Sunday, June 2, 2013

Heights of Love… The Tease!!!

//Oh! So Matt is in a band… & something got into me//

“& I agree he sings well… but you DID NOT DO what. you. did… I mean he ain’t your property… you wouldn't let any girl near him… he is tall… fair & bloody handsome… you aren't supposed to c-block a guy like that by NOT letting. him. have. any. options. a t  a l l!”

Grata said, “aaaaaai absolutely don’t remember anything about what you saying, but I THINK, I will owe you one for the rest of my life… just temme 2 things, was the guy about 6, fair, stubbled, zero razor shaved with a mole over his lip?” Mel – “I don’t know about the mole, but everything else stands”, G – “Do we know his name?”, Mel “uuuuuuum”, G “was it Adam?” Mel “I think so!”

G - “I  A B S O L U T E L Y  love you!!”

Mel, “Okhaaaaae, sooooo whats going on?” G, “Later!!!, what I really needa know now, IS, shit… I don’t know where we stayed last night, so we don’t know where he lives… Did we exchange numbers? *check mobiles..check purse..check hands* no numbers… he should have at least given us his no… what if we left some stuff at theirs… WE BROKE THEIR TABLE… We have GOTTA pay for that…think… think… how do we get their no.. how do I get to speak to him???”

Mel, “Darling, he is just a guy who can sing well” G - “who has the perfect set of teeth… a great smile… the cutest mole above his lips… who took us to his place & bore my tantrums, Im sure *rolling eyes*… ensured I get home safe… & Iaaaah totally love him!” Mel – “I am missing something, aren’t i?”

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