Saturday, January 30, 2010

You’re Beautiful.. Its True!

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So, you’re not a spinner.. you mostly even go un-noticed in a crowd of 5… people forget your name.. and when introducing you to someone new, they say.. X, this is ummm… im sorry… what was your name again??? You’re the butt of all jokes and they all laugh at you… you cry… they don’t really care.. so, you cry some more!!! The person you consider your best friend forgets to invite you to the party they hosted… you text her.. and she says.. baby, im sorry, I forgot! The worst part is, your “technically” best friend is the prettiest girl in town… and when you walk by her.. people say “hoor k saath langoor!”

You shy away from stuff and have an apprehension for just about anything… you’re knowledgeable, but you are scared to stand and speak in front of the audience.. you’re afraid, they will mock you… boo you… tear you apart… crush you into little pieces and make “keema” out of you… and to top it all, the ugliest guy in the town comes upto you and says “I crush you!” ohkay.. so, you wanna crush me??? Theek hai, im not good looking, but why does a guy who can’t even speak proper English have a crush on me? Is it because he knows that he can only get an ugly girlfriend??? And I am probably the most decent ugly chick?

You grow up so big.. school’s over… college starts.. you loose a lotta weight… and grow your hair… and you get your first compliment… “you’re beautiful!” and that night, you can’t sleep.. why… digestion problem.. I was the ugly duckling all my life.. and suddenly, im beautiful… he must be blind, or squint… looking at me, talking to someone else…  but then, you get it another time.. “Somebody is looking smart eh!”

What’s wrong with people… they are complimenting me??? then time passes by.. and they tell you… “you are an amazing person!”… cut the crap ya.. I have not changed as a person… all my life I was tormented… so much so, that I “technically” have stage fear… if I am such an amazing person, why didn’t you notice me when I was 10 kilos chubbier, had a boy cut, pimples and openly cried when being teased??? I have not changed as a person.. your perception has changed, courtesy, a change in my appearance!

That’s my story… I took my sweet time to learn the fact… never judge a person by his/her appearance.. its always the heart that matters! Cuz, every person is beautiful in some way or the other… you’re beautiful.. its true!


  1. okaay
    there is this song by eminem called beautiful
    i love it for the same reasons...

  2. very beautiful take on beautiful.

  3. Beautiful. Loved the way u expressed it. Yeah, everyone is beautiful in or other way.

    1. i agree.. & it is extremely important that everyone embrace this fact... cuz the way we feel is the way we conduct ourselves!

  4. You added me on Indiblogger. I added you back.
    I come to this blog and browsed some posts. After reading some posts I have to say that I LOVE YOUR BLOG :D
    You've got one more regular reader :)
    By the way, here's my personal blog: :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words Ujjwal!!! :)

      & congrats on going 7 days w/ot FB! :D