Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Go Forth.. Live a Bit!

Every once in a while... you should do something you really wish to... DO what your heart says... & do it without any guilt in your head!

We humans are capable of deriving greatest pleasures from the smallest of things.. make a check list... of all the things you wanna do & check out everything on it... cuz if u wish to to do something.. you deserve to do it!

Here are a few things you must do ladies - - -

- take a vacation
      - a real vacation
      - no laptops
      - no worries
      - go someplace you have always wanted to go!

- dont do the things you would normally do
      - do what you wish to do
      - be wild ... be free
      - make new frenz
      - surprise yourself!

- visit a place you have only seen at the movies
      - do a dil chahta hai pose at the fort!
      - walk around like a movie star in shades & makeup
      - get a hundred thousand pictures clicked !

- walk barefoot at a beach
      - lie down under the stars
      - kiss a boy secretly
      - have a vacation romance!

- go dipping into the ocean
      - get absolutely immersed in the day
      - & go skinny dipping at night
      - even better if its restricted!

- stay up all night
      - see the sunset
      - drive around town all night
      - watch the sunrise - love a little!

- sing like a rockstar
       - hit a karaoke bar
       - sing on a bike
       - sing in the rain, let it take away your pain!

- dance like no one is watching
      - dance with random strangers
      - be the last one to leave the clubs
      - do a pole dance if your heart wishes - hi-five your fans!

- flirt your heart out
      - flirt with all the men you like
      - flirt even with the cabin crew
      - you are beautiful.. embrace it!

Life is to be lived... go forth... live it & love it!

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