Friday, February 7, 2014

Always Hungry... Always Foolish!!!

As a kid, I could not wait to grow up... I hated studying... all i wanted to do was grow up & start working --- So there is no homework... so that I don't need to carry no bags anymore... so I don't need to dress up in a uniform to go to school... & most of all, so I don't have to be the bullied or be the invisible girl who has no friends... they were all too suave & elegant for me... some people said, you get good grades, I'm sure you don't hate studying... maybe you need a change... & the change will come... everybody loves college... but I hated college too... I wasn't invisible anymore, but it was worse... I still had no friends, but this time it was out of choice... there were all too small town for me... this time, I was made fun off because of the fact that my primary language was English (that's what happens when you have a Malayalee father & a Sindhi mother - English becomes your first language)... So, I still wanted to get rid of the studying & start working... I did... Graduated & worked as a Software Engineer with Infy... Funny part is... the phase that I enjoyed the most during Infy was the 1st 4 months of rigorous training... that's when I realized, maybe I don't really hate studying!

Infact, during Infy, I voluntarily undertook multiple trainings - I found joy in studying & learning anything new! After 2 years... I did an MBA... & I loved everyday (actually every minute) of my education... that's when I decided, every few years, I will study some more... The more i work, & do the same mundane jobs... the more I realize, I have a craving for learning something new, even if it is of absolutely no relevance to my career, learning makes me happy.... learning anything new gives me a moment of nirvana... For example, during my days a child, there were only 2 professions that all parents rooted for - Doctor or Engineer.... Hence, even though I wanted to learn music, it was frowned upon & passed off as something I will forget about eventually... But I did not, I picked up the guitar now, NOW, when I'm 29... & trust me when I say, many 11 year olds can play a 100 times better than me... but trust me also when I say, many of them do it as a part of their curriculum & learning how to do tricks such as bending or hammering means nothing to them, but for me - learning the same & being able to do them mean happiness!!

I would love to study something or the other all my life.. but there are 2 major specializations I wish to do.. Marketing & Law. I already have a degree in Marketing & even if it makes no sense career wise, I plan to get a degree in Law as well. Now, when I put my mind to it, then, what better place to get an (a/an - I get confused... I have a tendency to add an an when the words seems to sound with a vowel - el el bee???) LL.B. than at the place where it originated? Voila - England it is... (Trivia - It believed that the LL.B as a degree originated in England & so did Civil Law - the legal system!) & If it is going to be England, then it has to be the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford (Trivia - The Times Higher Education World University Rankings tied Oxford Uni & Harvard at the 2nd position this year.)

I hate to deviate, but when I was much younger.. My mother & I were having a fight as she interrupted when I was watching a suspense based scene @ Alley McBeal or Boston Legal & I told her to talk to me when the damn trial proccedings get over & there is a break... She closed with "you should become a lawyer as you love to fight & nobody can beat you in words"... Also, a few days earlier, I was just finishing up the Racketeer & must have had an animated face when my mother asked me what I was upto... I told her that I am reading a law based book & I went on to tell her how I love it better than John's million $ Rainmaker... she told me its funny that 2 things have not changed for me since I was almost a baby... My love for advertisements & courtrooms... Now, I myself have been aware of my love for advertisements as I get angry if I'm watching a new ad & somebody flips the channel.. but I love Law was new to me... So, my mother went on to tell how I used to love some courtroom serial as a 4 year old... how she knew that I watched a lot of detective/courtroom drama series when I was in school... how most of the novels I read were around the law... she even pointed out to me that the only 3 subjects where I got full credits during my MBA were Advertising, Law & Entrepreneurship... I guess even though all your life, you try to find what you  are looking for... Your parents know the same just by monitoring your likes & dislikes! & I like it... Both - a well thought commercial & a well argued motion, give me an adrenaline pump! So much so that I fell in love with James Spader (Alan Shore) & William Shatner (Denny Crane) even though I would not classify any of them as my type while they were in their 40s & 70s at least!

I guess, my point is... what you wish to do in your life... where you want go... are always a part of you... you just need to dig deeper & do a little soul searching to know how you want to get there... Like I've always loved ads & law... I just did not know it till my mother pointed it out to me... & I also now know that I have an appetite for learning... I am a classic case of always hungry.... always foolish... so, what better thing to do than to study... to learn about.. something I love... I enjoyed my MBA because I studied what I love... So, the next logical thing to study is Law... & like I said, where better to study than where it all started (England) & where better than at its finest University (Oxford Uni, Faculty of Law!)

Some may ask - Why Oxford... why not Cambridge? Well... my answer to that is Cambridge is a damn good option... but it still is 2nd to Oxford... after all the genesis of Cambridge Uni is Oxford.. Right? It's the same for me, as to why I really cannot explain why I still love Apple when Samsung loads better features at a better price... I guess I have a loyalty problem!

Did you know that the Oxford legacy has not been dated but is believed to date farther than 1096, which makes it the oldest university in the English speaking world & the 2nd oldest surviving university? (University of Bologna is the 1st).. Cambridge follows! Did you know that Oxford includes 38 constituent colleges & Cambridge has 31?

Did you also know that Oxford is ranked the 7th highest w.r.t. the nobel laureates (the no. is 58) - FYI - Cambridge stands at #3 with a 90 & Harvard at #1 with a whooping 151 nobel laureates!

Imagine the size of the University if the University Parks are a 70-acre parkland!
Fun Fact - The Botanic Garden on the High Street is the oldest botanic garden in the UK & the 3rd oldest scientific garden in the world.

There are a numerous reasons to point out why Law & why Oxford... and the 1st one is - because I want to!

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