Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why Do We Flirt?

Flirting is an activity that each one of us performs... sometimes, we flirt cuz we like the person in front of us... or it gives us a feel good factor... or cuz its like a ritual, it has become a part of our life... we just cant do without flirting!!!

So what is flirting??? The cliches like you're place or mine??? Have we met before??? Are these flirting tricks??? No.. i don't think so... these are tips to get a good slap accross your face!!! ok... so what about acting high, talking trash... ummmm... i dont think so!

So what SRK did in the movie, Rab ne bana di jodi... is that flirting... yes, it is... and it very much is CHEAP flirting... The only reason that that chick fell for him is cuz he is SRK... i'm pretty sure if it were somebody else... He would have a FAT Chance!!!

Flirting tips... you need to follow the contingency approach... you need to follow different approaches with different people... first check out... then, sometimes you need to be friendly, sometimes silly, sometimes intelligent, and if you're intrested then inviting too!!! no matter which approach you follow, remember it is utmost essential to be confident... you know you are flirting right when the person in front of you smiles back and you have the tipsy feeling at centre of your stomach! and you're both enjoying it!!!

Why flirt?? Flirting is a real good way to improve health, refresh mind, and experience new emotions... So, all those of you who are looking for ways to achieve the above mentioned without visiting a doctor... try flirting!!!

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