Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I know i seem heartless... cuz i left you standing... i know you were waiting... you had been waiting for hours just to see me... to hear me call your name... to smile at you when i see your face... to hug you and make you feel safe and warm again... i know you travelled for two hours cuz i said i will meet you for an hour... i know you came an hour in advance just to meet me for that one hour... i know you kept waiting those two hours for me to show up... i know you waited even more thinking i just might change my mind and show up... i know you were heart broken and cried the two hours on your way back... i know it all!!!

I know you wanted my support then... i know i was your whole world back then... and my turning my back on you left you distressed... i know you loved me with all your heart and soul... i know you still do and secretly pray that i come back... i know why you update your fb status though you’re not a social person... i even know what frustration made you break your cell phone... i know how you delete full written messages seconds before sending them to me... i know how you sulk on dates that we once called our anniversaries!!! I do too... i guess that’s why i’m writing this one to celebrate the same today! Cheers!!! P.S. I wrote this on 10th April'10... that could have marked 4 years for us!

I remember how you considered me your sweet lil’ angel and held my hand proudly to show off to the world... and i know the devil that i became and ditched your hand when you needed me the most... i guess i knew i would have fallen weak in my knees when i would have seen your face... i guess i was not strong enough to say a goodbye... i guess i still can’t hear you say my name... or hear your voice... cuz in it, i can hear your pain... i guess i never can meet you again to say a proper goodbye... i guess your birthday was the last time i could have ever had met you... i guess our last meeting & the birthday gift i gave you, was not just my birthday gift.. it was my farewell to you!!!

Life teaches us to move on... i have lodzza friends... i moved on fast... now is your turn... i’ve kept an eye and know you’re doing better... and i know you can be good... but before i leave forever, i just wanted to remind you... there are many a lessons that life teaches you... one is to trust in yourself... two is to be good... three is to be true to yourself... four is to be true to people who love you... five is to keep commitments that you make... six is to bid farewell if it does not work out... ... ... ... ...

P.S. i’m not the centre of life... your life can go on without me... just give it a try! Be good! J


  1. hey Geet!! really nyc post and life lessons too!!! Is dis post was real or a fiction? if it was real ur quite gud in expressin it to d post!!

  2. if i write fiction.. i mention fiction... if i write thr real me.. all true.. it means its real! ;P

  3. Dislike Dislike Dislike..
    I guess its a biased opinion but frankly it hurts a lot if some1 goes away from life without sayin bye...its a killing feeling...

  4. well.. thaz probably cuz some1 dusn really wanna go... but has no other choice :(

  5. N dat some1 still goes n dont even let the other person know that she made a choice already..

  6. Dis comment is for checkbox :D