Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Heights of Love… Heart Shaped Box!!!

“Rev up my girl” said Mel to Grata… “we are going on a double date & we are going to have fun… & you are gonna wear the smile that has everyone tumbling” & she literally pushed Grata in for a wash to get bright & perky while she picked out the champagne color backless from the wardrobe… After all… Grata had agreed to go out on a date like after ages… Plus, all the Adam running through her head had soaked up the color of her skin…

“why we dressing up so much??? I can do my hair… don’t act like a mom” said Grata while battling Mel away… Mel - “I want you to have a good time, that’s all… & I don’t want you to look or behave like a heart broken project… it IS a warning!” “yes Mum… ill behave.. now get off my back!” said Grata as she pulled her hair up into a neat bun, put back the dress & pulled up her cream jeggings & a cream top.. Mel - "That's boring!"... G! said "I'm not done yet!" as she pulled out a pair of golden danglers & a set of bangles... Mel - "Still boring!" "Give it a rest" said G! as she wore a crimson belt & a Crimson jacket & painted her lips red too... "Good to go now ma'am?"... "A1" said Mel as she blew Grata a kiss!

Mel would just not give up who the dates were… but The Barracks is one of Grata’s favorite café… the chicken nachos & mojitos there are to die for… even if my date sucks… I still have some things to look forward to, she thought to herself… The Barracks was Grata's hang out joint during college as it was one of its kind open roof 24X7s with good food & cheap booze... //Maybe I'll run into some from the Uni & have them gate crash my date //Why did I choose the Barracks? //Why did my date agree to such an odd place & time?? //Who goes on a date at 5PM? //Maybe my date ain't really interested in this date //It still is sunny// ...

Grata's mind was pre-occupied with a million thoughts when Mel smiled & waived towards the door, Grata turned around to find her greatest nightmare come alive… “You set me up with SCOTT?” she angrily mumbled to Mel… “Have you been absolutely blind this whole week?”, said Mel //Grata confused// “I am kind of with Scott… check out who we got for you!!!” As Scott walked up to the ladies while Grata & Mel got over the discussion & stood up to meet Grata’s date for the evening… Henry!!! & was Henry a sight… he could just melt any woman with his baby blue eyes… he looked like the perfect gentleman & smelled absolutely delicious… “Henry J. Carter”, he said as he pecked Grata’s cheek! "It's a beautiful evening & you look rather gorgeous" he said in his strong British accent that could explode an adrenaline bomb inside of any woman's head/heart/pit... "You look very handsome yourself, Mr. Carter." pat came Grata's response. "Please, call me Henry, I insist!" he said while pulling out a chair to seat Grata!

Just as they got seated a voice said, “This song goes out to a lady in this bar… its called Heart Shaped Box – by Nirvana” & then Adam sang “She eyes me like a pisces when I am weak . . .” looking straight at Grata... //great… so it is Jam time here for the local bands today… & Hysteria is 1st on it... This is going to be a looooong uncomfortable night// thought Grata to herself & looked at Mel in distress!!!

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