Saturday, February 22, 2014

These Lovers... I Tell You!

"Goodnight Kuchi-koooooo"
"goodnight puchoooooo"
"sweet dreams kuchi-koooooo"
"come in my dreams puchoooooo!"
"ofcourse kuchuuuu.. where else will i go?"
"what do mean by where else will I go? Do you wanna go somewhere else?"
"uh... uh.. no baby.. i meant... you're the one for me... i have no where else to go"
"don't baby me... what do you mean by i HAVE no where else to go? Do i keep you on a leash?..."
"no.. no.. li.. lis.. list en"
"Do you mean I tie you to me & give you no space?..."
"bah bah but"
"I love you so much & you are always so mean to me..."
"listen to me"
"you always say things that will hurt me..."
"but... um"
"you are the meanest guy ever.. i do..."
"so much for you... all the time.. i always make all the compromises & you want somewhere else to go... i'm not good enough for you or what?"
"no baby.. you're the best... just listen to me for one sec"
*sob sob*
"i'm a fool... sometimes i don't know the right words... but i love you.. I'm sorry"
"do you *sob *sob do you mean that?"
"ofcourse love... i meant it.. from the bottom of my heart"
"so.. you don't wanna be with anyone else?"
"nooooo... ofcourse not"
"* puppy voice* you promise?"
"swear on my mum"
"okay... aaah" #long pause
"i love you dear"
"i hope that you mean that... i love you too"
"now you sleep tight my angel"
"you too"
"i love you"
"i love you too"

#Adarsh's thought process: Phew... I don't even understand what i said that i needed to be sorry for... Phew... Kuchi... why do you do that? you know I love you!!!

#Pankhuri talking to herself (out loud): I'm sure Adarsh is talking to that witch Maaaendy again... These guys... they are all the same... one day they love me... the next day that stupid *aaaargh MADHU CRAZY PANDIT.. He is going to leave me.. I'm sure he will... Why??? why are all men like this? why can't they be loyal? why can't this stupid moron stay in love with me? *sobbbb through the night!

Today morning Pankhuri (Pihu/ Kuchi-koo) re-iterated this conversation to me... & I wondered to myself, what do I do with this girl.. she is an adorable friend.. just about everybody loves her... but for some reason, she never is lucky in love... I mean.. i know the reason.. she suffocates her lovers till they break free or she guts the relationships as they cheat on her (which she is sure of irrespective of any proof)... but how do I tell her that? All i know is Pihu ki #conditionserioushai! The funny part is, in spite of knowing that Pihu is like this, Adarsh jumped into this relationship... I'm sure, Adarsh ki bhi #conditionserioushai

Pihu, being the talkative girl that she is, actually cried out her woes in front of almost everyone of her friends... & pat came the reply from Sakshi "yaar, Pihu.. all these men are like this.. one day Pooja... next day dooja.. don't be heart-broken.. you can do better... you will do better than Adarsh... he is not worth you in any case.. you are in every way better than him... you look better.. you belong to a better family... you have better taste... just dump him.. you will find a man who deserves you" "but... i love him... i love him much more than that Mandy will ever love him..." "i know.. these men.. they will never understand us" Watching all of this happen... right in front of my eyes... From it being a Pihu-Adarsh story to being labeled as generic men psyche.. I don't understand.. how did it get so serious? I guess seriousness is contagious.. From Pihu.. to Sakshi.. to Tania... it seems like a war raged against men...

& when Adarsh told his mates about the tale from last night... it witnessed a roar of laughter... this ludicrous ESCAPADE.. how words were tweaked to make Adarsh more & more guilty... oh.. the poor soul had to be sorry for NOT wanting to go any where else but stay with his girl... Finally, Saransh asked "why don't you leave her? If she drives you crazy like this?" "cuz I love her... & when we are not fighting, it's just perfect... she makes me happy.. & i like being with her" "bhai.... tu toh bada serious hai... tu toh gaya (Dude... you're in serious condition.. you're gone!).. go & give bhabhi (sister-in-law) a 5 star & kiss & make up before this gets blown outta proportion then!" "ha ha ha.. very funny Saransh!" "these lovers man.. inki #ConditionSeriousHai!"

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