Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Social Network

While tryna figure out Google+... i was thinking about the basic rules of social networking... i felt a huge privacy issue there... i have a definitive yes/no towards networking over the net... i may speak to an acquaint over fb... but i will never add them on fb cuz its my private space where i only allow people i trust... but i add any1 on linkedin, cuz i use it only at a professional level... so the more people on my professional network, the better it is...

I could not really figure out the circle funda @ google+, so even though im there... im pretty inactive... its like any1 can add u & get an insight on you... creepy!!!so i thought i'd share some useful tips on using social networking sites with you all:

1. Create & update your professional profile on linkedin, if you have time for fb/google+/orkut, you can definitively have time for linkedin too.

2. add any & evryone who can help you get a job on linkedin, BUT

3. only add people you personally know on fb (especially girls, you can never know anyone's intention, if you have people who you dont know, delete them right away + you compromise your friends privacy as well that way)

4. Keep your wall & info clean, manage your likes (your current/future employers keep a eye on you, they would not like to see XYZ likes the page "Do you have a job? " Yeah, I'm a Full Time ****** Legend"")

5. keep in touch with your faculty, ex-employers, seniors & juniors (you can never know who maybe of help to you tomorrow); just hide certain posts/status/pics from them.

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