Tuesday, February 25, 2014


"She got burned... must be for dowry...
he got burned... what a tragic accident...
she filed a case of sexual abuse... what a disgusting man...
he filed a case of sexual harassment... can a woman actually do that?
he cheated on his wife... she deserves a big fat alimony...
she cheated on his husband... he never was there for her...
and you say we live in a male dominant society? Members of the jury, I would like to ask you - do we?

The fact is, there are quite a few laws to protect women... 49 to be precise... there is the dowry prohibition act... the domestic violence act... the sexual harassment at work place... married women property act.. the equal remuneration act... members of the jury... i can go on & on...
do you know how many to protect men? do we have them at all? and you say we live in a male dominant society!

The cases of sexual harassment have gone up by 76% in the past year itself... is it because the men have become more & more lecherous over the last one year? or is it that the women have found their voice to stand against what has been happening for years? or is just that the women have started to abuse the laws that were made to protect them? Did you know that 6% of the sexual harassment cases filed last year were settled, 23% withdrawn & 39% lost & you, yes, YOU the JURY made these decisions... & you say we live in a male dominant society...

Its just aggravating - we live in a male dominant society... all i wish to ask is DO WE?

This man... this man sitting in front of you members of the jury, is a man who loved his wife... & what did his wife give him in return? deceit... lies... SHE CHEATED ON HIM!!! Yet, look at his love for his wife... i stand corrected, his late wife... he let her go... asked for a divorce... that's all he asked for... he never asked for her life... the police have no real proof to incriminate this man... none... in fact, there are no reasons to... this is a clear case of suicide.. the absence of a note does not justify him as a killer... the late victims' therapist's testimony that she feared her husband would kill her if he learned of her affair is just an altercation to frame my client... there were no signs that it is not a suicide... there are fingerprints of the accused.. but that does not justify this conviction... of course there will be fingerprints... after all it is their house... what would be fishy is if there were no fingerprints... what you should be asking yourself is were there any signs of of resistance... & there were none... the man is 6'2"... if he would have shot her the bullet would have pierced through at an angle of 135 degrees & most probably the center of the forehead... it did at a 45% angle & from the temple... clear case of suicide.

Members of the jury... all the laws are for the women... so we assume that he killed her... & then we say we live in a male dominant society...

Members of the jury... the fact really is... he loved her... she cheated... but that does not make him a killer... I implore you to protect the rights of the innocent... Every suicide cannot be a homicide... I implore you go into that room & when you come back.. come back with a verdict that makes me say we live in a fair society"

This was the closing argument of Mr. Bayer that won the freedom of Mr. Cummings. Winning is all about persistence... persistence is what sails you through; even when everyone & everything is against you... persistence is what sails you through; when no one believes in you... persistence is what helps you sail through because if you stop persisting, you fail! Persistence is the key to triumph!

This post has been written for the "WINNING for India Today Conclave 2014" contest and is pure fiction.
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  1. I loved how you were using "YOU". It kept me hooked.
    Let's say Andy Dufresne had a lawyer for himself in "The Shawshank Redemption" trials, this could be his dialogues ..
    loved this post. :)
    A great one


    1. Im glad you liked the post Amrit. I like to engage with my readers... I am glad using the "you" did the trick in your case :)