Joes... right? That should have been their life... right? but you know how it goes... life can either happen to you... or you can TRY & MAKE IT HAPPEN... YOUR WAY!!!

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