Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Game For Two!

The contemporary knowledge of the gaming arena says, a game for two is called a match… a match is where there are two contestants, who battle it out with each other… the match is most exciting when both the contestants are competent & are of the same level… 19-20 ka farak hona chaiye (the parties must be competent) to keep it most exciting & to lead to nail biting… but, as a player, you always hope… that you are at least 2-3 levels better than your opponent!

One scores & takes his/her point up… the other one needs to score more to beat him/her! If both are not equally competent, & one keeps winning & the other keeps losing, you lose the interest… strong competition is the one most critical factor to pep the match up … whether it be badminton, tennis or even scrabble… how do you feel if your making all the points & the other is not… its just not interesting… infact, we can rather say.. its plain boring! When the competition is fierce, you end up loathing your opponent… you are filled with intense desire to defeat him/her… you resort to all your best trick to win this game!

But then, there are many a times when people do not play with the intention of winning.. they just play for the intention of having some good fun… yet, one does end up winning & the other losing! It’s the fundamental law of gaming right??? But, they say… the only game for two… where both emerge as the winner is called… Louuuuuuu!

Love, is a funny game… it does not follow any of the rules of gaming… infact, you try your best to find an opponent (now named your “partner”) with all qualities better than you… you try & let them have their score, just to make him/her happy… all you wish to do is make life easy for him/her… you forgive their wrongs & work on yours… you give up on what you want for what he/she wants… you find happiness in his/her happiness… & you are ready to lose out on any & everything just to be with him/her! You give him/her love & you get love back in multiple folds… & the cycle continuous… it’s a funny little GAME for TWO!